Several Best Nautical Themed Baby Shower Ideas


Baby showers are special events in which families come together in order to celebrate a new baby, and help supply the new mom-to-be and dad-to-be with all the things they need in order to welcome their upcoming bundle of joy. There are roughly a million different ways to throw a baby shower, from the super traditional to co-ed modern parties. A tried and true style, however, is to coordinate the entire shower around a specific theme that is enjoyed by the guests of honor. Some themes, such as baby animals, are considered classic, while others have a more contemporary flair. One of the trendiest contemporary themes is the subject of this article: The Nautical Baby Shower. To throw the perfect nautical shower, be sure to carry the theme throughout the invitations, food, decorations, games, prizes, and favors.

Nautical Baby Shower Invitations

Nautical baby shower invitation card

Nautical baby shower invitations are usually easy to spot from just a cursory glance. They are typically confined to two to three colors maximum and are normally a mixture of red, navy blue, and maybe a lighter blue if three colors are needed. Other combinations include yellow and navy, navy and gray, and different shades of blue. Many people also use stripes, chevron, and other nautical insignia such as a pattern of anchors, knots of rope, sailboats, or even a captain’s wheel. As for the style of fonts to be used, a mixture of handwritten cursive combined with blocky text creates an interesting layout that conveys the gentleness of the baby shower, but also the practical strength that often accompanies nautical themes. With these elements, adding a cute phrase will surely round out the design. You could include something as simple as “Baby on Board!” “A little squirt is on its way!” (accompanied by a whale), or should the sex of the baby be known, something as simple as “Ahoy, it’s a boy!” would convey the theme well. In addition to the invitations, should you desire, you could also send a request for either a book instead of a card, or an invitation to participate in a diaper raffle. Both of these should carry the same design style as the main invitation. With matching theming, you should not need to worry about playing with the wording, but of course if you want to, go right ahead!

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Nautical Themed Baby Shower Food

Sailboats drinks for baby shower

So now that you have the invitations all set to send out to your guests, what about the food? Food is an element that really helps tie the different parts of your theme together. In addition, themed food can be super cute!

Nautical Themed Baby Shower Drinks

Punch is probably the easiest beverage you can serve at a shower. To make “Ocean Water” there are several recipes, such as Sprite and Blue Hawaiian Punch, or Lemonade and blue Kool-Aid. If you want to make Iceberg Punch, use one of the recipes provided and simply add scoops of vanilla ice cream! If making red punch is more your style, you can switch to a red Hawaiian punch, and float some red and white fishing boppers on top!

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5 Snacks for Baby Shower Ideas

If snacks are your aim for food, there is a plethora of ideas!

Nautical baby shower theme snacks table

1. Fish and Chips

In a bowl, combine ruffled chips and goldfish crackers! You could also leave a plate of chips and set up a red pepper carved to look like a crab nearby.

2. Fish Bait

Just add Gummi Worms. Super easy!

3. Fruits and Veggies

This can be as simple as using nautical themed cookie cutters to cut out shapes into slices of watermelon, or laying out a veggie tray to look like an anchor. You could also make simple fruit skewers, or a small fruit salad served in paper boats. For the most adventurous out there, you could also carve a watermelon into a boat filled with melon balls.

4. Prepared Food

These can be easily done for a cute reward. Simply make some deviled eggs, stick a little sail in them, and call them boats! You could also stick toothpick eyes into a croissant sandwich and make them into instant Crabwiches.

5. Desserts

Nautical baby shower dessert bar

Desserts are where a theme can truly shine. You could make chocolate covered pretzel sticks and hang a fishing lure off them to make fishing rods, or set out Twizzlers tied into sailor’s knots, or leave a bowl of saltwater taffy. Sticking mini sails into cupcakes or jello cups can also make minimalist desserts that convey the theme. For big desserts, consider a cake with an ombre wave pattern with a ship topper!

Nautical Baby Shower Decorations

Of course, the biggest area to allow your theme to shine is the decorations!

1. Banners

Banners are an easy to decorate the baby shower. You can print out a message on burlap pieces, such as “Ahoy! It’s a boy!” or “Baby on Board”. For the spaces between words, you could use captain’s wheels or anchors.

2. Table Decorations

Nautical baby shower theme table decoration

This can be as simple as decorating a table with lighthouses, wheels, wooden sailor carvings, thick candle sticks, or nautical rope knots. However, you could also use a tablecloth to make the shape of a boat. Add white circles to make windows, and a triangular sail, and you have a sailboat display table! For centerpieces, fishbowls filled with sand, seashells, and candles make for a classy decoration that more subtly convey your theme.

3. Guest Book Decorations

If you are planning to use a guest book for your shower, why not have it fit into the decorations? You could use a poster of shark silhouettes in which people sign their names, or even a life preserver that guests could write on that is hung at the shower. Finally, you could display two boat oars that can be signed by your guests.

4. Other Decorations

If you have a lot of time on your hands, an elaborate idea could be to create an oversized anchor and chain with different sizes of balloons! You could also add accents to your party with pieces of netting, and lots of stripes or chevron!

Nautical Baby Shower Games, Prizes and Favors

Other major areas to carry the theme throughout are the games, prizes, and favors at your shower.


These can be as simple as a nautical themed game of bingo using lifesavers candy as bingo markers, or as complex as fishing for pacifiers out of an inflatable pools filled with balloons. Using baking soda mixed with sand you can also split guests into teams and have them attempt to sculpt a baby or other idea to be judged by the parents or mother-to-be. You could also fill a jar with nautical things, such as seashells or goldfish crackers, and have the guests guess how many there are, or have guests wear a lifesaver on a necklace and they can lose it whenever they use the word “baby”.

Nautical mom-to-be badge


You could include candles with nautical themed ribbons, manicure kits with lifesavers attached by twine, or ocean themed bath kits. A handmade nautical themed wreath could also be an impressive gift for your winning guests.


Nautical favors can be super easy! Simply attach a sign to a bag of Ahoy! Cookies that says “Ahoy! It’s a Boy!”, fill a small bag with life savers with a thank you and date of the shower, or fill a small tube with colored sea salts for a bath. You could also give guests small bottles of sea glass, wrapped decorative cookies in nautical designs, or ocean themed candles.

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Themed baby showers can be a great way to help celebrate an impending new baby. They allow for cute and relatively easy ways to create a cohesive feeling for the shower, and lead your guests to being impressed by how well put together your shower is! The Nautical Shower is a clean and modern theme that is sure to wow your guests and bring joy to the parents or mom-to –be!


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