How to Abort at Home (Safely)? 5 Effective Remedies for Abortion


Not every pregnancy is planned, and sometimes, a pregnancy is unwanted. Despite the moral and religious debates that take place, women are having abortions for a variety of reasons: financial, life situations and age are the most common.

Before we discuss how to have an abortion at home, it’s important to know the risks.

how to abort at home

Caution Before Proceeding

Many home abortion methods can be dangerous to the mother. It’s always best to seek the assistance of a professional to have a medical abortion performed. In the event that this is unaffordable, proceed with the utmost caution.

There is also the chance that the abortion is not a success despite bleeding.

Harming the baby can occur or tissue may not be fully expelled from the body, causing further medical concerns in the future. As always, if you feel sick or are worried that something went wrong with your homemade abortion, it’s important to seek medical attention immediately.

5 Home Abortion Methods

The right method for at home abortions will depend on you. Many methods work for some women and not others, so it’s advised to try many methods to find one that works properly for you.

1. Vitamin C Method

Your body’s immune system relies on vitamin C to remain healthy and strong. Found in citrus fruits, vitamin C is a natural part of most people’s diet, but it can also be found in supplement form.

When people get colds, they’ll often take these supplements to ensure they get healthy as fast as possible.

Women that are in the early stages of pregnancy will find that their body is continually producing hormones. Many of these hormones are meant to allow the placenta to remain in the body and not be expelled.

Taking large amounts of vitamin C can cause a natural abortion to occur. The dosage varies from one person to the next, but most women suggest taking a 500mg capsule every hour. You’ll want to take this massive amount of the vitamin until you experience signs of a miscarriage.

If you become ill, stop usage of the supplement immediately.

2. Extreme Bouts of Exercise (Strongly unrecommended)

Pregnant woman is doing exercise by dumbells.

The body is working feverishly to ensure that the baby is allowed to grow in a healthy manner. Any undue stress on the body at this time can cause a miscarriage. Many doctors allow women to perform light exercises, but heavy or extreme exercises can cause a miscarriage.

This will only occur when extremes are taken.

Women that run on the treadmill for hours and don’t eat are a prime example of women that can miscarry through exercise. Keep in mind that you will be exerting a lot of energy and may become sick in the process as a result.

3. Black Cohosh

Black Cohosh

Cohosh is an herb that can be found at your local grocery store or online. This potent herb comes in many colors, with red and black being the most common. Cohosh will need to be ingested in large amounts to help the abortion along.

Essentially, the cohosh will cause a woman to go into labor. This is a practice that has been used for centuries in Eastern medicine, and has now made its way to the Western world.

You may find this product under a supplement name of Caulophyllum thallctroides. Supplement form is the preferred method because you can ingest a lot more of the cohosh in a short amount of time. You’ll want to take this supplement every four hours and then increase dosages if you notice cramping and contractions.

At this time, you’ll increase the frequency to once every 20 minutes until the baby has been expelled.

There are medical concerns with ingesting too much of this herb at one time, so proceed with extreme caution. If you’re allergic to the herb, cease usage and proceed with another method.

4. Cinnamon

Cinnamon sticks on white background.

Cinnamon is a delicious spice that can be sprinkled in your tea or put on your food. What many people don’t know is that too much cinnamon will cause the body to miscarry. The reasoning for this is still unclear, but many women state that cinnamon has helped them have an abortion, and it’s touted as one of the best, natural abortion methods possible.

The main issue is that there is no exact dosage to take.

Instead, it’s recommended that you sprinkle cinnamon on any food that is tolerable. You can also find cinnamon in supplement form.

It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to maintain such high levels of cinnamon consumption for long because it will become overwhelming – and people will take notice. While fresh cinnamon is best, you can find supplements that have a massive amount of cinnamon per capsule. This is the best option because you won’t have to sprinkle cinnamon on your pizza or in your salad.

5. Acupuncture

One of the most popular holistic practices in the world is acupuncture. This method revolves around opening up energy in the body that is essentially stuck due to a variety of different reasons. Scarring, for example, can cause improper energy flow as well as injuries that occurred in the past.

The idea is that once this energy is allowed to flow freely, healing can occur.

A major point of acupuncture that is often overlooked is that it also helps to body eliminate any foreign substances. Think of acupuncture as a way to cleanse the body of all impurities. When a baby is growing inside of the body, there are hormones working to ensure that the baby is not expelled and goes to term. Acupuncture counteracts these hormones and causes the body to try and get rid of the baby. Ultimately, it helps you have an abortion and is one of the things that doctors recommend not doing if you want to carry to full term.

Home remedies for abortion are vast and knowing how to have an abortion at home doesn’t mean that there are no consequences.  These methods may not work, or you may end up harming yourself in the process.

Always proceed with caution with any home abortion methods you attempt to try.

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  1. This is outrageous! Out right killing of life in the womb; on a PREGNANCY website of all sorts!

    Don’t you realize your website pops up when wanting info on a healthy pregnancy? We come on the site and see something about abortion that is a wrong idea that you put inside the minds of mothers with unborn children.

    You can’t be two-sided. Either help us for the good or leave it to places like Planned Parenthood who were founded to do the bad.

    • When your 15yo girl who is scared she might be pregnant this is exactly the type of thing you’d be looking for. If you don’t like it don’t read it.

      • Im in your steps right now I’m 15 & im scared . People need to mind their own business, if you’re taking away a life that doesn’t know it even exists if your problem. Its better than having another baby that’s unwanted up for an adoption. Its for the best. So please people have sympathy on young girls scared & sympathy on the shitty life the baby would have had since it was a mistake .

        • She is right because I’m 17 and most of us aren’t even ready to have babies yet I’m still in high school and I have 2 years left and this is a really scary situation and most of don’t want our parents to find out so this is best option for some of us

          • hiya i am a soon to be 15 year old and i honestly think i am pregnant.. i was just wondering if you knew that these home abortions actually do work? if so have u tried any? and could u recommend any one that worked for u and the dosage you took, much appreciated, sarah x

        • Right go you I need something at home that my mom won’t know I even was but I can’t seem to find nothing any suggestions please help

        • im I’m the same position.. i’m 13. I’ve made good choices throughout my life, all A’s a good kid in school but i have sex. now I’m scared that something could have went wrong for me and I’m gonna have to kill something i made but i would never want my own baby to have a bad life with parents who can’t eben support themselves.. 🙁

      • Thank you!! I’m 14 years old and I’m not trying to have a baby. I know I’m too young but I’m doing this for myself. My boyfriend knows that I’m pregnant and he’s helping me through it. If my parents found out, I’d never be able to see him again, but this way I can carry out our relationship and still be happy knowing I’m not having a baby.

        • Plz tell me what u have done i have same problem how to abort my baby at home and without knowing my parents plz contect me as soon as plz plz plz i hope u understand my pain plzzz plzzzz my contect no. Is 8954389619plz z zplz

        • I can almost guarantee that your boyfriend won’t stick around anyways after you kill your child. (I realize this reply is a bit late, so you may have already done so.) Seriously though, look at statistics of guys who stick around after an abortion. (Of any type) I’m sure he promised to be there as long as u get rid of the “problem”. This is why children should not be having sex!

    • Sorry Camille J. but what do you get to say whats good and bad when it comes to someone ELSES body. Keep that too yourself and off any website:)

    • I totally agree with you but im 15 and I wouldn’t be a good mother and my mother would kick me out the house so I also would be homeless and on top of that I have dreams

    • Camille J – how ignorant, cold, off putting, self righteous & nasty can you be! For your and your child’s & family’s sake I hope you open your heart, your eyes and your mind to others and can show humility, kindness & be understanding – realise many people go through many things – don’t judge be calm peacefully open & supportive where you can! We are all human – we make mistakes have tough choices that sometimes there is no win! It’s the lesser of two hardships for many involved.

      Pregnancy is different for all and advice for pregnancy should reflect this.

      I hope you can reflect on this & I wish you well on your pregnancy.

      Much love,


      • Yes. Heavy doses of vitamin C ( like 1000mg every 2/3 hours and parsley tea in the am and in the evening have induced my period in about 5 days…

  2. My last period data is 13 25th march..I hv pregnency. how do I abort in home method…pls suggest this posible for this stage….

    • Please never try to self abort! It is highly dangerous and death is a possibility for you as well as your baby. Or extreme harm to your body. Three times I fell pregnant and my friend and I tried to abort at home and I became dizzy and disoriented in pain and almost died. I prayed for the Lord to help me and if I ever became pregnant again, I seek a professional. Please, honey, I care, and seek a professional.

      • You see, I’m 14 I’m pretty an sure I’m pregnant and if my parents find out I will die. Many girls who have the same situation as me try and find a way for us to abort. I’m very against abortion, but I have to do it. So please people… If there’s anyway you can help me please do, because im about to go survive in the woods until I find out if I’m pregnant so please please help me….

  3. In Nairobi,Kenya,2Weeks pregnant, but can’t afford to be a mum now, please help,what’s the best method to use,and most effective

  4. Hello, I live in Toronto Canada and am about 4 weeks pg. Not the best time right now, and with regret and sadness I cannot continue like this, please share some safe suggestions with me

  5. hi…..I hafd sex two days after my period….now it’s 10 dats afrer the act and I’m having some kinda cramp… I’m feeling nausial, been burping too……I’m not ready for a baby…..I need help plz ….inbox me

  6. Hi am a week kindly inbox me the most effective way to abort.Am in Nairobi, Kenya. I live with mum and siblings and wouldn’t like them to notice anything when I abort.

  7. Please assist me with the herb am not ready for this step in my life yet, am still building my reputation at work and am new.i laeve in africa

  8. pls I need a herb to abort one month pregnancy in two or three days. my Dad will kill me to find out am pregnant. Am in Ghana

  9. am two weeks pregnant and i really need your help coz i realize the pregnancy is for my cousin whom we met at nairobi in kenya as students in campus pliz i need that herbal to abort pliz email me or inbox 0705880496

    • Please I need ur herbal, 3months and 1 week pregnancy please help me , in need of it today tomorrow please, whatsap me 08095012708

  10. i gave birth by operation in November then after a months i went for family planning…then in six weeks after delivery i saw my period 4 almst 8 days then i had sex with my patner…In January i didnt see my periods and i only saw it on February for almst 8 days now its March and i think im pregnant again should i be worried??

    • The payapaya works so does pineapple. Am a doctor and always remember that some people want babies but you abort . Each man for himself and God for us all . As u make your bed so shall u lay on it .

      • I really don’t think its right to be saying things like that lisa. Especially if you’re a doctor. Why don’t you give helpful sugestions rather than saying judgemental things/

  11. Pls mam, help me with ur home remedy I was expecting my period last month bit I haven’t seen it till now. I don’t want the pregnancy.. Pls it urgent

  12. Am a Nigerian,and the last seen of my menses was 11th of last month, I am pregnant and I need to remove it Pls help me…

    • Im jst curious,after having a one night stand with someone I met overnight is there any possibility that I can be pregnant felt a little cramping ..……
      Can I start taking d Vitamin C????
      Need advice…
      Watsapp 0456048318

  13. I am 22 year old, and i am pregnant( 3 to 4 weeks). so please suggest which medicine is good for stop the pregnancy before one month.

  14. It worked for me. Positive pregnancy test. Started vitamin C, use the acorbic acid kind only, no bio whatever. 3000k every four hours. Made parsley tea and put parsley in my cooch the second day. Drank the tea all day the second and third day. You change the parsley every 12 hours in your cooch. Day 3 the cramping started and the bleeding as well. Day four passed some clots in the shower. Good luck. Don’t give up..

    • Cld u please explain step for step exactly how and what u did to have an effective abortion? Im trying to find the best possible way as I am unable to pay for one. I would only be about a month pregnant so im wanting to do this asap. Also cld you explain the side effects of the steps ud taken so I know wjat to expect possibly? Hope to hear from u soon, thank you so much.

    • Your comment is the only one that I’ve found that actually explains how to do this. I’m gonna start today. Wish me luck.

  15. Wellness I kindly ask you to help me out ,my schooling is going to end if I don’t actually fast please send me the herb at my email address or my whatsapp number 0798274995 kindly Wellness save a life here

  16. pls am from Nigeria and i am 2wks pregnant. please wellness help me with ur magic herb. I don’t want to end my education now. whatapp no is 09032397573

  17. please let me know if anybody has had success with any of these meathods ?? If you have reply to this comment as soon as possible. Im only 16 and have no other option please

  18. Pls I think am pregnant bt no symptoms bt pregnancy tester is showing positive. My bf denied it nd it’s has to be removed bt am penniless what can I do. Whatsapp on 2348027880257

  19. I’m 28 and here just in case, I’ve been on the pill for years (never forgot and never miss the hour to take it) and never had sexual intercourse without condoms. Started a taking protein suplements and training a lot and my period didn’t came last month.
    If I’m pregnant I’m gonna be really pissed because I took all the precautions possible. I hate childs, they’re annoying and expensive and there’s no way I’m having one and loose my fit body.

  20. I took lot of vitamin c tablet through out the day had a ginger tea and had a aloe vera gel after 2 days i started bleeding it wasnt real painful i took pain killers and hot water bottle for cramps

  21. I have use hot water shower regularly and eating oranges and apples with no eating food because I wanted quick results since I missed my periods and did exercise and painaple with Juice I said no food only fruits and hot water shower and drinking mint in hot water plus hot water bottle on my stomach gusse what it works guys I started bleeding only in three days of using the remeede

  22. It’s very sad to read these posts of all these young ladies seeking help in desperation to have an abortion.
    I pray for all of you because you too are precious children of God. I pray that you find a solution other than having an abortion.
    Whatever your life situation may be, may our Lord, that has mercy on all, bless you and your unborn baby.
    There is no judgement on my part, I leave that to our Lord. I just have compassion for you all and pray for the end of abortion. Unborn babies are living humans just like you and me. They are growing and part of you.
    It’s so tough raising a child, but with the help of God, I have done so. I pray you will choose life and let God help you like He has helped me!
    God bless you all!

    • No girl takes the decision to have an abortion lightly. If these girls are looking at at home remedies they are clearly too young, or financially unstable to have a child. Please do not make them feel guilt over their decision. You do not know what it is like to have to make that decision.

  23. Ran out of words ,unprotectd sex leads to such did u guys mot knwand sum of u r still very young ratha let ur parents knw so thy hlp u safley anything can gi wrong please

    • Birth control fails. Some girls won’t have even wanted to have sex in the first place so certainly wont have had the chance to be careful. You do not understand everybodies situation so who are you to patronise.

  24. This is wonderful! Because I’m only 18 and I cannot have a baby this is beneficial to me and other people who can’t and don’t want to have a child. I can’t afford a 400$ abortion. This is good, and it’s natural. I don’t want to be disowned by my family…

  25. Maxine, the abortion pill is for u see 10 weeks, go to planned parenthood, they give you 4 pills, 24 hours later, you take 1 and in an hour, it miscarried. Piece of cake.

    • eat raw papaya my love and partner it with pineapple, so it may not taste bad. 🙂 Goodluck
      my name is terrex.

    • Method to abort a pregnancy at home using papaya:

      1 Buy one unripe papaya and peel it.
      2 Divide it into two parts and extract its seeds.
      3 Using knife cut the peeled papaya into shapes of small cubes.
      4 Now take 2 cups of water and add these papaya cubes and a pinch of salt to it.
      5 Boil this mixture for over 15-20 minutes on low flame.
      6 You can take this mixture after it is cooled down. You may add lemon juice and black pepper to add the flavor.
      7 You may take it for.
      8 Continue this process till you get the results.

      Method to abort a pregnancy at home using pineapple:

      1 Just like the first step of papaya, buy one pineapple and peel it.
      2 Divide this pineapple into sections and cut small pieces out of it.
      3 Now add 1 cup of water to a bowl and add pineapple pieces to it.
      4 Take a blender and blend this mixture to form a paste.
      5 Transfer this paste to a glass and drink it daily.
      6 Continue this process till you get the results.

  26. Hi, I’m 19 and I got implantation bleeding yesterday during sex. I’m very scared as my parents will kick me out if they find out. I’m trying black cohosh and dong quai next week but I’ve started using basil, parsley, and sage. I’ve drank chamomile tea my my stomach just feels queasy, and i feel somewhat nauseous. Any suggestions?
    Thank you

  27. Hi, I need your help, I think am pregnant, am 18, and Im still in a high school just a year left for me, I really need help and I want to know of those home remedies really works, I need to let the baby go, I don’t want it to have a useless life, I just have make it go…. Please help me

  28. Hi
    I need help I’m 10weeks pregnant I’m not ready to carry this baby could you please advice with some home remedies to let go of this fetus.


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