Lifefactory Baby Bottle Review in 2018


Plastic bottles for feeding babies are the most common types of bottles used by parents and most parents do not care if the plastic bottles they use in feeding their babies contain harmful substances like DEHP and Bisphenol A. This is wrong as these chemicals can leach into your baby’s milk hereby leading to sickness. It is a proven fact that glass bottles are better than their plastic counterparts not only because harmful chemicals are not present in it but because it is easier to clean them than plastics.

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Furthermore, the glass bottles are easy to heat up to high temperatures for sanitation while their plastic counterpart can melt when heated up. It has also been found out that plastic bottles absorb odors of different contents that go into it hereby leading to change of the natural taste of the liquid put in it while the glass bottles ensure the liquids retain their natural taste.

The List of the advantages a glass bottle has over a plastic bottle is endless ranging from its durability, made with chemical-free materials, better taste, ease of cleaning and ability to be sanitized fully.  There are various make of glass bottles you can buy to ensure you enjoy these advantages. Our team has picked the Life Factory Baby bottle because their bottles are Phthalates, Latex, Polycarbonates, BPA and Polyvinyl free among other reasons to review them for you and you will get to read them in the paragraphs below.

Lifefactory Baby Bottle Overview

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The Life Factory Bottles are very strong bottles that are produced with the safety of the babies in mind because the glass and the polypropylene nipple are manufactured in a way that dangerous chemicals like Phthalates, Latex, Polycarbonates, BPA and Polyvinyl don’t leach into the milk of the baby. This 4-ounce bottle has a borosilicate glass which allows the glass to withstand breakage due to the quick change in temperature of the bottle. In addition, each Life factory bottle also comes in a beautiful silicon sleeve that can protect it from breaking due to accidental drops. Furthermore, the design of the Life factory bottle also makes sure the bottles do not slip from your hands accidentally. Finally, the entire set of the bottle can be washed with a dishwasher.

What Are Included In The Box

  • A 4-ounce bottle
  • A stage 1 nipple
  • A beautiful silicon sleeve
  • A ring for securing the nipple to the bottle
  • A cap


  • They are made from BPA and phthalate free materials.
  • It has a borosilicate glass which allows the glass to go from freezing temperature. to boiling temperature without breaking.
  • It can be washed with a dishwasher.
  • Its Silicon sleeves protect it from breaking when it drops accidentally.
  • The glass bottle is compatible with most breast milk pumps
  • The caps on the bottle do not leak


  • Measurement lines are only present on the silicon sleeve
  • The nipples on the life factory bottle are small in diameter compared to most bottles
  • The nipples feel less like real nipples compared to some other bottles.

Key Features

  • It is easy to fill and clean the bottles.
  • They are dishwasher safe
  • They are shock resistant
  • BPA and phthalate free
  • It has a silicon sleeves
  • It has measurement lines on its silicon sleeves

Ease Of Use

The bottles do not have too many parts which make it easy for mums to couple together in little or no time. The measurement lines are inscribed on the silicon sleeves and so far the silicon sleeves are on the bottle, mums can know the amount of milk they have stored or the amount consumed by the baby.

Build Quality

The bottle has a borosilicate glass which makes it possible to move the bottle from a deep freezer into boiling water without it breaking. This helps to save time for mothers because it makes defrosting of milk easy. This feature also assures you that your bottle will last a very long time provided they do not break due to you dropping it.  Furthermore, the bottle comes with a silicone that prevents the bottle from slipping off your hands accidentally. The silicone can also protect the bottle from breaking when it falls provided the fall is not a high impact fall.

How Do They Compare With Other Bottles

We will be examining how the Life Factory Baby Bottles differ from other high-quality brands in the following paragraphs

◆ Evenflo Classic Glass Twist Bottles

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The Evenflo Classic Glass twist Bottles are a cheaper option compared to the Life Factory baby bottles but it is important to note that they are not of equal quality as the latter is thermal shock resistant while the former isn’t. The Life factory bottles also come with silicone sleeves that help improve their grip so they don’t slip while the Evenflo Classic Glass Twist bottles have a certain twist as the name implies on its body which allows for a firm grip.

◆ Lansinoh Glass Feeding Bottle

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Compared to the Life Factory Bottles, the Lansinoh Glass Feeding bottles have clear measurement lines on its glass which makes it easy for mothers to keep track of their milk storage and usage. In addition, Lansinoh Bottles have teat tips which allow the baby to control the flow of milk.

◆ Born Free Breeze Glass Bottles

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The Born Free Breeze Glass Bottles have a tiny centre compared to the Life Factory ones which ensure that kids of younger age can hold the bottles firmly.

◆ MAM Anti-Colic Bottle

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The MAM Anti-Colic Bottle’s design is not really appealing as it has a sturdy base which makes it uneasy for babies to hold while the Life factory bottles look sleek and can be held easily by babies.

7 Factors To Consider Before Buying A Glass Bottle

It is no news that glass bottles are better than plastic bottles for many reasons, and for you to enjoy the glass bottles you will be getting for your baby, we have explained some important factors you should not ignore before buying them below.

A Glass Bottle


The prices of glass bottles are important but they are only important when you analyze them with their features. It is necessary to not just go for the cheaper glass bottles but compare their features first with others before making your final purchase decision.

Leak Free

Some bottles leak from the nipple or the cap so it is essential you check them well before making your purchase to avoid you losing the contents of the bottle due to you not making the right buying decision.

Nipple Material

Babies can take time to adapt from the change from his or her mother’s nipple to feeding bottle nipples. Nipples of feeding bottles feel more real than others and to make sure your baby doesn’t suffer from nipple latching, make sure that you purchase bottles with nipple you feel will be comfortable for your baby.

Quality Of Bottle

Whilst most bottles do the same thing- storing of milk, qualities of glass used in making them vary among brands, while some are thick, others are not. The thickness determines the risk of them shattering when they drop accidentally. Some bottles are made from borosilicate glass which makes them thermal shock resistant. This feature is fantastic because it allows the bottles to be moved from freezing positions into boiling water immediately without breaking the glass. This helps mums to prepare their baby milk in no time. Ensure that you take into consideration the quality of the glass in order for you to have the best bottle for your baby.

Easy To Clean

In order for you not to waste precious time cleaning your baby bottle, endeavor to find a bottle that is not shaped in weird ways that make it uneasy to clean every part of the bottle because when bottles are not well cleaned, there tend to be residual milk which can contaminate the new milk you will be storing in the future hereby leading to illness for your baby.

Measurement Marks

In order for you to keep track of the storage and consumption of milk, it is important you get glass bottles with accurate and easy to read measurement lines.

Size Of Bottles

There are different sizes of bottles available for sale and it only makes sense to buy bottles that can fit in the hands of the baby easily. This will allow the bay to feed him or herself if he/she is of the right age.

Who Should Buy These Bottles?

If as a mother you want a quality baby bottle that can live through the birth of all your kids without bothering about then the Life Factory Bottles are for you. Furthermore, it is important to note that if your baby can end up with nipple confusion with this bottle because the nipples feel less like real nipples then this bottle is not for you. Regardless of this, the bottle has a borosilicate glass which ensures that they are thermal shock resistant which allows you to move the bottle from the freezer into boiling water for defrosting. And the below video shows details of the lifefactory baby bottle collection.

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