Kylie Jenner Discusses Her Challenges as a Young Single Mother


Moms don’t have it easy and that is a fact. Irrespective of age, being a mother is perhaps one of the most difficult jobs in the world. In their infatuations with socialites and celebrities, people tend to forget that all these famous A-listers are also just – people.

The same holds true for Kylie Jenner. The new mom gave birth to her beautiful little daughter, Stormi, a little over 9 weeks ago.

After carefully concealing her impending motherhood from the prying eyes of the world, Kylie announced in a poignant birth video, the arrival of her little bundle of joy and everyone has been fascinated since. She has already spent thousands of dollar on her baby girl. This includes a chic white crib that was made at her house before the big day.

In all the excitement that’s surrounded Stormi’s birth and subsequent introduction to her cosmetic mogul mother’s extensive fan following, most of us have forgotten that Kylie Jenner, owner and founder of a multi-million dollar business, is actually just 20 years old. What’s more, she’s a new mother to boot – going through one of the most wonderful but overwhelming phase of her life.

Kylie Jenner raise daughter alone

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While initially there were reports of Kylie wanting to manage raising her child alone, with only her mother and sisters for help, things seem to have changed dramatically in the past few weeks as she adjusts to motherhood, struggling to find a balance in her new normal.

According to a source, as told by People, ‘At first, she only wants mom (Kris Jenner) and her sisters to help with the baby.’ And that ‘She is worried about new people around the baby.’

According to an insider, ‘She just can cope with the stress and has changed her mind’. A recent fight with her manager mom made Kylie see the light where she understood the true potential of hiring outside help to help cope with the new baby and all the responsibilities that come with it.

A source revealed that “Kylie has been relying on Kris to help out but her mom has a lot of other things going on. When Kyle insisted she was getting outside help, Kris stomped out, leaving Kylie along with a crying baby. Kylie felt totally overwhelmed and burst into tears herself.”

It has since been brought to light that she’s reconsidered her previous stance. ‘She knows she can’t rely on mom every day and hired some help for the baby.’

Since welcoming baby Stormi on February 01, 2018, Jenner has struggled with adjusting to the changes in her life.

Like every aunt, she’s well-experienced in handling children, but with Kim and Kourtney’s kids, Kylie always had the option of handing back the baby-sitting responsibility to the kids’ respective moms. With Stormi, she’s had to re-adjust her plans and her needs to accommodate her child’s.

A close source to the young mother revealed that ‘Having her own baby has been a complete shock to the system- it’s a lot of hard work’.

As it is. Ask any new mom who has to wake up and in the middle of the night to change diapers, it’s no walk in the park.

A source says, “At first, Kylie complained about changing dirty diapers, she’s fine with it now though.”

Come to think of it, her initial challenges as a young mom shouldn’t come as a surprise, especially given the fact that her relationship with her baby daddy is also quite new and overwhelming.

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While Travis Scott seems far more involved and appreciative of his new baby and girlfriend, he wasn’t quite as helpful during the initial days. There were multiple reports swirling around the internet-sphere only a couple weeks after Kylie had given birth that Scott was not quite as hands-on, despite what he may have claimed at the time.

Kylie Jenner Discusses Her Challenges as a Young Single Mother

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It was around that time only that a source revealed that her biggest challenge is getting enough sleep at night. A source close to the new family revealed that ‘She still struggles with the sleepless nights and the baby crying and not always being able to figure out what Stormi needs’.

It would do well to remember that not only are Scott and Jenner new parents to an adorable little baby girl, they’re only very new as a couple. Kylie began dating Travis in April last year and got pregnant with Stormi a short couple of months later.

Things have since gotten a lot better. Scott seems to be adjusting well to his role as a new father. “He can’t get enough and just wants to hold her and stare at her” an insider says. Recently the family traveled to Texas where Scott’s family, especially his mother, met with her granddaughter for the first time ever, leaving Travis overwhelmed and moved.

“It makes Travis realize quite how blessed he is, and how grateful he should be for his beautiful perfect daughter, loving warm family, [and] gorgeous girlfriend.”

Kylie Jenner and her daughter Stormi

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With Kylie sharing adorable clips of Travis doting on daughter Stormi on Easter, the world got a first glimpse of the beautiful little family, all together – with Scott lovingly cooing at Stormi with Jenner right by his side.

Though there’s no doubt that being a new mother is tough all around, even if you are the founder and owner of a multi-million dollar empire – it’s good to know that times do change– and they clearly are, it seems.

For Kylie and her little family, it’s safe to say that though she may still be adjusting in her new mom life, things are looking good for her and baby Stormi. Here’s wishing nothing but the best for them both. Here is the video about Kylie Jenner and her daughter.

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