8 Items You Can Expect in the Kardashian-Jenner Baby Nursery


The Kardashian-Jenner family isn’t exactly known to do things half-way. From multi-million dollar mansions to customized Ferrari’s, they’re extravagant spenders living the luxurious life and it’s reflected in every single thing – including their babies’ nurseries.

With all of them – except Kendall – now with families of their own, it’s only right that there be a mountain-load of curiosity around the ever growing Kardashian clan and their ultra-profligate lifestyle.

Here’s a look at just some of the things that you can expect to find in the Kardashian-Jenner baby nurseries.

From life sized stuff toys, to plush lambskin, Shearling and cashmere rugs – the nurseries are full of beautiful – and thoroughly expensive – furniture and accessories. For a Kardashian baby, you should expect no less.

1. The Ultimate Baby Changing Table

the ultimate baby changing table

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A changing table is a must have in any baby nursery and Baby Stormi’s nursery is no different. Except, on average, changing tables usually cost under a couple hundred dollars at your local IKEA store. Not for the youngest Jenner’s little girl though. Kylie bought the specially crafted Bancroft changing table along with an all organic, eco-friendly premium crib mattress from an exclusive baby boutique in West Hollywood – the Petit Tresor. The changing table alone cost $3,500 while the mattress set her back $400.

2. Giant Stuffed Giraffes

giant stuffed giraffes

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Everyone is well aware of Khloe Kardashian’s well-loved obsession with all things giraffes so it’s no surprise that the nursery for her baby girl who arrived just this past Thursday will have not one, but three giant stuffed giraffes. According to reports by TMZ, earlier last month Khloe and her manager momma, Kris Jenner, spent a few hours in the Petit Tresor store – which seems to be a family favorite – buying things for the new nursery.

Amongst clothes, shoes, and other furniture, it including these giant stuffed toys that cost a whopping $3,600!  The trip also included a silver high chair, and a pretty pink glider chair with a matching ottoman to boot.

3. Recyclable Cribs

recyclable cribs

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Nothing plastic, toxic, or environmentally harmful for the Kardashian kids. Mom to three, Kim Kardashian made sure her youngest was safe in this Lucite Vetro Crib that is one of the first of its kind in the world. A one hundred percent recyclable crib, it’s see-through and contemporary, entirely made of non-toxic acrylic.

The crib is limited edition, and only made on order. So exclusive is this little baby’s bed that it’s hand crafted and laser-etched with specific design. The crib costs just under $5000.

4. Jean Royère Beds

While all the Kardashian moms are super specific about what and how they decorate their babies’ nurseries with, Kim is considerably more particular than the rest of the lot. She’s said to have a Jean Royère bed in the nursery all three of her children have used. Though we haven’t seen what that bed exactly looks like, we’re assuming that it’s something exception for the likes of Jay Z and Beyonce to also be one of the designers high-profile customers.

A Jean Royère bed can easily set you back anywhere from $75,000 to $85,000.

5. A Como Glider

a como glider

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Feeding a young one is anything but comfortable – ask the mom’s in the world. So it’s only right that mothers think of their comfort when selecting that perfect chair to sit in while rocking their babies to sleep. The Kardashian’s are no different.

With exclusive Monte Como Glider that’s designed for a mother’s optimum relaxation, baby Chicago’s nursery sure is comfortable for mom Kim. The Glider is priced at a cool $1,495 and is made exclusively from oatmeal Italian wool and walnut. Handcrafted with a 2-year warranty, this particular item is really worth the money given its ergonomic design and style.

6. Comfy Ottomans

What’s a glider without an ottoman to match? All the Kardashian nurseries have exclusive matching ottomans in their baby’s nurseries to put their feet up as needed. While Kim chose a matching Monte Como Ottoman for Chicago’s nursery, it’s reported that Khloe got hers from Petit Tresor.

7. Recycled Storage Baskets

Recycled Storage Baskets

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Though being eco-friendly is a great thing generally, it turns out it’s not that good for the average man’s pocket. However, there’s no compromise on the environment for Kourtney Kardashian though – particularly not when it comes to her three kids.

Generally a eco-conscious human, Kourtney has made sure that she’s careful about even about the things she uses for her children. Her favorite? The Solid La Jolla Baskets retail at Serena and Lily, ranging from $70 to $198 each – size dependent. The baskets are woven from recycled coils of natural seagrass and can be used for effective storage in the nursery or otherwise.

They’re described as the perfect choice for linens, laundry or even baby toys.

8. An Ultra Plush Rug 

What’s a nursery without a soft, fluffy area rug? That’s right – it’s no nursery at all. Or at least not for Kim. She was very forthcoming about the details about baby Chicago’s luxurious nursery where she’s got a plush cream colored area rug made specifically from real Tibetan Shearling.

The Calvin Klein Moritz Matterhorn Shearling Rug is simple, comfortable and style and can set you back anywhere from $1,599 to $5,399 depending on the size.

Kim isn’t the only one who’s splurged on plush rugs for her children’s nursery. Khloe has reportedly $700 worth faux fur throws in her baby’s nursery along with real Lambskin rugs and a few $1,000 plus cashmere blankets, too.

There you go. A look at some of the items you can definitely expect to find in the Kardashian-Jenner baby nurseries – unless they’ve already redecorated since we wrote this – we fervently hope not though. Whatever one may say about the Kardashian Clan, one things for certain, they do have exceptional choice and style, even for the babies!

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