Buying Hair Straightening Brush: What to Look For & How to Choose


When women try to achieve a sleek, straight hairstyle, they oft en turn to the popular flat iron for assistance, which can take awhile to use when tackling every section of hair. Between combing each section out, applying the heat, and then styling, the entire straightening process can seem tedious.

That’s why many women are turning to heated straightening brushes instead of their usual flat iron. Straightening brushes are incredibly efficient and will leave you with frizz-free, silky hair that took half as long to style. Think a heated straightening brush might be a valuable tool to add to your hairstyling collection? Here are a few things you should know, as well as some recommended products to check out.

Size and Portability Should Be Noted

Who knows when or where you’ll want to whip out your straightening brush to tame some unruly fly aways? That’s why selecting a brush that’s easy to pack is always a plus. Although most heated brushes are reasonably light, some are more lightweight than others. Don’t invest in a brush that will leave your arms aching after a thorough straightening job. If you are cramming your brush in your purse often, look for one that is foldable. Don’t worry, it can still pack a powerful punch, even if it’s small enough to shove in your makeup bag. 

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1. The Most Loved Straightening Brush You Can Buy: The Head Kandy Straightening Brush ($84)

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If you’re looking for a tried-and-true heated brush to purchase, the Head Kandy tool is a safe way to go. The brush can work wonders around tough-to-reach spots, like near your scalp, and it will leave you with an effortlessly straight look that lasts for days. It’s not exactly cheap, but in comparison to some of the best flat irons out there, the price seems pretty reasonable. The tourmaline infused ceramic plates are some of the best you’ll find, and they’ll leave you with hair that’s touchably soft and shiny. 

Heralded as one of the most advanced straightening brushes you can currently buy, the Head Kandy brush has a professional-looking design and is made of high-quality materials. There are no rubber tips, and the bristles come equipped with anti-scalding properties, so it’s very safe to use. It heats to a consistent temperature that you can evenly apply throughout your hair, so don’t worry about cool spots or excessive heat damage. If you have fragile hair, keep the temperature around 365 degrees Fahrenheit. For naturally thicker hair, you can up the temp to 450 degrees. People with curly hair might not see the most drastic results, but if your hair is straight or wavy, you’ll immediately fall in love with the overall effects of this popular brush.               

2. A Reliable Runner-Up: The Luma Brush ($64) 

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For a slightly lower price, you can purchase a revolutionary hair straightening product that will dramatically lower your styling time while leaving you with glossy locks. According to the company, the brush can straighten your hair up to ten times faster than usual flat irons, so say goodbye to tedious hours of styling. It’s efficient but also gentle on your hair and scalp. You can easily get close to your roots without worrying about scalding your skin, and you should only have to go over each section of hair once to achieve noticeable results.  

The spring-backed heat-insulated bristle tips glide right through your hair, and the handle is easy to grip, so chances of accidental burns are slim. Although the primary benefit of the Luna brush is its expediency, its speed doesn’t sacrifice quality or safety. You can use it time and time again without feeling guilty about damaging your hair. 

3. The Best Bang-for-Your-Buck Options

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Not everyone wants to fork over more than $60 for a simple heated brush. If you are not willing to shell out a lot of money for a heated straightening brush, there are a few more budget-friendly options that work pretty well. What they lack in their features they make up for in their impressively low-price tags. 

A favorite of many professionals, the John Frieda Salon Shape Hot Air Brush, is different from many other brushes in that it has a round-shaped barrel. Also, it blows hot air to straighten your locks instead of using heated plates. It has two heat settings and a titanium ceramic barrel, so your hair will always look shiny after using the product. Soft bristles will easily work through your tangles, and if used correctly, the straightening brush should leave you with results that are long-lasting and striking. At only $25.49, the brush is a real steal and will restructure your daily beauty routine. 

The FemJolie Electric Hair Straightener Brush ($29.99) is another great choice for bargain hunters. Beautifully designed, the curved brush will work through your hair in a smooth, comfortable manner. The adjustable heat settings and silicone-tipped bristles make it a safe product to use daily without damaging your hair, and the results will have you turning to it over and over again. Reviewers claim that it leaves their locks feeling light and airy, and the price makes it even more worthwhile.  

4. Straighten Your Curly Mane With This Popular Brush

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Although many styling experts would recommend using a flat iron instead of a straightening brush if you have hard-to-manage hair, that doesn’t mean you have to give up on the idea of a heated brush entirely. The DAFNI Original Hair Straightening Ceramic Brush has been known to handle hair of all types and textures, from oily and fine to coarse and curly. The surface area of the brush covers more than most flat irons, which means you can straighten your hair faster. The top-quality ceramic coating will give you that sleek look you have been looking for in a matter of minutes. 

Unfortunately, this product doesn’t come with multiple temperature options, but most reviewers seem to think its steady 365-degree temperature is safe and effective. The anti-static bristles prevent unnecessary frizz, and the heat-resistant materials used throughout the brush will help you avoid painful burns. Even if you struggle to deal with your hair on a daily basis, you’ll quickly learn to handle the brush without any hassle. Fans say that they can use it every day for under fifteen minutes to achieve their perfect hairstyles. At $65, it’s not exactly the cheapest hair straightening brush you can find, but it is one of the only options that can adeptly handle long, thick hair.

5. Which Hair-Straightening Brush to Use on Short Hair 

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Believe it or not, short hair can be more difficult to straighten than long hair. However, the BearMoo Hair Straightening Brush makes it simple to achieve the perfect style with its wide range of selectable temperatures. If you are dealing with short, fine hair, you definitely won’t want to apply too much heat, and this brush allows you go to as low as 290 degrees without losing any of the shine or straightness. It is a European product, so to use it in America you’ll need to purchase an adapter. 

Furthermore, the BearMoo brush is one of the smallest brushes you can purchase, which makes it easy to store and ideal for use on short hairstyles. The oblong head with rounded bristle tips allows it to come in contact with every individual strand of hair, from root to tip, without burning or causing frizz. It rings up at roughly $35, which is a very average price for a high-quality straightening brush. 

6. Some Good Choices for Average, Natural Locks (400) 

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Looking for mid-range heated brushes that can handle your typical hair length and texture? There are a couple out there that are both reliable and affordable. 

The MiroPure Hair Straightening Brush is available for only $38.99, and it’s known for being a frequent crowd pleaser. In fact, it’s a #1 Best Seller on Amazon, which has to speak for its impressive results and quality. The brush has not one, not three, but sixteen different heat settings, so you can benefit from its straightening effects no matter what kind of hair type you have. Its anti-static technology reduces frizz while the ceramic materials allow for quick and even heat distribution. If used correctly, it can cut your hairstyling process in half and leave you with results that are worth the money you spent. 

One of the most practical heated brushes for sale, the Simply Straight brush is orientated around safety and ease of use. The ceramic surface gives you a sleek look you desperately want, but the small size and scald protection give you the practicality you need. Store it in your bathroom or travel bag easily and use it as often as you like. It has adjustable temperatures (from 365 degrees to 450 Fahrenheit) and a comfortable oval head shape. The one con is that it takes longer than most brushes do to heat up, but if speed isn’t the most critical aspect of your needs, then it shouldn’t be a dissuading factor. At first glance, the Simply Straight brush seems remarkably similar to the DAFNI brush, but its $25 price tag is much more doable. Sure, you might have to give up on some of the fun features like a lightning fast heat-up, but the low cost might make the sacrifice worthwhile.

There are many different hair straightening brushes to choose from, but by paying attention to the materials, safety features, temperatures, and other aspects listed here, you can ensure that you’re purchasing a brush that suits all of your needs. Why not abandon your flat iron and give one of these innovative brushes a try? Before you know it, you will probably be addicted.

Your Hair Type Makes a Difference Buying a Hair Straightening Brush

Before deciding on a flat iron or heated straightening brush, you will need to ascertain what your hair type needs. Hot brushes are especially adept at calming hair that is of average thickness to thin. Flatirons tend to damage fine hair by frying the strands, but with a heated straightening brush, you can make your hair feel silky without burnt ends. The brush’s heated plates and bristles (made of nylon, silicone, and ceramic materials) glide through average or thin hair quickly, leaving it shiny and healthy.

On the other hand, if you have wild, untamable, or very thick hair, using a heated brush to straighten your locks might not be the best move. Flatirons are often more powerful than straightening hair brushes, which means you can apply more heat and get faster results. You can also purchase various flat iron sizes to accommodate different lengths and textures, unlike brushes which tend to be more similar in size. 

Both heated brushes and flat irons are viable options for any shopper, but by knowing which version of straightening works best on your specific hair time, you can make the styling process more expedient and less damaging for your locks. In short, if you have fine or thin hair, go with a heated straightening brush. If your hair is very thick or unruly, stick to flat irons. If your hair falls somewhere in the middle, do a little research and figure out which product you think would work best for your needs.  

Heated Brushes Are Made From Different Plate Materials Buying a Hair Straightening Brush

The best hair straightening brushes have ceramic plates that can be heated to a range of temperatures (usually anywhere between 175 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit). Ceramic straightening products are excellent at retaining heat, which means you’ll deal with shorter heating times and better hairstyling results. Additionally, you can control your heat options more closely with ceramic products, which allows you to decide how much heat you want to apply to your hair. They can also leave your hair extra shiny and remove frizz if used at the appropriate temperatures. 

Some heated brushes have metal plates, but these are not as popular for a handful of reasons. The straightening brushes tend to be of lower quality, and the metal plates fail to hold a steady temperature, as well as ceramic plates, so you might deal with sudden heat spikes and more damaged strands. Most hairstyling experts would recommend avoiding metal or glass plates if possible to protect your hair’s health and appearance. 

Occasionally, you’ll stumble across as hair straightening brush made of tourmaline along with ceramic materials. These are often the most expensive options because tourmaline is a mineral that is used to cover plates of iron. This can make ceramic plates even smoother and less damaging to your hair, so if you are willing to sacrifice some of your funds, you’ll probably love this combo of materials the most. 

Efficiency Is the Name of the Game

When it comes to straightening your hair, you want your tool to heat up as quickly as possible and to do its job rapidly. Therefore, if the brush typically takes more than two minutes to heat up, it’s probably not the best product on the market. Search for a heated brush that can reach high temperatures within sixty seconds or less so that you can shave off as much time as possible from your daily beauty routine. Most straightening brushes also shut off after a certain amount of inactivity, which can save you on your electricity bills and provide you with some peace of mind. 

Brushes that heat quickly also tend to have better temperature control options, which is an added benefit. If you’re picky about how much heat you regularly apply to your precious locks, then you’ll want to find a straightening brush that has three to five different temperature settings. Unlike most flat irons, heated straightening brushes often come with multiple temperature choices, so don’t settle for one with minimal options.  

Pay Attention to the Bristle Shapes and Sizesconsider when Buying a Hair Straightening Brush

Chances are, you’ve never really given a second thought to the exact size and shape of the bristles on any of your hair brushes. However, when it comes to heated brushes, their specific design can be fundamental. 

Because too much heat can be dangerous for your hair and scalp, you’ll want bristles that are made to protect you. Look for products that claim to be “anti-scalding” and safe for frequent use. Some brushes’ bristles are even equipped with “cool-tip” technology that allows them to straighten your hair without burning your skin. Silicone-tipped bristles can have a similar effect. Additionally, bristles can be made from different materials, just like the plates. When in doubt, go with nylon or boar bristles, which will keep your hair soft and your skin safe.  

Flexible bristles are often more appealing than hard ones because they detangle your hair without yanking painfully. The tips can also be shaped differently, so try to find bristles that are ball-tipped. Those tend to prevent tangles and snag less than others.  

The distribution of the bristles on the straightening brush is also important to examine. When placed correctly, bristles can help streamline the straightening process, but if they are spread out sporadically, the heat won’t be applied as evenly to your hair.  

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