Best Medela Freestyle Vs. Pump in Style: Which One Do You Prefer?


Medela is a brand that has won a good reputation from mothers who have used their products due to the measures pulled toward customer satisfaction. When it comes to breast pumps, their designs are made with the intention of making life easier for working moms who don’t have time to breastfeed their little ones. They have also provided solutions to mothers who have difficulty breastfeeding their babies.

In recent times, Medela has released two breast pumps that have been competitive enough to make customers wonder which one to go for – Medela freestyle or Medela pump in style. They both have their outstanding features and things to watch out for which that is the purpose of this guide.

We will look at the following:

  • Medela Freestyle breast pump review
  • Medela pump in style advanced breast pump review
  • Freestyle vs. pump in style comparison table
  • Comparison between Medela freestyle and pump in style

Medela Freestyle Breast Pump Review

Medela Freestyle Breast Pump Review

Most of the breast pumps you get have a way of making them as portable as possible, but the freestyle model takes it further. There are two bottles to fit the different suction cups that come with the package, and the rest includes tubes and a pumping kit that you can easily carry as you pump anywhere due to its small size.

After pumping, storing the milk at the right temperatures is enabled by a cooler bag with a contoured ice pack which accepts four 5 oz. bottles. The lightweight motor carries a rechargeable battery that you can use when full or as it charges. That makes it easier to pump anywhere even when it seems impossible to tap due to the location. On the kit, there is a digital display with a backlight to help you read the settings even in the dark. For the controls, you get a timer, memory and a letdown button to help you start and configure to your preference as you pump.

Due to its portability, you can pump anywhere when you need to, a couple of times per day when at work or if you want to stick to bottle feeding.

What Is in the Package?

  • One freestyle pump
  • One lithium ion rechargeable battery
  • One AC adaptor
  • Two body shields, membranes, and back caps
  • One set of tubing
  • One set of 24mm breast shields
  • One set of 27mm breast shields
  • Four 5oz. milk bottles
  • One cooler bag
  • One carrying tote
  • Manual


  • Exceedingly portable with the help of a rechargeable battery
  • Hands-Free
  • Carrying bag enables you to move with everything
  • Display screen with a backlight helps you see the settings


  • Lower suction when compared to pump in style model
  • Spare parts are hard to find
  • More expensive compared to pump in style breast pump

Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump Review

Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump Review

Those of us who have already used the pump in style design will see the difference if they later own a freestyle breast pump. While there similar qualities for both, Medela pump in style has a different approach toward how you pump.

First, it has a carrying tote too that has Velcro straps to hold the pump which you can use while still in the bag or take it out. There is also a cooler bag to keep the milk after pumping and it holds four 5oz. bottles too. A significant difference between the two pumps is that the pump is style offers more suction power than the freestyle make.

If you want to pump anywhere, the pump in style offers that too but not as convenient as what the freestyle achieves. It does not have a rechargeable battery, but there is a battery pack that holds 8AA batteries. Pumping mechanism can be single or double just like freestyle.

Another thing worth noting is that it has one control button and knob but no display. It is therefore not possible to see the readings when using the pump in style. It also disqualifies using it in a dark room since it has no light source. Overall, it has a recommendable suction power plus you get to hold more bottles in the cooler bag.

What Is in the Package?

  • One microfiber bag
  • Four 5oz breastmilk bottles with lids
  • One cooler bag
  • Pumping kit with 24mm breast shields
  • 9VAC adapter
  • One battery pack (buy 8AA batteries separately)


  • Made for daily use, several times per day
  • Easy cleaning
  • Quick milk pumping
  • Power cord or battery use
  • Cheaper than freestyle breast pump


  • Much heavier
  • Not portable enough
  • No lighting

Freestyle vs. Pump in Style Comparison Table

Specifications Freestyle Pump in style
Amazon rating 3.7/5.0 4.1/5.0
Weight 5.25 pounds 7 pounds
AC adapter In the package In the package
Battery Rechargeable Li-ion Battery pack with 8AA batteries
Pumping Double electric Double electric
Buttons Adjustable Dialing
Display LCD with backlight None
Carrying Tote included Tote with unit holding capability
Bottles 4, 150ml each 4, 150ml each
Cooling Cooler pack holds 4 Cooler pack, holds 4


Medela Freestyle Vs. Pump in Style Comparison

Ease of operation

The freestyle model has a timer, a memory button and a digital display for the settings figures. That gives you an easy way to organize and be able to mark the value that gets comfortable on you. For the pump in style model, there is only a let-down button and a knob to minimize or maximize the suction power, but the kit is specified as two expression mode. You don’t get a chance to see the analyzed figures.


Both breast pumps have a carrying tote that holds the pumping kits, cooler bags, a battery pack for the pump in style, AC adaptor, the tubes, bottles and flanges and everything else necessary for every pumping session. However, the freestyle has less weight when compared to pump in style which makes it easier to carry the prior. When it comes to the tubes, the freestyle has shorter ones. That makes it great for mothers who want a higher level of discreetness since it will be easier to hide the tubes under loose clothing.

Extra power source

The freestyle model has a rechargeable battery that enables you to pump if the battery is charged or charge as you pump. That’s great considering that you can use it for the next 2-3 days before the next charge when full. For the pump in style, you have nothing to recharge, but it makes use of a battery pack to help you pump if you have no connection options. You need 8AA batteries for the kit.

Cooling accessory

They both have a cooler bag that is designed with ice packs to help keep the milk fresh after every pumping session. The packs hold up to four bottles for each model. The bottle capacity is also the same for both – 5oz. (150ml).

Breast shields

The pump in style model incorporates a set of 24mm breast shields. If you want another specification apart from the one included, you have to purchase them separately. For the freestyle, it comes with two sets of 24mm and 27mm breast shields. Finding shields for the freestyle can be hard, but they are compatible with the pump in style so you can go for their options too.

Hands-free operation

The freestyle achieves more on this when compared to the pump in style model. You can hang the bottles on your nipples and fix the pump somewhere on the waist and go on with your schedule. For the pump in style, it is also hands-free, but it does not permit you to go anywhere as you pump. The bottles tend to fall off especially when full which is not the case for the freestyle substitute. Reviews from freestyle users have however complained about leaking issues especially if you are used to bending over when pumping.


Freestyle wins the day if you want a breast pump that goes quiet and is discreet enough not to raise the alarm. The sound is however noticeable and could wake a sleeping kid. That does not make it equivalent to the pump in style. The latter is loud enough to signal everyone, “Hey! Someone is massaging their breasts over here.”


The freestyle breast pump is not fast enough when compared to the pump in style counterpart. In fact, most moms have complained about the pump losing its power when the battery is going low which prompts them to pump while charging. For the pump in style, there is more power in it, and it will keep going despite how many times you use it.


Due to the extra portability quality that the freestyle pump possesses, it is more expensive compared to the pump in style model.

Which Pump Do You Prefer?

Both pumps are indeed competitive, and it is hard to choose regardless of what you are looking for in a breast pump. So here is what will make it easy for you to choose:

Medela Freestyle breast pump: If you want to pump wherever you go literally, this one can bend most of the rules for that. It has a rechargeable battery, and it’s small enough to tack on the waist so you can imagine the level of portability here. It also has a display and better settings than the pump in style.

Medela pump in style advanced breast pump: This one is still portable but cannot match what the freestyle can do. On the other hand, it has the excellent suction that you will not doubt for a long time. There are no issues of less power, but it is lower when using the battery pack, which is still higher than the freestyle substitute.

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