Kindergarten Worksheets and Preschool Worksheets (Updated 2018)


Kindergarten worksheets are the most effective and playful way that makes it easy for children to learn with interest and fun. It should be very interactive and most of the time full of visuals that are attractive and easy to recognize. Whether it’s about drawing a fish by joining dots or coloring a fairy, a worksheet creates a room for basic understanding of the surroundings. At the same time when children rewrite the characters, it becomes easy for them to remember things for the longer period of time.

Kindergarten worksheet is usually for the kids below the age of 5 as many parents do not want their kids to directly face the warmth and strict schedule of the school, they tend to guide them and help them by practicing on kindergarten worksheets.

Before we discuss how to create a kindergarten worksheet, it is crucial to discuss the kindergarten curriculum and types of worksheets. 

Kindergarten Curriculum

Kindergarten Worksheets and Preschool Worksheets

Part I

Beginning with knowledge of alphabets, recognizing letters with the specific sound, how to relate the letter together. How letters connect with each other to form words and finally moving on to basic vocabulary and terms.

Part II

Number jumble:Rather than going onto the advanced words and sentences knowledge, kids are first to be made aware of numbers by developing a strong number sense, different ways of writing a number, recognizing basic shapes, identify number from 1 to 10, 10 to 20 and so on.

Part III

Here we get back to the alphabets by revising the old part and getting onto the little advanced level where we make children learn about punctuation, forming short and simple sentences, improving vocabulary, playing games around recognizing the right sentence formation etc.

Part IV 

It consists of addition, subtractions, very simple and highly interactive, learning about simple measurements and understanding basic shapes.

Part V

How good they are to recognize their surroundings, do they know how a flow, what is the color of water? This is what they learn in part V. They are made aware of some scientific and social concepts such as the color of the sky, what weather is out today, color the candy on the worksheet with the same color as you had yesterday.

Everything is shown in a creative manner so that they know their surroundings well.

Part VI

This part is being creative and putting their imaginations on paper. Here they are given various drawings to paint and recognize the right color from the surroundings. Creativity comes through imaginations so before you place the kindergarten worksheet you have to show them such things in the outside environment or may remind them of any such event they attended the last time and ask them to sketch it. 

Types of Kindergarten Worksheets Can Be Classified as:

Kindergarten Worksheets and Preschool Worksheets

a) English

⋅   Letter knowledge:

These are very simple worksheets that will ask your kid to write a similar letter or the letter following the previous letter, they may be practice tracing the letter B, early reading building block, color by letter, capital and lowercase, alphabet dot by dot.

⋅   Basic Reading and writing:

The concept of alphabets, word meaning, word structure, spacing, capitalization, punctuation, grammar etc. that provides basic understanding of reading and writing the global language.

⋅   Punctuation:

Kids need to know how and where to use punctuation and hence you get to create a sentence with these worksheets.

⋅   Reading fiction:

This is little high level as compared to other worksheets or maybe you can say this could be the last part of the worksheets. These worksheets have interesting short stories or just shows a character such as a genie and the kids need to read the story and rewrite to see how good they can read and write, such as making a mini story on a dog, at the zoo, Humpty Dumpty stories, Story Flipbook.

b) MathKindergarten Worksheets and Preschool Worksheets

⋅    Counting:

This might be related to the number sense, like finding the hidden numbers, dot to dot 1 to 10 create a dog, color by number (any creature).

⋅   Addition, subtraction:

In this some attractive characters are used to create a worksheet, a count is given and the kids need to add or subtract, such as Fish addition, circus math, add three numbers, veggie math (vegetable figures), Jungle board game, counting crossword.

⋅   Measurement:

Kids get familiar with different scales of measurements but they are not going to calculate the depth of field or area of the hexagon, It’s just a simple measurement they can give an idea on how the measurement works. A simple scale that has measurements marked with a figure is drawn on the sheet and they have to just write what is on the scale. For example, measuring worms, measuring inches, length and width, measure school supplies, comparing weights, compare fruit size, trees big or small etc.

⋅   Time:

A round clock is made in an interesting way that represents time. The kids recognize the time in the clock and have to fill it in the blanks.  The worksheets are named in a very interesting way to keep up the interest  such as telling the time with mickey mouse, watch it! Where the time is running, make a calendar, Draw the correct time etc.

Similarly, you have days, week, geometry and math challenges.

c) Science

The very basic science concept, nothing to do with H2O or law of gravity. The worksheets are named as weather knowledge, the four seasons, apple life cycle, how plants grow, site matching etc.

d) Social Studies

It is as simple as how land, mountain, water, river looks like. Yes, it is basically making them aware of the surroundings and the world they are about to discover in their lives. They may be given a worksheet with various transportation and asked to recognize and write them, emotions such as smile, sadness and asked to color them. The kindergarten worksheet consists of that every obvious thing you might not notice in your day to day life.

e) Foreign Language

You might not want to but if you really wish to make them learn another language, you can do it by creating kindergarten worksheets.

f) The ArtKindergarten Worksheets and Preschool Worksheets

There are variety of kindergarten worksheets that can be created for arts. Art improves the creativity and kids are best when it comes to creating something different and unique.  A study says if you really wish to judge a person’s imagination then ask him to create an art. This stands true for your kids too. Such worksheet needs to be creative. For example, coloring circus characters, showing them a picture and then asking them to complete it or may be asking them what’s in the picture etc.

Tips to Create Kindergarten Worksheet

Now as you know worksheet types, it’s time to know how to create one for your kids.

The most important factor to be considered in worksheet creation is the presentation. It needs to be appealing and interesting. Something that is playful might attract kids.


No one knows your kids better than you. You know what they are best at, so customize the kindergarten worksheets in such a manner. Read about it and join a kindergarten communities where parents discuss their best ways to create such worksheets and motivate kids to learn.


Focus on one type of worksheet at a time. For example, creating a worksheet for first-time worksheet user would be more raw as compared to the kids who have reached the stage of grammar and punctuation hence you need more than one category.

Setup the Baseline

Create the outline and the reason for making a kindergarten worksheet. Do not overpopulate the worksheet as the kids might get confused. Make a rough design first. Decide what to include and what not. For example, if you are creating the one for recognizing a pet, then do not mix it up with naming that pet, how many pets you see, the spelling of the pet mentioned etc. This might not be a good idea to teach your kids. You need to be focused on one concept while creating kindergarten worksheet. We would suggest creating a rough sketch first on a paper and then create it in Microsoft Word or any other software that are available in the market.

Choose Appropriate ColorsKindergarten Worksheets and Preschool Worksheets

The colors that you see on the web might not be colors that will show up when printed, therefore, you need to choose the right colors and fonts to make it impressive, the kids will be easy to remember it. So be specific with colors. Secondly, it should be neat and clean.

Adding Images and Illustrations

There are tons of art available on the internet and we would recommend you to use the one you feel the best, however, make sure you have read the rights to use the images as some images are labeled for use, some might not be.

Decide an Attractive Name

Kids are very fascinated with names, so make the kindergarten worksheet names interesting and attractive. Telling them to play a game rather than asking them to complete an alphabet worksheet, for instance, connect the dots and create an “A”, and they will be happy to do it. Hence you need to name it as connecting dots and really create a magic in their mind.

Putting Things Together

Now as you have the structure and design, you are ready to go. Convert the outline into an actual worksheet, and make sure you are using a fresh new document for that. Drawing, put the images in place, using appropriate color and once your worksheet is ready, having a look in printable form. 

Tools That Can be Used to Create Kindergarten Worksheets

You need to be creative as the worksheets cannot be as boring as a legal paper, therefore, kindergarten worksheets need the following tools:

Design Programs

There are many free programs available to create the character, edit images, join or churn the pictures. We recommend you to use Photoshop illustrator, InDesign if you really wish to see professional work on the kindergarten worksheets. In Adobe illustrator, you can create vector graphics that have high-quality print and never pixilated. It has tools that help you in drawing any shapes or characters. You may also ask someone to draw it if you are not very good at drawing.

Cutting ToolsKindergarten Worksheets and Preschool Worksheets

Use paper trimmer for cutting edges or creating any shapes such as a shape or candle or a flag. You can use tools like Silhouette cameo or maybe Cricut explore. They allow you to print out the shape and cut around.

Glue and Tape

you might have to cut two shapes and join them and hence a simple gun and stationery accessories might be required.


If you have a plan to produce many kindergarten sheets then having your own printer is necessary. You can use inkjet or color laser printer that might be available in the market in the range of $80 and extend to $2500.  You might choose the right printer got yourself depending on your usage and needs.

Other Accessories

You might need sparkles, ribbons and other stationary items to make the worksheet interesting and playful. 

Make the Most Use of Kindergarten Worksheets
Kindergarten Worksheets and Preschool Worksheets

Kindergarten worksheets are very effective that keep your children engaged in these creative and illustrative works. These worksheets are simple but fun, ensuring children grasp concepts easily and quickly. In a play based curriculum, each day provides opportunity to learn and play with colors. Kindergarten worksheets helps your kids to create foundation for their further studies without any burden of daily homework, at the same time they learn the basic concepts that will make their life easy once they are in school. So, let your kids learn with fun and make their life easy.


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