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There are many things for new parents to learn as regards feeding a baby. It isn’t really easy to decide between breastfeeding your baby or rather using a formula milk. But regardless of which option you opt for, a good-quality feeding bottle is capable of making things much easier for you. However, the primary challenge when choosing the right bottle is always the brand. And if you think feeding bottles are all the same, you need to have a rethink. There are brands and there are brands, and one of the best milk bottle brands in the business is Medela. If you want a safe and toxic-free bottle for your baby, go for the Medela Breast Milk Bottle Set, 8 Ounce.

Feeding is made incredibly easier by this bottle from Medela and it also prevents the milk from getting exposed to unsafe substances. The Medela Breast Milk Bottle Set offers a lot of benefits, including high efficiency, safe to use, easy cleaning, and high flexibility. Furthermore, this bottle is safe to use as it is BPA free; this guarantees your baby’s health. Also, the bottle is very easy to clean; you can perform this process with the dishwasher and microwave. To guarantee efficiency, it doesn’t any ounce of breast milk to drop out. This bottle is also great if you are looking to store and freeze your breast milk.

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To help you know more about the Medela Breast Milk Bottle Set, we have done a lot of diggings for you. In this article, you will get a chance to read about the in-depth review of this excellent feeding bottle. Also, we will compare the bottle against some of the best bottles on the market to see how it performs against the very best. But first of all, let’s quickly take a look at the things you need to check out for before buying a breastfeeding bottle for your newborn.

Medela Bottle Overview

Medela Breast Milk Bottle Set, 8 Ounce

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Medela is one of the industry leaders when it comes to the manufacturing of baby-related products and they haven’t disappointed at on with these excellent bottles. The Medela Breast Milk Bottle Set, 8 Ounce. Primarily designed to make the act of breastfeeding easier, these great bottles can also be used with formula, making them all you need as a new mom. The bottles can be used with all breast pumps from Medela, which means you have to utilize one container only whether you’re pumping, feeding your newborn, or storing milk.

This set includes:

  • 3 eight ounces bottles
  • 3  lids
  • 4 medium flow nipples
  • 3 caps and wide base collars.


  • Can be used for both breastmilk and formula.
  • They are easy to use.
  • Don’t have many parts.
  • Easy to clean.


  • The bottles may leak if the nipples aren’t perfectly lined up.
  • Repeated washings make the bottle prints vanish.

Features and Benefits

  • You can use these bottles for instant feeding, but you can also use them for long term storage of breast milk.
  • The bottles are dishwasher safe.
  • Lids screws create an easy way of storing your milk. It’s easy for anyone to determine how they work.
  • The travel cap is meant to prevent dirt from getting to the nipple when the bottles are stored in a diaper bag.
  • Medela bottles are always BPA-free

Breastfeeding moms will like the fact that these bottles are compatible with all Medela breast pumps.

Safe Material

Nowadays, most baby feeding bottles are BPA free. However, why we really like Medela is that their bottles have always been BPA-free, making it seem like they were always ahead of other brands when it comes to safety. The company seem to be more reliable because of this.

Ease of Use

Sometimes, assembling a feeding bottle is very difficult that you would wish you could find an engineer to assist you. There are feeding bottles with 6 or 7 working parts on the market. If assembling a feeding bottle is very difficult and takes a lot of time, then you need to switch the brand.

Most moms love these bottles from Medela because they are very easy to assemble and you can assemble them whilst being engrossed in some other thing because of how simple it is. When your child is hungry, you are intensely pressurized to instantly get the feeding bottle in his or mouth, something that is impossible with a difficult-to-assemble bottle.

Compatibility Factor

A great way of saving a lot of money and time is by buying gear that has a compatibility with other gear you have. These Medela Breast Milk Bottle Set are compatible with all Medela breast pumps, which saves parents from wasting a lot of time and money.

In addition, you don’t need to remember which breast pump is compatible with which bottle. New moms have so many things to keep in mind already and that is one less thing off the list of what to remember. Also, you don’t need to be concerned about the capability of the bottle.

How Do They Compare?

Medela 5-oz. Bottles

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The Medela 5 ounce Bottles are another great set of bottles from Medela. While these bottles are very similar to our primary set, they are dissimilar in a very vital way. They are designed more for newborns – they have slower nipple flow and they contain less amount of milk. If you have a baby who is no more a newborn and can deal with a medium-flow rate, then go for the 8 ounce bottles.

Mimijumi- Starter Set – Breastfeeding Baby Bottles

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Mimijumi is a relatively known brand when it comes with baby-related products as well and they have done quite well with this bottle. The Mimijumi Starter Set Breastfeeding Baby Bottle is designed for babies who are suffering from intestinal colic due to its incorporated venting. The 8 ounce bottles from Medela are more suitable for babies with smooth sailing as regards fussiness and gas.

Philips Avent Natural Baby Bottles

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Philips is a very reputable and trustworthy brand, and the Philips Avent Natural Baby Bottles set from the company is an exceptional offering. They are also more suitable for babies suffering from intestinal colic because of their twin valves. The bottles also have wide mouths for easy cleaning. If you are looking for a bigger bottle, you would prefer the Philips Avent. However, parents who are on a tight budget will prefer the bottles from Medela as they are more affordable.

Choosing the Best Feeding Bottle for Your Baby

Before going on to choose any feeding bottle for your baby, it is very important that you know what to look out for before buying. Below are the things you need to check out for before paying for that bottle.

Safe Materials

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Even though most brands make BPA-free bottles nowadays, we think it is worth mentioning that you need to avoid bottles that contain BPA as it is a harmful chemical that has been deemed unfit to be used for plastics, especially feeding bottles.

Cost Efficient


Furthermore, you need to make sure the baby bottle you are getting is cost efficient. A lot of baby bottles nowadays are priced unreasonably high, yet most of them fail to justify their high price tags. You must ensure the bottle you are buying is good enough to give you the real value for your money. The Medela Breast Milk Bottle Set, 8 ounce is an excellent set that economically justifies the initial investment.

Anti-Colic Features

Is the baby bottle you are looking at designed to prevent or reduce colic issues for babies? You must also ask this question. While this isn’t necessarily important for every baby, it is important if your baby has gas or colic issues. Anti-colic feeding bottles usually have vents or angled tops to reduce the amount of air the baby takes in, thereby reduces spit-up and gas.


Another factor you need to consider is the bottle’s compatibility with other baby feeding equipment you own as to cut down on your expenses a bit. A typical example is the Medela bottles’ compatibility with every Medela breast pumps. New moms have a lot of things to keep in mind already than remembering which bottle can work on which pump, and with this compatibility, moms won’t have to deal with that problem. This saves a lot of time and effort.

Who Should Buy These Bottles?

The Medela Breast Milk Bottles set come with dependable and easy-to-use bottles that are incredibly easy to assemble. Every mom would also like these bottles for the fact that they are BPA-free, which is very great for safety. Also, these bottles are made with high-quality materials.

This is a good choice for mothers who are looking for a bottle that is easy to assemble and that is also equally easy to clean after feeding the baby. Since you will be spending less time assembling and cleaning bottles, you will be able to spend more time with your baby, which is the primary priority of most moms.

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