Best Mothers Day Gifts – Inexpensive Ideas for Mother’s Day 


A printed card means nothing except that

 You are too lazy to write to the woman

 Who has done more for you than

Anyone in the world’ (Anna Jarvis)

The custom of celebrating a day to honor our mothers originates from ancient times. Ancient Greeks celebrated an annual spring festival in honor of their maternal goddess Rhea. In early tradition, this goddess was associated with mystery-goddess Cybele. Ancient Romans also had a spring festival dedicated to Great Mother (Magna Mater). Early Christians celebrated a ‘Mothering Sunday’ festival for a long time in honor of the Virgin Mary during the fourth Sunday of Lent.

In Rimocatolic countries, it was a time when the faithful went to the church near their home for a special Mass. Over time this day started to be a secular holiday. During the 1930s and 1940s, Mother’s Day became very popular in the US. Today, over 80 countries worldwide celebrate this day on the second Sunday of May in honor of all mothers. The prime goal is to thank mothers for their love, dedication, and support.

Mother’s Day Background

Inexpensive Ideas for Mother's Day 


Anna M. Jarvis was a woman who established Mother’s Day in 1907 in memory of her mother, who had taken care for wounded soldiers during the American Civil War. People almost immediately recognized the importance of such a day and started to celebrate it as a holiday.

President Woodrow Wilson signed a decree on May 8, 1914, and decided that the second Sunday in May is dedicated to all mothers. Within only a few years, many countries accepted that day as a day when they honor their mothers. Besides the U.S. about eighty nations celebrate this day in May including Australia, Canada, India, New Zealand, Austria, Iceland, Finland, Sri Lanka, Bahamas, Venezuela, Central African Republic, Italy, Belgium, Cuba, Japan, Cyprus, Turkey, Germany, Czech Republic, and so on.

A Story about Mother’s Day Gifts

Anna Jarvis, who established this day, was revolted with the commercialization of this holiday and believed that our mothers deserve something unique which no one store can provide. Moreover, she stopped to celebrate this holiday and insisted on its original purpose until her death in 1948. She even suggested that Mother’s Day which is celebrated commercially should be abolished. What a pity.

Today it is customary for children to give their mothers a gift or to dedicate a song to their beloved moms. You should show her how much you love and know her. You can always buy your mom a nice book, a leather purse, or her favorite perfume, of course. But, the point of this day is to find something that fits only your mother and no one else in the world. By giving a unique gift to our mother, we pay tribute to her as a mother but also honor Anna Jarvis and her primary idea.

Mother’s Day Unique Gift Ideas

There are a bunch Mother’s day gift ideas. The point of this day is that you should be different. Try to make your mother pride creating a unique and special gift just for her. I know that large stores have an endless selection of various gifts for Mother’s day, but I truly believe that the best way is to be creative. You should make something by yourself or to choose among extraordinary DIY mother’s day gifts you can find in some small workshops.

If you think twice, maybe you should learn from toddlers. Even though it is very easy to buy a card or a gift as a small sign of attention in some store, they always make gifts for their mothers by their own hands. Why have people forgotten this warm-hearted way of showing attention? Make Mother’s Day 2018 unlike any Mother’s Day before. Your mother deserves that. I wish Happy Mother’s day to all the moms.

Mother’s Day Flowers

Many people believe that flowers are not an original idea for a gift, but I am convinced that there is no better gift for a woman than this one. Actually, there is probably no woman who doesn’t love flowers and who won’t be impressed and pleased when her dear child gives her a bouquet. Buying flowers as a gift for a mom is a way to show her how much you love and appreciate her.

Do you know that Anna Jarvis couldn’t attend the first celebration of Mother’s Day in West Virginia? Instead, she sent favorite flower as a gift to whole mothers. These 500 white carnations became the symbol of Mother’s Day.

Mother's Day Flowers


‘The carnation doesn’t drop its petals, but hugs them to its heart as it dies, and so, too, mothers hug their children to their hearts, their mother love never dying’ (Anna Jarvis)

I don’t prefer carnations in any color, but still, believe that we should give flowers to our mothers on this special day. Anyway, every flower has its own symbolism. If you choose to buy some for your mother, you should know what bouquet is appropriate for a gift on Mother’s Day.

1 – Orchids are majestic and exotic flowers which symbolize love, beauty, and refinement. In Chinese tradition, they are a symbol for ‘a lot of children’.

2 – Lilies are popular as a symbol of motherhood, especially in China. It is a symbol of beauty. In Christian tradition, the Easter lily symbolizes the Virgin Mary.

3 – As a symbol of faith and hope, purple Irises are an exceptional choice for this day.

4 – Choose pink Rose as a symbol of gentleness and happiness.

5 – If you buy Bachelor’s button, you will symbolically send a single blessedness to your mom.

6 – With Basils, you will send good wishes to your mom.

7 – White Carnation is a universal symbol of Mother’s day. It represents good luck and pure love.

8 – If you want to show respect your mother’s courage and devotion, buy her Edelweiss.

9 – White Hyacinth symbolizes all out prayers for our moms. If you can find this flower in the nearby flower shop, pick out it.

10 – Violet is a symbol of our mother’s devotion and modesty. It is always my premier choice for Mother’s Day.

Whatever flower you choose, you won’t be wrong. Flowers are a universal symbol of love for every woman, especially for our mothers. I wish Happy Mother’s day to all the moms.

Inexpensive Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

There is a range of uncomplicated Mother’s day gift ideas for kids that are inexpensive, and which each child can make or simply to buy. Remember, your gift doesn’t have to be expensive. It’s more important that it is given from the heart.

Flower card

Even a very small child can make a flower card for a mom. It’s pretty easy cutting the ‘petals’ of multi-colored cardboard, sorting the ‘petals’ in the circle, and pasting them on a card. You can stick your image or decorative button in the middle of the paper flower and it will be perfect.

Heart Cookie Box

Heart Cookie Box is the magnificent gift for both your mother and your grandma. You only need a box made of cardboard or wood. Kids can design it using paint, dry flowers, their own paintings, contact-paper cutouts in the heart shape, or a piece of paper with a song dedicated to their Moms.

Colored Sand

If you are looking for creative mother’s day gift ideas, you can make colored ‘sand’. The only things you need are a jar and a variety of ingredients from the kitchen which you use to fill the jar. Pick out colorful seeds, sugar, rice, corn, oregano and so on. Pour all these ingredients one by one into the jar and make colorful layers that look like sand. Decorate the lid and put the ribbon. It seems beautiful, is not it?


You need colorful fabric and a lot of stones you collected last summer on the beach. Cover a stone with fabric. If you like painting, you can paint rocks as well. It is simple to make and inexpensive, and your mother will adore it.

For your mom, it is not so important how much money you have spent on a gift. The essence of this holiday is that you show your mom how much you love her and how gently you think about her. Believe me; it is enough for every mother’s heart. I wish Happy Mother’s day to all the moms.

Mother’s Day Crafts

Be sure that your mother will be delighted when she gets something made by your own hands. Mothers love simple, homemade gifts from the heart! Every mom wants to see that her child tried to do something for her alone. I will give you some sweet kid craft gift ideas for Mother’s day that are easy to make.

Mother's Day Crafts


Lavender Sachets

Lavender Sachet is a small bag which contains fragrant materials. You can make one for your mom, and she will put it in the closet or a drawer to make her clothes or linens fresh and scented. Just pick Lavender plants and make homemade sachets for your beloved mother.

Rose potpourri

Rose potpourri is a way to preserve roses and make a bouquet which will last a whole year round. It’s a really great Mother’s day gift ideas for preschoolers. I believe that your mother will be delighted if you make one for her. Anyway, who doesn’t adore the scent of roses? It is easy to make, and you only need beautiful roses, scented oil, and a fixative.

Decorative cups

You need a monochrome cup, a few oil-based Sharpies, and a little patience. You can draw everything you want on the cup or invest a short time to make a monogrammed sharpie cup. Use a letter sticker and make different shapes around them. When you pull the sticker off, the cup will look impressive. Try it!


Make some accessories for your mom including earrings of colorful beads and necklace made of macaroni. Older children, especially girls, can make a brooch of beads, button, and decorative tape. If your mother has a long beautiful hair, consider making rubber bands of fabric, golden threads or wool. A gift that combines beauty and usefulness is always a good choice for moms.

Raspberry vinegar

Why wouldn’t you make raspberry vinegar for your mom? You can find excellent classic raspberry vinegar recipes on the Net. Your mother will appreciate your effort, and she can always use it. Imagine a dressing for the salad which will make Mother’s day dinner lovely and tasty thanks to you!

Footprints and fingerprints

It is a delightful gift for every mom because it will always remind her of that particular Mother’s Day, even when a child grows up. They are probably the best 1st Mother’s Day gift ideas ever!

Gift Jars

Instead of buying a last minute gift for your mother, make something beautiful and useful for her this year. Gift Jar is mother’s day gift idea which is easy to make, it’s incredibly handy and looks adorable at the same time.

Origami flowers and animals

Have you ever heard of Origami? It is ancient Japanese technique, but it has been popular in the Western countries for decades. Pick out one of many tutorials on YouTube and learn how to make interesting flowers or animals on paper. Make your gift more beautiful by using colored paper.

As you know, homemade mother’s day gift ideas are always desirable. Pick out one of mine or figure out how to make something original by yourself. Your mom will love your gift. Go for it. I wish Happy Mother’s day to all the moms.

Mother’s Day Card or Clip Art

 Homemade Note Cards

There is an endless list of ideas how to make a creative and unique note card for Mother’s Day. They are unique because they give a personalized touch to the present for your mom. You just need to use color carton. You can paint it, make a collage, or sew some buttons making interesting details. Creating a unique gift for the woman who gave birth to us isn’t that hard, right?

Homemade clip art

For a little bit older kids, clip arts are a perfect idea for a gift. If you use your computer well, make one (or a few) for your mom and other important women in your life. These colorful pieces will make their Mother’s Day. Let’s try!

But, if you don’t have artistic preferences, it may be better to choose one of the greeting cards you can buy in any bookstore. They are beautiful, attractive and they will make every mom happy. I wish Happy Mother’s day to all the moms.

Mother’s Day Brunch

What do you think about the idea to surprise your mom and give her a day off? You can ask your dad to help you to be a master in the kitchen and to make a perfect Mother’s day brunch for your mommy.

Mother's Day Brunch



Wake your mom up with delicious pancakes with a mouth-watering traditional crepe or sweet chocolate chip. Or try something new such as chopped pineapple or melted chocolate with crushed biscuit. There are also a bunch of ideas for salty pancakes with ham, cheese, sour cucumbers, ketchup, cream cheese, and so on. It’s enough for you to know how to make pancakes and to be imaginative. You will find most of the ingredients in the house.

Strawberry Crepes

What do you think about strawberry crepes? They are easy to make, but it will give your mom great pleasure. If you cut the strawberries in half, you will get beautiful strawberry ‘hearts’. Imagine how enjoyable they are and how happy your mom will be!

Vanilla pudding

If you are looking for something creamy and tasty, choose vanilla pudding. It is the perfect dessert for everyone including moms and children. Plus, it is incredibly easy to prepare. Make this holiday sweet and memorable.

Chocolate Pie

For those of you who are good at a kitchen or have a father who likes cooking, you can make a chocolate pie for a mom. What do you think? Just put a frozen pie crust into the oven, make the chocolate cream, and fill the pie. I believe that I don’t need to mention that you can make some other different pie using various fruits, veggies, or even meat instead chocolate. It depends on you.

Honey-Glazed Ham

Maybe you will need your father’s support for baking a honey-glazed ham, but it is worthy of anyone’s effort. You need one five to seven pounds ham and domestic honey. No matter if you serve it cold or warm, this ham will be the perfect meal for Mother’s Day.

Grandma’s Meatballs

For me, Grandma’s Meatballs sound excellent every single time. It’s actually not too hard to make them. You can find good recipes on the Net. Can you imagine your mom’s surprise when she spots this meal on the table?

Egg and bacon sandwiches

There is possibly no better and easiest meal for breakfast than sandwiches which you can make with eggs, bacon, and seasonal salad. Everyone can prepare this dish pretty quickly including smaller children. They are tasty, and almost everyone loves them. Be sure that your mother will adore this breakfast!


It’s enough to make a simple pizza and to make your mom and yourself happy. You can find almost all the ingredients in your kitchen, plus it’s easy to make. Best of all, if you don’t know how to turn on the oven, you can always order a pizza online!

It doesn’t matter whether you are going to cook a meal yourself or to order it. The only thing that matters is to make your mum happy on this day. I wish Happy Mother’s day to all the moms.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Grandma

Your beloved grandma will be touched by a little gift you make for her by yourself.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas for Grandma


A box or a can with buttons

You need round wooden boxes or a can. Paint it. After it dries, paint buttons of different sizes and let them dry. It’s not too complicated to attach buttons on the box with glue. If you attach a set of buttons, it will look very pretty and cheerful. Your granny can use the box to put different knick-knacks in it.

Fun photo bookmark

If your granny adores reading, you can make her happy with a fun photo bookmark. Go outside and make a lot of fun photos using this little camera your grandmother bought you for your birthday. Pick out the funniest photos, cut them, and make bookmarks using only scissors, glue, and cardboard on which you will glue up collage.

Clay bowl

Make a clay bowl for your grandma. It is not complicated to make and looks marvelous. She can put fruit in the bowl or candies for her favorite grandchild. Wait for a second, that’s you, right?


If you want to make a perfect gift for your grandma and to save your environment, you should think about recycled crafts. The inspiration for this type of gift you can find everywhere. For example, using simple decoupage techniques, you can make extraordinary and unique gifts. Buy a few nice napkins with flowers or hearts pattern, cut them and glue the cut-outs on old cups, plates, or vases. It is a simple way to renew them and to get a beautiful and environmentally friendly gift. Do you agree?

Of course, you can pick out any other idea which fits you the best. You just need to be imaginative and patient. The biggest award for you will be a smile on sweet grandmother’s face. I wish Happy Mother’s day to all the grandmas.

Ann Reeves Jarvis, Anna Jarvis’s mother, had the prayer which was an inspiration for Anna to establish Mother’s Day. Let make a prayer for our mothers. They deserve it. I wish Happy Mother’s day to all the moms.

‘I hope and pray that someone, sometime, will found a memorial mother’s day commemorating her for the matchless service she renders to humanity in every field of life’ (Ann Reeves Jarvis, Anna Jarvis’s mother)

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