Top 10 Jigsaw Puzzles For Kids In 2018


Have you been looking for that one activity that will help in the cognitive development for your kid? Well, nothing does this better than a jigsaw puzzle. Apart from being educative, jigsaw puzzles provide an entertaining alternative to playing video games and watching television. The history of Jigsaws date back to the 1700s when the first commercial versions were made from painted wood (hence the name). To date, the jigsaw still plays an integral part in the cognitive development of humans. This is especially so for the young minds.  Currently, the market is flooded with a load of Jigsaw puzzle models and finding the most ideal one for your kid can be hectic if you do not know what to look out for. Notably, there are various models depending on age and these ranges from jigsaw puzzles for toddlers, all the way to jigsaw puzzles for teens.  To help you in making an informed decision, we have reviewed the best jigsaw puzzles for kids but first, let’s look at the buying guide.

Best Jigsaw Puzzles Comparison Table

Name of the puzzle Dimensions




Recommended Age (years)
White Mountain 1000-Piece Candy Wrappers Jigsaw Puzzle 12 × 30 3.95 12 and above
Mellisa & Doug 12- Piece Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles In A Box-Vehicles 12 × 48 1.06 3 to 6
White Mountain 1000-Piece The Games We Played Jigsaw Puzzle 24 × 30 1.49 12 and above
Ceaco 500-Piece The Games We Played Jigsaw Puzzle 15 × 18 1.75 5 to 15
The Learning Journey 30-Piece Match It! Mathematics 18 × 11 1.55 3 and above
Revensburger 1000-Piece Kitchen Cupboard Jigsaw Puzzle 27 × 20 1.81 12 to 15
Melissa & Doug 24- Piece Under The Sea Jigsaw Puzzle 12 × 16 1.3 3 to 5
Cardinal 60-Piece Disney Frozen 4- Puzzle Pack 11 × 15 1.22 4 to 15
Eurographics 100-The Solar System Jigsaw Puzzle 13 × 19 1.2 6 to 15
SainSmart Jr.40-Piece CB-23 Wooden Tangram Jigsaw Tetris Puzzle Toy 18  × 27 3.86 3 to 10


Best 10 Jigsaw Puzzles For Kids Reviews 

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1.White Mountain 1000-Piece Candy Wrappers Jigsaw Puzzle

[amazon box=”B005JAH3TC” template=”vertical”]

Designed for both pre-teens and teenagers although its task is quite challenging even for the adults. When playing, you should first get the boarder puzzles in the 1000 pieces and then proceed to get the middle ones- it’s always a sweet success to get there. The puzzle depicts all the common childhood candies in their glory.


  • Durable- made from a recyclable paper on stable blue chipboard
  • Improves the cognitive skills
  • Has a timeless theme hence the older kids and adults enjoy the puzzle
  • Easy to put together due to its bright texts and colors


  • The pieces are small and have a choking hazard hence they should not be kept around small kids

What we like about it:

Its theme has a sense of nostalgia that makes kids explore more about their childhood. You can remind your children about the fun that the candies depicted, the cost, how they tasted like and what you did to get them.

2.Mellisa & Doug 12- Piece Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles in Box-Vehicles

[amazon box=”B000REP3E2″ template=”vertical”]

It is imperative for kids to learn puzzles by getting the basics first. Mellisa & Doug 12- Piece Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles is one of the toddler products that help kids to get these basics. It is made of a wooden box with four vehicle panels that the kids put together. It has 48 beautiful units and 12 of them, and each contains school bus, race car, fire engine and steam engine.


  • Promotes logical thinking and problem solving
  • Durable- made with a high-quality, stable wood
  • Wooden storage container makes storage, travel, and organization easy
  • Large puzzles that fit in the small hands well


  • When the puzzles are assembled, they measure 6″ × 8″ as opposed to the 8″ × 11′ standard size and this may be inconvenient to those used to standards sizes.

What we like about it

Since kids are still exploring the world around them, Melissa and Doug helps them understand the something about vehicles apart from helping them enhance their language skills.

3.White Mountain 1000-Piece the Games We Played Jigsaw Puzzle

[amazon box=”B008DVR2F4″ template=”vertical”]

Are you looking for a better way to make your kid’s holiday more worthwhile? Well, give this masterpiece to your child and you will never regret it. It has bright and interesting collage features, and the majority of them are vintage themed. The game is spectacular for easy storytelling and conversation; and is meant to bring family and friends together to discuss the old games like an old maid, clue, and checkers.


  • Variety of scenes hence your child does not get bored easily.
  • Great for starting a conversation between adults and kids
  • The pieces are durable, lined up well, and they snugly lock together
  • A detailed designed with distinct variations and shapes, pictures and colors.


  • Small in size, making it a little challenging to see or pick out the individual pieces

What we like about it

In this era where computers perform almost everything, it’s interesting to observe our children react to the 19th-century games.

4.Ceaco 500-Piece the Games We Played Jigsaw Puzzle

[amazon box=”B00IGVL626″ template=”vertical”]

If your kids are in the pre-schooling age, this is the ideal puzzle to give them. Ceaco 500-Piece puzzle has 4 designed pieces and each has 500 interlocking pieces that make the set to have 2000 pieces. They all have different pictures hence you can choose the one that matches your house décor or the kid’s bedroom. The completed puzzles have whimsical and fanciful designs that promote visual processing and sensory stimulation.


  • The pieces are well interlocked, making it remarkably easy to move and pick them without falling
  • The set is well crafted with a durable material
  • Comes in 4 puzzles; hence the user has a variety to choose from.


  • May not be ideal for kids under 4 years due to too many pieces involved.

What we like about it

Ceaco 500 has real pictures that can take you to a magical world. They provide an excellent aesthetic to your home and improve the children’s self-esteem.

5.The Learning Journey 30-Piece Match It! Mathematics

[amazon box=”B004OL2D9M” template=”vertical”]

It is an inherent developmental task to stimulate the skills of your young ones. Just like the alphabets, counting, colors, and shapes, this jigsaw puzzle assists children in mastering the counting game. The set is made up of 2 interlocking units and 30 card pieces that help the young children to learn the basic subtraction and addition processes.


  • Introduces children to numbers, addition, subtraction, and counting
  • Made of a thick and durable cardboard
  • The puzzle is educational and can, therefore, be used in childcare centers and classrooms.


  • Does not allow kids to progress their skills because it has self-correcting pieces.

What we like about it

Only the correct answers fit together hence numerical fact confidence is increased

6.Revensburger 1000-Piece Kitchen Cupboard Jigsaw Puzzle

[amazon box=”B00B2IIR3G” template=”vertical”]

The kitchen cupboard puzzle may not be as neat as the one in your kitchen, but it stimulates problem-solving skills in children. The candy wrappers and games we played seem challenging until you meet this one! It has 1000 puzzle pieces which are smaller in dimensions compared to the other jigsaw puzzles, but it is trickier.


  • The pieces fit and hold together perfectly
  • Durable- Crafted with a thick cardboard
  • The puzzle has a glare-free paper that creates a realistic and beautiful look
  • Fun and interesting- Unique discoveries are made in each section


  • It’s a bit challenging hence not suitable for the beginners.

What we like about it

Has a shroud of mystery that provides an exciting way of relaxing and making constructive use of the child’s time.

7.Melissa & Doug 24- Piece Under the Sea Jigsaw Puzzle

[amazon box=”B000GL1DI6″ template=”vertical”]

The sea jigsaw puzzle provides a beautiful and colorful interpretation of how the under surface life in the great worlds ocean looks like. It has marine features images like a gray shark, orange octopus, blue whale, yellow sear hose, pink jellyfish and purple sea anemone among others. It is a great puzzle for the young children who are interested in the more advanced puzzles. They find no issues combining the 24 pieces all together.


  • Each puzzle is made of sturdy and high-quality wood finished with kid’s safe materials.
  • Vibrant colored pieces that help stimulate visual sensory
  • Encourages logical thinking as well as hand-eye coordination.
  • Promotes independence- it can be done without the help of an adult


  • The pieces may fall because the wooden tray is not covered.
  • Does not have a completed picture puzzle for reference purposes

What we like about it

The large pieces with vibrant colors make it easy for the small hands to grasp with better color recognition. It also facilitates independence.

8.Cardinal 60-Piece Disney Frozen 4- Puzzle Pack

[amazon box=”B00N0AJYNQ” template=”vertical”]

Cardinal 60-Piece Disney contains 4 scenes that need to be put together or assembled in the Disney pack. All the frozen scenes are made up of 60 pieces making a total of 240. The pieces are systematically arranged on the wall to give remarkable décor. It’s pretty obvious that, if your child is a movie fan, they will enjoy putting up the different pieces together. It is suitable for the young princesses who like Disney.


  • After arranging the puzzles, the young girls can seal and frame them in the wall for décor purposes.
  • Contained in a long-lasting storage box that helps in organizing and travel purposes.
  • The puzzle has 60 similar pieces that the child can arrange alone or with the help of an adult.


  • Apart from the photos printed on the box, there is no other complete puzzle reference picture.

What we like about it

While arranging the 60 boxes to form something fantastic, the children get motivated to accomplish the complex things.

9.Eurographics 100-The Solar System Jigsaw Puzzle

[amazon box=”B0039Z7N4Y” template=”vertical”]

If you hope to see your kids get conversant with the planets and the solar system at an early age, then consider gifting them with this puzzle. It has a premium Bluebeard that does not fray even with repetitive use. Kids use both the solar system and the planets by putting together the beautiful astronomical masterpiece. It also acts as a wonderful cosmic in the bedroom as a décor. It is made of 100% sturdy and recyclable material, and the ink used in the design is made from vegetables.


  • Educational- it can be used both at school and at home
  • The pieces perfectly interlock together and are made of a durable board.
  • Realistic and vivacious colors make it an excellent wall art


  • The puzzle pieces are small hence not suitable for toddlers.

What we like about it

Safety is guaranteed because the material used like ink is phenomenal. It also plays a significant role in enhancing independent play.

10.SainSmart Jr.40-Piece CB-23 Wooden Tangram Jigsaw Tetris Puzzle Toy

[amazon box=”B01A0F0UI6″ template=”vertical”]

Do you remember the classic handheld consoles that were played back in the 90s? Well. Tantrum jigsaw works just the same way. The only difference between the two is that your child will decide how to arrange the classic shapes in a wooden frame instead of playing electronically. The player is obligated to fix the pieces in the 40 pieces in the structure. Both the colorful blocks and the frame are dyed with kid-safe paints and made from a natural maple.


  • Suitable for both kids and adults
  • Helps with shape and color recognition
  • The puzzle is made from durable beech woods, and the paints are non-toxic
  • Promotes problem-solving as well as logic reasoning


  • The game concept is hard for the young children
  • Although the puzzle is solved in many ways, all the pieces do not universally fit well.

What we like about it

The main objective of SainSmart Jr.40-Piece CB-23 puzzle is to arrange all the pieces in the frame irrespective of how they are placed. This boosts the child’s problem-solving skills

A Guide to Finding the Best Jigsaw Puzzle


The large puzzles need a big space, and this could take you some days to assemble. You might need a dedicated space, hence it could be necessary to move some items like a coffee table or dining table to the spare room.

Approximate sizes

When making a purchase, both the dimensions and the number of pieces are usually indicated on the box.  If these aspects are not known, estimation is done according to the number of pieces. Usually, the approximate size of a standard 500- piece is 19″ by 19″.


Parents who don’t have enough space for their kids building the puzzles may see the need to use rolls and boards. These tolls are crucial in the construction process since they have a flat base apart from providing a better storage option for the incomplete puzzles.

Number of pieces

Usually, most adults prefer the puzzles with more than 500 pieces. However, this may not be the case for kids as their minds may not comprehend that much. As such, the ideal number of pieces for children is 500 and below.

What Are the Benefits of Puzzles for Kids?

Best Jigsaw Puzzle

The world around them

Psychologists have found out that puzzles are of help in developing a child’s brain. When a kid manipulates or acts on the surrounding, they learn to adapt to the different environment just the same way they do puzzles.

Hand-Eye coordination

As children turn, flip or remove the puzzle pieces, they learn the connection between their eyes and their hands. This means that the parts coordinate to choose the puzzle approximately.

Better motor skills

In the same way hand-eye connection is achieved; jigsaw puzzles allow children to develop their exceptional motor skills. Unlike the gross motor skills which involve walking and other activities, such motor skills are developed by small specialized movements like moving hands.


All types of jigsaws, including the simple puzzles improve your child’s memory. Expectedly, a kid will have to remember the shape, color and the size of the puzzles in order to fit it correctly. For example, the pieces that do not fit well are kept aside. This way the kid will learn to keep in mind when to use them and this will enhance their memory.

Setting goals

Children continue to grow their strategy development skills by increasing the playing speed and working more efficiently to match different colors and shapes. This way, they become better in meeting the small life goals.


Practical problem solving is important and valuable to the young children.  This vital skill is developed as the child observes and determines the puzzle pieces that match and those that don’t. After all, a puzzle cannot be completed by cheating.

[Relevance: School Going Child Development]

How Do I Choose Puzzles for Preschoolers?

Puzzles for 4-year-olds

The young kids should start their jigsaw puzzle experience with the largest pieces because they are easy to rotate and grab. The child’s interest should also be put into consideration. At this age, your kid wants to see the well-known characters and objects especially the ones they have already been in contact with. Vehicles and animals are the best. It is vital to choose the bright elements for quick differentiation.

Puzzles for 5-year-olds

With the experience got from the previous puzzles, your kid can now join and rotate the pieces quickly. Although they combine them using the trial and error method, you can get them the more complex puzzles featuring at least 20 pieces. As they approach 6 years, you can buy the jigsaw puzzles with at least 60 puzzles and of different colors.

Puzzles for 6 years

Six-year-old kids have a well developed synthetic capability of defining different pieces in the jigsaw puzzle. They can also differentiate different colors, shapes and they can initiate their strategies of identifying the pieces. Children in this age need more challenging toys, and they can cope with 200 piece puzzles.

Puzzles for preteens, teenagers, and adults

Complexity of the puzzles increases with increase in age. A teenager should not use the basic jigsaws with less than 500 pieces. Since the learning level is also high, you should buy your teenage child at least a mathematics puzzle or those with at least 1000 pieces to combine. Both their logical thinking as well and problem-solving skills will be improved.

The recommended puzzle piece count for kids

Childs age (years) Piece count
2  to  3 4 to 12
3  to  5 12 to 50
5  to 6 50 to 100
6  to  7 100 to 200
7  to  12 200 to 300
12  + 500+

How Do I Use the Jigsaw Puzzle?

How to Use the Jigsaw Puzzle

If your little one has just started talking, there are many peg boards with simple words that can support their understanding. You can let them see some pieces then ask them to find a ball or cow etc. and put it inside. You can also allow them to select the items according to their functions or the sounds they produce. You can also extend the talks when you are done and talk about the different colors and shapes.

Taking turns- “who’s next?” the simple puzzles are ideal for turn taking and practicing. You may cover some pieces to ensure that the child does not cheat and also get your turn. Children tend to get the idea when they are shown support.

Perseverance- This is a vital skill of encouraging and supporting children who find it hard to complete the puzzles alone. After showing them the first few attempts, leave them the task and observe them as they make the other moves.

For the older children, you can engage them in a discussion by asking them questions and also allowing them to make some predictions. If they enjoy the jigsaw puzzles, use them as motivators to play the puzzles of their choice when they are done with the assigned ones. Here is the video about the puzzle for kids.

Our Top Pick Is…

Mellisa & Doug 12- Piece Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles In A Box-Vehicles

Mellisa & Doug 12- Piece is a toddler vehicle puzzles that give the kids an enjoyable time learn and develop problem-solving skills. Each puzzle is made with different shapes and colors hence the probability of having a mix up is low. It helps the children to distinguish and sort the shapes from each other by their own. Continuous playing also helps in stimulating the kid’s visuals sensors. For just a few dollars, you can enhance your child’s language and educational skills with this jigsaw puzzle.


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