Top 10 Maternity Products to Make Pregnancy Easier on Moms-To-Be


Once you decide to start a family, you know it is going to be a life-changing event. In fact, waiting for it may seem impossible. You start planning things; the thought of a kid can make you feel excited and jovial. Getting pregnant is not just about having sex but it requires perfect planning, environment, and timing for healthy fertilization. Only then will your fetus grow into a healthy and happy baby.

Changing your lifestyle is a key step for becoming a parent, especially if you have been trying to conceive for some time. To get pregnant fast, it is essential that you go through some pre-pregnancy medical tests. Visiting an obstetrician can help you with pre-conception care. You will undergo some tests that ensure you are medically fit to bear a child. Moreover, you can discover if you are suffering from any condition that can increase your risk of pregnancy complications.  Moreover, your doctor guides you about the necessary lifestyle changes, eating habits and healthy supplements.

Not only does your doctor guide you on how to get pregnant fast, but also helps you find the right maternity products to get pregnant fast and easy. With these maternity products, you can improve your improve fertility by tracking your ovulation, especially if you have an irregular menstruation cycle. Moreover, if you have been through a miscarriage and are trying to get pregnant again, your fertility doctor can suggest some maternity products that help you overcome the problem.

Precisely, the  maternity products help you in,

  • Getting pregnant fast and easy
  • Getting pregnant fast with irregular periods
  • Getting pregnant fast after a miscarriage

You do not need to feel awkward if your fertility doctor asks about your medical history or questions about your sex life. After all, he is doing his best to improve your fertility to increase your chances of getting pregnant. You probably require some medical tests, like Pap smear and blood tests, to ensure neither you nor your partner is suffering from any medical condition that reduces your chances of successful conception.

Maternity Products For Mommies-To-Be

There is no doubt that getting pregnant fast with irregular periods or after miscarriage is no less than a whirlwind journey and includes challenging moments until you finally give birth. That said, even without any risk of complications, some women fail to get pregnant. If the process takes longer than you expect, you might feel worried and frustrated.

If you are in this situation and are trying to get pregnant fast and easy, rest assured, you can take some steps to overcome this challenge. Listed below are the products that can become a great fertility aid for you if you have fertility issues, such as irregular periods, mitformin or miscarriage:

1. Pre-Seed Lubricants

 Pre-Seed Lubricants

The Pre-Seed lubricant is fertility -friendly and women use it widely to get pregnant fast and easy. The product aims to boost the chances of conception, particularly with regards to sperm mobility and viability. This lubricant also helps you maintain the PH level of your body, which keeps fluctuating during ovulation.

Created by a sperm psychologist, Pre-Seed is one of the best lubricants on the market. It is reliable and widely used at many fertility clinics. The lubricant mimics mucus to stimulate the fertile stage. It works as a vaginal moisturizer, as it gets dry quickly and is scent-free. Many women state that Pre-Seed lubricant helped them conceived fast.

2. Fertili Tea

This may be the first time you have heard about a tea that helps you get pregnant fast and easy.  The organic and potent fertility-enhancing ingredients make this tea an excellent maternity product that helps you get pregnant fast. The manufacturers of this fertili tea aim to hamper the major causes of infertility with their range of ingredients. The fertility boosting herbs in the tea improves reproductive cycle and triggers ovulation in female body. Drinking fertili tea twice in a day can help improve ovulation as it contains herbs like red raspberry and Vitex (Chasteberry), which improve the uterine lining .

3. Pregnancy Ovulation Calendar

 Pregnancy Ovulation Calendar

The Pregnancy Ovulation Calendar predicts your fertility and is one of the best products that help you get pregnant with irregular periods. If you ovulate irregularly, determining your best fertile time is a key to solve this problem.

Not only does this product predict ovulation dates but also tells you your peak fertility time. With the help of this calendar, you can trace the difference between your missed periods and determine the right time for a pregnancy test. Moreover, the ovulation calendar reminds women who are trying to conceive of scheduled visits to the doctor and provides important information throughout your pregnancy.

4. Ovulation Test Strip

OVT is a fertility aid that gauges when you will undergo the process of luteinizing hormone (LH). The process occurs when a developed follicle conceives a certain size and triggers ovulation in your body.  The process takes 24 to 48 hours to start after intercourse. If you have irregular periods, OVT will help you determine your body’s ovulation cycle. Additionally, the test strip for ovulation prediction will tell you the best time for sex to conceive by showing you occurrence of the LH surge in your body.

The test is not much different from a pregnancy test. You just need to urinate on the strip and discover when you are most fertile. It comes with a test reader that you can reuse. However, there can be a discrepancy in your results if you have PCOS, so do not stress if you get more than two false positives.

A number of studies attribute Metformin with a decreased risk of miscarriage, particularly women suffering from PCOS. It further helps them to achieve healthy and successful pregnancy when you use it as a fertility treatment. The sensitizing drug is typically used for diabetes, but it is effective for PCOS   patients and helps them get pregnant fast and easy. However, it is not the case always as recent studies have shown that metformin alone does not affect the patients with severe PCOs symptoms.  For improved results, it is better to consume it with Clomid.

While the use of metformin for treating infertility has increased in past decades, it is important to note that this is not the original purpose of this drug. Metformin is a multiplier that treats insulin resistance, a state when cells stop reacting to insulin levels in your body. They become resistant and less sensitive.  The results of the high production of insulin in the body aggravate reproductive hormones and leads to more fertility problems.

5. Premama Fertility Drink Mix

Premama Fertility Drink Mix

The Premama Fertility Drink is an excellent substitute, particularly for women who find swallowing big prenatal tablets difficult. You can mix this flavorless drink in any beverage. You can add it to smoothies, juices and even in plain water to drink without any hassle.

How Does It Work?

As an alternative solution to regular gummies or prenatal tablets, Premama fertility drink improves ovarian health with its potent boosting ingredients. The drink contains,

  • Myo – Insositol,a vitamin B that is essential for improving egg quality and ovarian health.  The nutrient also helps female with PCOS and women on mitform to get pregnant fast.
  • Folic Acid –Doctors recommend women who wish to conceive to increase their intake of folic acid to prevent birth defects and other fertility issues.  Women who have the MTHER gene problem suffer from digestion problem when they increase their folic acid doze. The Premama Fertility Drink, in this regard, is a solution as it contains a good combination of folic acid and other macronutrients to help women get pregnant fast.

Premama is an ideal drink for overcoming a nutrient deficiency. The adequate amount of potent minerals and vitamins this drink contains ensures your body is ready and in a healthy state for conception. A number of studies attributed Metformin with the decreased risk of miscarriage, particularly women suffering from PCOS.  Products like the Premama Fertility Drink help them achieve healthy and successful pregnancy when used as a fertility treatment. This product is effective for PCOS patients and helps them get pregnant fast and easy.

6. Fertility Yoga CDs or DVDs

As mentioned earlier, mitformin is part of the treatment for PCOS and losing weight with this fertility disorder is a real struggle of women.  In addition, PCOS is a leading cause of obesity in women, which can be an obstacle to ovulation. Some recent studies have demonstrated that taking metformin with a healthy exercise routine is highly effective for preventing obesity and helping you maintain your weight at a healthy level, if you have PCOS. In this regard, adding Fertility Yoga to your daily routine offers loads of benefits and can help you get pregnant. It helps you to

  • Reduce stress
  • Increase blood circulation in reproductive organs and pelvic regions

Yoga fertility CDs and DVDs can help you do yoga at home. You can check out Amazon to find fertility yoga instructional CDs and DVDs from some well-known instructors. The number of women performing fertility yoga is on the rise. This exercise regime is helpful and effective for treating infertility.

With the help of fertility Yoga and exercise, you can reduce your weight and maintain a balanced insulin level. You can thus stay in shape and increase your chances of conception.

7. Organic Maca Powder

Organic Maca Powder

Organic Maca Powder is another great solution for boosting your fertility and keeping fertility disorders at bay. Maca powder is an ancient herb for improving fertility. You can simply add the powder to your fertility smoothie or consume it in capsule form, if you do not like the taste.

This product is especially beneficial for women who have suffered a miscarriage and are trying to get pregnant. This is because, after a miscarriage, your body becomes sensitive and any minor infection could lead to a debilitating health disorder. Products like Maca powder are a convenient way to improve fertility and get pregnant faster after miscarriages.

8. Prenatal Vitamin

Prenatal vitamins, like folic acid, vitamin B12 , vitamin C, Calcium and Iron, are effective for boosting your immune system. Moreover, these vitamins reduce the risk of miscarriage and avert abnormalities, ensuring that both you and your baby remain healthy. Taking prenatal vitamins after a miscarriage will help you recover physically and get you ready for a speedy retry.

Moreover, doctors recommend prenatal vitamins to every mom-to-be before conception as it helps them fight pregnancy complications and revitalize their immune system after miscarriage to get pregnant fast again. Prenatal vitamin like Mega Food is quintessential in providing many protective benefits to improve fertility.

9. Fertility Ear Seeds

Acupuncture is a reliable method for treating infertility in women. Undergoing acupuncture sessions can help you regulate your ovulation. Additionally, acupuncture helps ease stress and anxiety to enhance the function of your reproductive organs.

How Do Fertility Seeds Work?

  • A small seed of Vaccaria plant is secured on the different acupuncture points on the ear using adhesive tape
  • The seeds apply pressure while stimulating different areas of your body. The fertility therapy acts like reflexology, not just for the ears but also for the whole body.
  • There is an ear chart in the kit, helping you determine the specific pressure points on the ear.  These points correspond to your menstrual cycle and fertility organs.
  • There is another bonus chart for men to locate points on their ears to boost their fertility.

Furthermore, fertility seeds eliminate toxins from your body. Toxins can cause miscarriages. Detoxification can prove beneficial if you want to get pregnant faster after miscarriage.

10. Fertility Drugs

Fertility Drugs

Fertility drugs are the ideal solution if your ovulation does not improve with natural methods. The treatment will help regulate your menstrual cycle so that you can get pregnant. In this regard, Clomid is a prescribed drug you can take for regulating ovulatory dysfunction. The drug is effective with a 70% success rate.

Letrozole drug is a medication for stimulating ovulation and is more effective, particularly for females with PCOS. It also performs fertility cleansing that supports your liver to perform its important functions, including

  • Balancing hormones
  • Expelling excess hormones
  • Stimulating the effects of medicines on your body

The fertility drug is highly beneficial when your new period cycle starts after miscarriage or irregular periods. Both clomid and Letrozole, if combined with a nourishing diet, can help your uterus to re-enervate and you can get pregnant fast after a miscarriage.

What Else Can You Do To Improve Fertility?

With the above-mentioned maternity products, you can soon achieve your goal of getting pregnant. To help you further improve your chances of embarking on the beautiful journey of motherhood, here are some bonus tips you can follow for boosting your fertility:

Lifestyle Changes for Regulating Menstruation

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There is no need to confine your treatment to fertility drugs. In other words, by incorporating some simple lifestyle changes, once you determine the right cause, you can get pregnant with an irregular cycle. Research shows that losing 10% of your body weight can help you start ovulating, if you are on the obesity spectrum. You should take up regular exercise, at least three to four days a week, and eat right, in order to lose weight effectively.

what to Do To Improve Fertility

Getting pregnant with irregular periods can be a hassle, and most doctors will not be able to help you out with this situation. This is one of the common problems women are facing when trying to get pregnant.  The question is relevant because many studies have shown that conceiving a baby with an irregular menstrual cycle is difficult.

According to a recent study, females with varying menstrual cycles tend to vary with their chances of getting pregnant. For example, a woman who menstruates less than two days is more likely to conceive than the woman who menstruates less than six days. Similarly, another study demonstrated that females with a regular menstrual cycle are more likely to conceive easily than those whose period cycles are irregular.

Choose the Right Time

As a couple, you need to choose the right time to have a baby, particularly if you have suffered a miscarriage. It helps if you take your doctor’s input before making this decision. That said, at the end of the day, it’s your personal choice.

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Considering your medical condition, not only will your doctor guide you, but also he will explain to you the medical reasons for your situation. If he recommends you to wait, use contraception for intercourse until you get the green light. It will also give you time to recover and get emotionally and physically ready to take a new start.

Many studies link irregularity and variation of the menstrual cycle with infertility. It is riskier than having a longer or shorter period cycle. Precisely, if your period cycle is longer than normal, and remains consistent, your chances of experiencing fertility problems increase.

The causes may include

  • Stress and anxiety are the leading cause of irregular menstrual cycles, altering the hormonal balance and disrupting your regular menstrual cycle.
  • A girl’s body, upon reaching puberty, experiences many hormonal changes. Thus, menstruation may take some time to get in harmony with hormones and their production cycle to set a regular cycle.
  • The presence of certain chemicals in birth control pills aims to avert pregnancy. For this purpose, it alters your menstruation cycle and leaves its effects even when you discontinue using them.

Recuperate and Rest To Get Pregnant After Miscarriage

The desire of getting pregnant fast after miscarriage is natural. However, it is important to understand that your body also needs rest to heal completely. There are different fertility health problems that exacerbate reproductive health and causes hormonal imbalance in women.  These include

Protect Your Body from Infections

According to doctors, you should not insert anything in your vagina for at least 3 to 4 weeks to keep detrimental viral infections at bay. If you are planning to get pregnant again, avoid swimming and sex (until bleeding stops), use sanitary pads and avoid using anything that may come into direct contact with your vagina.

Consult Your Fertility Doctor

Professional medical advice plays a crucial role when it comes to getting pregnant if you have PCOS and are on metformin. As metformin regulates your blood sugar while increasing your chances of pregnancy, it is essential to keep your doctor in the loop to assess whether it is benefitting you or not. Continuing its use without evaluating its effects on your body might trigger other hormones. It may also cause side effects on your stomach.

An irregular menstrual cycle or abnormal ovulation denotes a variation of length in your period cycle. If your period cycle is longer than 35 days or shorter than 21 days, you need to take note and inform your doctor. Moreover, if there is constant variation in your cycle, i.e. around 21 days in one month and over 30 days in the next, it is irregular.

Prepare your body for conception

There is no doubt that becoming a parent is a blessing but it is important that you stay updated with the right procedures and practices that help you get pregnant fast. Consulting your fertility doctor on and off to take the professional guidance is what leads you to the successful results. Hopefully, you have the important require to take proper care of yourself in order to boost your chances of conception. Luck does not play a major role in getting pregnant, and a few simple steps can help you achieve the desired result.

Using the products mentioned on this list can be the perfect way to start. Prepare your body for conception and improve your chances of fertility and there is no reason why you would not be able to get pregnant fast.


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