How to Dress During Pregnancy without Maternity Clothes


Many women, for whatever reason, when they learn they are pregnant aren’t too sure about broadcasting their news quite yet … and they keep it to themselves. But there comes a time when the waistline starts to give the secret away, your body doesn’t look so flat anymore, and your bust line also tells another story. For other pregnant women, they just want to switch over to wearing maternity clothes straight away! When you see what some maternity clothes cost these days, it is no wonder that women find out trendy ways of dressing during their pregnancies without buying any maternity clothes. They try and make do with their normal clothes right the way through. Sometimes too, in the first trimester, the baby bump does not get all that big, it’s more from the fourth month that you start needing that extra space.

How To Wear Non-Maternity Clothes during Pregnancy

Here are some handy ways that you will be able to expand your non-maternity clothes right into your third trimester.

1. Do an Inventory of Your Cupboard

Pregnancy without Maternity Clothes

Most women have pants in their wardrobe that are not skin-tight, they have some flowy type dresses and tank tops, and Empire waist dresses and so on. For instance, if you own some elastic type stretch pants, with a flowy top, you have a maternity outfit!

2. Get Some More Inches Out of Your Clothes

You will find that most of your dresses and shirts won’t be such a problem in your first 3 months of pregnancy. Many women also will find a stretch dress in their wardrobe, those that hug your curves and show off the shape of your body. But those stretchy dresses could well expand with your pregnancy, showing off your bump in cute and good ways. These dresses can be worn as casual or you can dress them up a bit during winter or summer – in winter you could cover your expanding hips with a warm jacket that will go well with this type of dress.

What about elasticized or pleated skirts?  These are ideal to wear as maternity clothes because you can wear them under your armpits and they could still be long enough to go below your knees. If you do want to elongate the look, you could add a light or a heavier type jacket to the outfit, depending on what the weather is like.

Maxi skirts are like the pleated long skirts; ideal to wear when you are expecting a baby. The key of these skirts is to be able to bring them under your arm pits and let them flow down loosely over your baby bump. These types of skirts are also ideal for winter or summer and in winter, you can add something cozy like a sweater, and in summer, a matching type oversized blouse will keep you looking cool and chic! You will find these lifesavers during your 9 months.

3. Those Flowy Dresses in Your Cupboard

 flowy dresses in your cupboard

The flowing dress is what you would find in a maternity shop in any case, but you might already have one in your wardrobe. They are still fashionable, dresses that flow, and if you do want to add a belt, you can add a new look and your own style. Some look gorgeous with a shirt over or a light woolen cardigan. These flowing dresses also help to cover legs that swell with pregnancy.

Yes, there are wonderful ways of cheating your way around the 9 months of pregnancy with all the clothes that you already own, and you don’t even have to compromise your style – all you have to do is to play around with the items that you own in your cupboard already. There is just no need to spend big bucks on real maternity clothes when you can get more mileage out of what you already have. A nip there, a tuck here and some clever styling tricks and away you go!

4. Another Lifesaver, the Multi-task Belly Band

What is a belly band you ask? You will not want to do without this band. It’s soft, stretchy and can be a stylish piece of fabric which fits around your waist covering the part of your favorite jeans that you have opened at the button or zip for space. Isn’t that clever?  And if you are really counting pennies, you can make your own. Here, we show you how, and better still, you don’t even need to sew anything!

** You will need an old T-shirt, something like a tank top or a camisole; that fits your body snugly and made from stretchy material. If you do decide to buy something because you don’t own one, buy a size that is a size smaller than what you would normally wear. Then what you do is measure upwards at least 12 or so inches from the hem, and then cut and you’re done! If you can sew and you want it to be neater, you can add a hem and topstitching. Try it out **

Put on a pair of your jeans with the zip undone and then put your belly band over that to cover that area and you’ve got yourself a lifesaver piece of maternity gear!

5. Some More Cheating

Non Maternity Clothes During Pregnancy

For any pants, skirts, or shorts that are difficult to close anymore on that last button, try out this trick. You can use an elastic band or ribbon. Thread the elastic through the button hole and back through its tail, stretching the tail end around the button. Online these are called waistband expanders and you can find them online or at any fabric stores.

6. Transform Your Jeans

If you can sew well or someone else is willing to do it for you, you can take your jeans and add side panels or a tummy panel to expand the size. The oversized T-shirt you can do the same type of thing by gathering the sides with elastic to make it look pretty nifty, trendy and attractive. You sure can achieve a wow factor by wearing non-maternity clothes when pregnant. Show them! And the video shows that moms can dress without maternity clothes.


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