New Choice Pregnancy Test Reviews (Updated 2018)


The New Choice pregnancy test is one of the cheapest tests on the market, but is it accurate? We’re going to review the test, see how it works, talk about the test’s accuracy rate and find out what others are saying about New Choice.

New Choice Pregnancy Test Features

  • 1 minute results
  • 99% accuracy
  • Instructions in Spanish and English
  • 1-test box
  • Detection up to 5 days early

How the Test works

Easy-to-use, New Choice measures hCG hormone levels in a woman’s urine to determine if implantation has occurred. This method is used in virtually every over-the-counter test and is known for its high accuracy rate – especially when a positive result is found.

The hormone will be present only when the placenta grows around the baby.

False positive tests are very infrequent, which makes New Choice highly accurate with claims of over a 99% accuracy rate.

Usage is simple:

  • Remove the test from the package.
  • Urinate on the absorption stick (or place it in urine).
  • Wait 1 – 2 minutes before viewing the results.

The Test will Display the Following:

  • One pink line.
  • Two pink lines.

A box of new choice pregnancy test on the white.

When two pink lines are displayed, this indicates that a woman is pregnant. However, the second line does not need to be very dark to be positive. Sometimes, the hCG levels are not strong enough to force a dark line, but a faint line still means that the woman is pregnant.

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Since hCG is only present when a woman is pregnant, a test that shows a positive is 99% accurate in most cases. It must be noted that the test can be wrong when it is negative. Negative tests are based off of the amount of hCG found in the urine. While this tests does state that it can detect pregnancy 5 days early, there is only a 50% detection rate.

Any woman that tests negative will want to wait until the day after her missed period to retest herself and receive the most accurate results.

The sensitivity level of this test is 25 miU/ml, which is as sensitive as most other tests on the market. A lot of women have stated that the test has been able to pick up their pregnancy with a 10 miU/ml or less in some circumstances. Overall, this test is just as sensitive as most tests on the market and states that it can predict a pregnancy up to 5 days early; the best test on the market predicts pregnancy just 6 days early

What others are saying

Amazon sells this same test and there have been 19 reviews left so far. The main issue among buyers is that the same test can be purchased at Family Dollar and Dollar Tree for jst $1 versus the $3 on Amazon.

The main reason for the higher price is having the test delivered to your door.

Most other tests cost as much as $15, yet they produce the same exact results with the same level of accuracy.

Users State:

  • This test is better than the expensive brands.
  • The best test on the market.
  • I can’t believe how cheap they are.

The reflection of a 3.5 out of 5 stars is simply because of users that state they could get the same product at the dollar store. For the convenience and the privacy level of shipping the product to your door, the added cost is really negligible.


  • Up to 5 days early detection
  • Cheapest pregnancy test on the market
  • 99% accuracy close to a missed period
  • Simple to use
  • 1 minute results


  • Only comes in a 1 pack

There is only one test included, while other tests include 2 or 3 on average. For this reason, it’s best to test yourself the day after a missed period to get the highest level of accuracy possible. However, at this low of a price, you can buy 5 or more of these tests for less than the competition – it is that affordable.

Easy-to-use and accurate, the New Choice pregnancy test is a great choice for expecting mothers. The test shows results in just 1 minute and comes in a discrete package. If you’re looking for a pregnancy test, give New Choice a try.


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