Be Entirely Prepared for a New Baby: 15 Smart Tips for You


Before I went to a hospital to give birth to my daughter, I believed that I prepared everything at home for her. Before I went to the hospital to give birth to my son, I prepared everything at home for him. If I decided to give birth to one more child, I would make a list of all those things that I had forgotten to prepare the first two times.

Things You Should Organize Related to the House

House cleaning

house cleaning for baby

Keep in mind that an average U.S. home is a place full of chemicals. Of the 80,000

chemicals which we use, none of them has been tested for child safety. We usually try to make a child room the cleanest part of the house, not knowing that on that way we make it 300 times more toxic than any other room in the house. Fortunately, you can change it and limit your kid’s exposure to chemicals.

Enter houseplants in the baby room. Avoid the products with pesticides as much as possible. I know that all-organic is expensive, but you can try to avoid the most dangerous chemicals. Forbid entering the room in shoes and avoid too much cleaning. At the same time, you will save a lot of your precious time. If you have mold in the house, remove it with clove oil and avoid bleach. Don’t use toxic cleaning products. Explore the Net. You can’t believe what you can clean with lemon, vinegar, and baking soda. Buy a vacuum with a HEPA filter.

Interior Painting

Every new mother wants to do a painting of new baby’s room. There are a lot of paints on the market, but you should pick out baby-safe paints. The easiest way is to ask a salesperson for water-based ones with no VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

It is not a good idea to paint a baby room while you are pregnant. Let professionals do the job. Think about choosing relaxing colors and the boldly-colored decor for the baby’s room. If you like patterns, it’s OK. Just try to use toning colors for the most walls and limit the patterns to only one of them. It will look pretty cozy.

Baby room

best baby room for them

Determine the space for the baby

Babies need space. If you have a big house or can afford to move to a bigger one before the baby arrives, you don’t need to worry. But if this is not a case, you should make some space for a new member of the family. It is pretty unbelievable that these little creatures need so much space. Let’s start.

Get rid of old things, things you haven’t used in the last two years, things you have never used in your life, clothes you can no longer wear and so on. It is also an excellent opportunity to remove all these ugly gifts you hate and don’t want in your home. Consider the possibility of donating all these things and/or to organize garage sales.

Put a crib in the right place

After buying a crib, the question arises – How to find the best place for a baby crib? You should think about a few essential things. At first, your baby will need natural sunlight. It will affect your baby mood, and you wish a happy baby, right? Reduce noise and ensure your baby sleeps peacefully. Adjust the temperature. It shouldn’t be too cold in the room, but it is certain that your little one won’t enjoy if the temperature is so high too.

Carpets cleaning

In my opinion, the best choice is to skip carpets altogether, but if you like them or find them useful, you should have them cleaned before a newborn baby comes. The important part is to avoid toxic professional deep carpet cleaning. Instead, call a green cleaning service. You can choose local ones if there is any or to rely on well-known national chains such as ChemDry or Zoots.


Clean a fridge with a warm sponge. Throw foods that have expired shelf life. You need to make space in it for breast milk or formula. You also need to think about food which your family and friends will bring over when they come to see you and a baby.

Think about preparing food for the rest of the family on time. They need to eat while you are in the hospital, right? I use vacuumed ceramic bowls, but plastic ones are also acceptable. Just put the various cooked food in bowls and leave them in the freezer. While you are in the hospital, your family will enjoy the prepared food. It only needs to be heated.

Remove all unnecessary kitchen appliances from the worktop and make enough places for bottles, sippy cups, baby spoons, all kind of bowls, and formula if you need it. One more thing – be sure that you have an adequate number of baby bottles.


Check your washing machine. Invite the service and ask them to check the drains and filters, and to remove the limescale. If you need a new one, buy it on time. You can believe me; you don’t want to find yourself alone with a baby, a little child and a bunch of dirty clothes next to the broken washing machine.

If there is a possibility, buy a clothes dryer. When I got home after my second delivery, that home appliance was my best friend. It is an especially important household device for mothers who give birth in the fall or during the winter.

Find an enzymatic stain cleaner. It will help you to rid off all those horrible stains from baby clothes including milk, baby food, urine, or, spit-up. Be prepared for a significant amount of spit-ups. Ehh..I really hate this part.

Stock up on essentials including detergent, shampoo, baby shampoo, toilet paper, toothpaste, diapers, wet wipes and other things for everyday use. You don’t need to go to the store with two kids during a few first weeks!

Things You Should Organize Related to the Elder Child

You need to talk to your elder child (children) about the fact that you will be at the hospital for a couple of days. Don’t let your child feels wholly abandoned. If she is young, she will be probably confused by the fact that her mom has to go for a while. She needs to expect you to come with her new sister or a brother.

Organize Related to the Elder Child

Read her a book about the arrival of a new baby. Teach her a song about a little brother or a sister. Try to do something fun together one last time before a baby comes. Everything is going to change a lot. You should create a pleasant extra memory for your elder child before the whole her world transforms, and she understands that she has to share your time with the baby.

You can’t know how long your labor will last and you should prepare everything your elder child will need during your absence. Pack a little backpack with clothes, pajamas, toys, diapers, and things your elder child will probably need. Also add wipes, an extra sippy cup, and some snacks. It is especially important if you have an older toddler. It will make her feel more comfortable if she has her own bag. Well, you certainly need a bag for a baby to take it to the hospital. With a ‘special’ backpack for your toddler, you will prevent the appearance of jealousy in a natural way.

There Are Two Important Persons You Need in Your New Life

Find a nannyFind a nanny look after your elder child

When the time comes, someone needs to look after your elder child. Of course, it will be more convenient if she stays at home with someone she knows. If possible, it can be her grandparents or a neighbor. If it is not an option, find a reliable nanny.

Give a nanny all extra information she needs. Making a list is a very suitable way to avoid forgetting something like medicaments or possible child allergies. Give her a schedule of feeding, sleeping, taking a nap, when your baby takes a pacifier and so on. If your kid is still very young, give a nanny a ‘dictionary’ with the words your kid uses, but no one except you can’t recognize.

Include your and your husband’s phone number. Give yourself peace of mind knowing that you put on paper all vital information. Once you need to go to the hospital, you won’t have time to think about everything.

Pick out an excellent pediatrician find an excellent pediatrician for your newborn baby

If you haven’t had children yet, you will need to find an excellent pediatrician for your newborn baby. Maybe it’s wise to pick out one before delivery. Research on the Net or ask friends who have already had children, and make a decision which doctor will be the best one for your baby. It’s better to solve this on time before the baby comes than put yourself in a problem if you need quick help.

One more advantage of the timely invention of the pediatrician is that you can schedule an appointment as soon as you come home with the baby. Moreover, you can meet the selected doctor in person during your pregnancy. This way, he won’t be a stranger than a trustful person who will take care of your baby. You want to avoid a possible situation to discover that a pediatrician isn’t patient or keen on answering your questions. You can also learn some details about preparation for baby in the video.

Things You Should Organize Related to the Baby after You Two Come from the Hospital

Do the laundry

Wash all the laundry, including your clothing, child laundry, future baby bedding, and all the baby clothes no matter if it is new or you have clothing that was left of your older child. There are probably a lot of gender neutral things you can use for the baby including neutral-colored and white bodysuits, blankets and so on. Just make sure that all these clothes and linen are fresh and clean for your new little one.

Finish all necessary ironing

Don’t forget to iron the laundry. Once a newborn baby comes, you won’t have enough time for this. Well, the truth is that you won’t have will and strength to think about the laundry at all. During first weeks you won’t have enough time even for sleeping.

Clean the things from the storage

Check the storage and prepare things you need for a new baby. You won’t need all these things (like a car seat or baby carriage) for weeks after the baby comes home, but it wouldn’t a bad idea to get everything ready. There is no need to deal with these things while you are exhausted by taking care of the baby.

A diaper bag

There is no need to buy a new diaper bag if you already have one you use for an older child (children). You only need to clean out that one. If you haven’t organized and cleaned out a diaper bag recently, you should do it before you go to the hospital. You know how useful that bag is, and I believe that every mom needs it. But, it’s enough having only one for two kids. Think about adding a nursing cover, newborn diapers, and an extra pacifier in the bag. Having the bag prepared will be one less obligation when the baby comes home.

Buy some new baby books

Buy some new baby books. You probably found interesting ones after you gave birth to the first baby. Maybe it’s the right moment to make a present for yourself. On the other hand, if you expect your first baby, you will definitely need one or two excellent books about baby care.

Check a baby monitor and a car seat

Check your baby monitor. You will probably need a new one since they don’t last forever. If it is not a case, only change batteries. If you plan to use your first child’s infant car seat for a new baby, check when it expires. Most of them expire after six years, but you need to check yours just in case.

Consider advantage of double strollers

advantage of double strollers

Think about double strollers if you already have a little kid. Do some research about the best one or merely ask some other mom. It can be the most crucial piece of baby equipment you have. Anyway, it will save you a lot of frustration and time.

Talk to your husband. If you expect the first baby, you need to be sure that he knows what to do when the baby comes. Sometimes men are not able to understand what to do to make women’s new obligations easier.

As the day of childbirth approaches, every woman asks herself repeatedly if she is ready for the baby. It is a healthy attitude. The fact is that you don’t need too many preparations for the new baby at all, but you will understand that with the second baby. Every next time is easier especially when you realize one simple truth – we think that we need a lot of things; babies need only a few material things. They need a lot of love.

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