5 Things You Didn’t Know About Melania Trump as a Mother


Melania Trump, the wife of the current US President, Donald Trump, has been in the limelight for quite a few reasons. To start off, Melania was known for being a successful model since her teenage days. Many also know her for wearing a $200,000 dress at her wedding with Donald Trump.

However, apart from being a proud wife, successful model, and an educated woman, she is also a mother of one of the wealthiest kids in the world, Barron Trump. Melania has always held responsibility for her child while her husband focused on his business and politics.

One incident for which many mothers across the country appreciated her was, when Donald Trump won the election and Melania stated that Barren would not move to the White House right away. He had to stay with his mother to finish off his school year in New York City. This showed the world how protective Melania was about her child.

We have gathered five other things you would love to know about Melania Trump as a mother.

Facts about Melania Trump as a Mother

1. Melania is Barron’s Hands-on Parent

Melania Trump as a Mother

We all know that Donald Trump has a huge business to take care of, and now even the country. He has always had a busy life and hectic schedule, so expecting him to be available to his son all the time would be unfair. However, Melania has remained focused on parenting her son the whole time. She has never let her role as the First Lady or her husband’s business disrupt Barron’s routine in any way. She made sure that Barron never felt the need for his father to be around.

In 2015, Melania stated,” He didn’t change diapers, and I am completely fine with that. It is not important to me. It’s all about what works for you. It’s very important to know the person you’re with. And we know our roles.” – A proud and dedicated mother!

2. She Believes in Letting Kids Learn From Their Mistakes

Melania Trump as a Mother

A great thought that most don’t understand or necessarily agree with. Melania Trump understands the importance of making mistakes in life. She knows that after falling, you will get back up, stronger than ever. In her parenting tips, she has supported this thought by saying, “I want him to grow to be his own person. I think it is important to give a child room to make mistakes in order to learn. Let them fall once in a while. When they do they will learn how to pick themselves up on their own when you aren’t around.”

She has also witnessed her son showing signs of his father as he loves building airports and cities with Legos and blocks. Melania has always encouraged his passion and creativity by sitting beside him, watching and helping him through his playtime. Unlike many parents, she has never stopped him from drawing or coloring on the walls in his playroom. According to her, the wall can be repainted, but if she stops him today, he may lose the creative ideas that are building up in his mind.

3. She Has Taught Barron to Speak Three Languages

Melania Trump as a Mother

In 2009, when Barron was only three years old, his mother proudly announced that “He talks three languages. He speaks my language Slovenian, English, and French.”  Kids of that age can barely speak a single language! This shows her dedication towards Barron in making him learn as much as he can. She has even stated that she doesn’t plan on having more kids because her hands are already full.

“I never say never to more children, but I have two. I have a big boy and my little baby,” she shared.

4. A Passionate Advocate for Other Children

Melania Trump as a Mother

Before she became a mother and the first lady of the nation, her love, and care for children was reflected in her actions. She was an active part of many charities for children. She was the face of The National Child Abuse Prevention Month in 2008 and the honorary chairman of the Boys Club of New York for almost five years. Most recently, she spent her Valentine’s Day visiting sick kids at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center in Ohio.

After seeing her active part in caring and working for the welfare of children, we can say that she is proving to be a great mother. Not only does she take care of her child well, but she also looks after other children as much as she can.

5. She Maintains a Strict Parenting and Work Balance

Melania Trump as a Mother

Melania is a full-time mom first and doesn’t go to work until Barron goes to school. She didn’t start her business until Barron was old enough to go to school. After that, she maintained a routine of prioritizing parenting over her work by looking at her business only when Barron was at school. Melania does everything for him and doesn’t like the idea of hiring a nanny for him. From making breakfast to picking him up from school, she does it all.

Even though she considers Barron more important, she has fulfilled her professional obligations by taking her business to the pinnacle of success. According to her, kids should also see how adults are passionate about their work as it teaches them the importance of aiming for a successful career in life.


Parents nowadays forget the fact that children need time and attention to grow physically and mentally. A common trend being adopted by many working couples is to hire a nanny for their kids. Yes, it helps you focus on your professional life, but it also destroys your kid’s childhood. No one is stopping you from going to work, but at least one of you needs to focus on parenting.

Mothers should look up to the First Lady of America as a role model and learn from her, how busy women can take time off for their kids. After reading these facts about Melania Trump, we can truly say that she has proven to be a great woman, and above all a great mother. This is the video about Melania Trump acting as a mother.

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