John Stamos Opens Up About His Parenting Struggles


Everyone’s favorite Uncle Jesse who appears on the popular show “Full House” is a dad now. John Stamos, who fills in the shoes of Uncle Jesse on the show, announced the news via Instagram.

The 54-year star welcomed his little shining star with wife, actor Caitlin McHugh, in April. The duo has named their first child Billy – after the name of John’s father.

“From now on, the best part of me will always be my wife and my son,” the actor expressed in a heartfelt announcement on Instagram.

The Actor Celebrated Becoming a Real Life Dad

John Stamos and his Parenting Struggles

Before becoming a dad, John played the role of an uncle, and later a dad in the show. So, it comes as little practice to the actor to assume parenthood. He was finally happy to have a kid.

So far, the duo had only shared pictures of Billy that didn’t give us a clear look at the junior. But recently on Father’s Day, Stamos posted a portrait picture of him and the baby, giving us our first good look at the star’s newborn.

In the Instagram post, John said how grateful he is to have his own kid finally. Instead of pointing to his role in the show, he can now proudly call himself a father, the actor expressed with happiness.

Billy Is Already Making The Star Cry

Having a child is one of the most memorable and life-changing events in anyone’s life. The actor revealed for the first time how parenthood is treating him.

How much of a life-changing event can it be? The star revealed in an interview that Billy had made him cry three times in a day. “He is so cute,” the actor remarked.

The actor recounted singing “House at Pooh Corner” really early in the morning. Written by Kenny Loggins in 1971, the song’s “Christopher Robin” lyrics part pays nod to Billy’s middle name “Christopher.”

Stamos also joked about how since Billy’s birth “everything is greener and bluer.”

“I’m looking out the window right now, and I see all kinds of different colors—different poop colors. There’s green; there’s yellow…I saw some blue this morning, which I thought was weird” he added.

Starting a family is a serious commitment, one that requires an equally committed. For Stamos, that pursuit ended when he met his wife, who he calls “perfect.”

After dating Caitlin McHugh for more than two years, the duo finally decided get engaged in October 2017. They finally tied the knot in February, just two months before announcing the birth of their boy.

There is A New Life Ahead

John Stamos and parenting struggles

It is common for first-time fathers to feel overjoyed with a mix of anxiety on the sideline. For John, it’s turning out be a fresh start.

“He has given me a life. I couldn’t just go on and do another TV show and do another Beach Boy show. I have done everything at least twice”, the actor revealed in an interview. That doesn’t mean the actor is bidding farewell to his acting career. We can expect to see John in a role he has never portrayed.

Since this is John’s first child, the actor had spent most of his life replicating the role of a father on-screen. With the arrival of Billy, he was not only able to assume parenthood in real-life but also look his age. “My first Father’s Day means that from this day forward— I will start to look my age (and older),” he joked in an Instagram post.

The actor also remembered his father William Bill John Stamos on this occasion, citing him as his “hero.” Stamos sees Billy as a way of honoring his dad whom he held in high regard. “I’m happy to honor him with our little Billy,” the actor expressed to On-Air in an almost teary-eyed manner.

The Struggles of Parenthood Continue

John Stamos and the parenting styles

Even though parents have a nine-month-long period to prepare themselves, nothing quite prepares you for the diaper duty that comes as part of being a parent. Everyone dreads it, but you have to do it.

“I made up a rule that if there is poop, then I get ten off. And so far I have done pretty well!” said John.

Billy’s mother is just as thrilled to have him. A Mother’s Day post saw the actor thank his wife for bringing “love and joy” where Stamos referred to himself as the “luckiest guy on the planet.”

Parenthood is most stressful for the mother. She has to carry a baby for nine straight months, keep herself nourished, and eventually go through the pain of labor. For the duo, especially Caitlin, everything seems to have worked out just fine.

Stamos revealed that his 31-year old wife is in good health. “She’s great. She is like nothing happened,” he revealed.

It seems like Stamos has fit in the parenthood life quite comfortably. Here is a picture of father and son taking a stroll in Times Square, New York.

The Actor Is Making the Country Better

One of the realizations that came with being a parent had to do with patriotism. According to Stamos, it provided an opportunity to think about the country. “It’s a time to be kind and grateful to people. It just takes so much energy to block all the negativity. I’m trying to get people together” he said during one interview.

It is why Stamos was happy to host the WE Day this year. It is an event that celebrates children and people who are making a difference in the world, and also attracted celebrities like Morgan Freeman, Jennifer Anniston, Selena Gomez, and more.

What’s next for the couple? We reckon it’s going to be more joy-filled tears and more Instagram stories as Billy grows up. Maybe even an announcement of a sibling. The couple loves Billy so much that they’ve discussed having more kids. “Right now, she wants another one!” John told Extra in an interview, revealing who is more excited by the idea.

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