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Raising a child for a mum can be a challenging task but with dedication and sacrifice, you can manage to raise an all-around child. Since children are great imitators, you should try as much to give your child something to imitate. As a mum, you are responsible for how your child will turn out to be as grown up. Every child goes through various stages of social development as well as physical development.

Apart from having a positive and strict discipline, you should as well surround your child with love, happiness and also encourage him to be more confident. The other thing you should do as a mum in order to have an all-around child is to instill in your child to a solid support system as he grows up. You should have a goal of making your child develop purpose and passion in the things he has interest in.

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  • Praise the Child’s Efforts Ideas for Moms Raising Children

Whenever he tries something new, always try to praise him. Tell him encouraging words so that he can do even better the next time. With the encouragements and praises, your child will always strive to continue working hard since you show interest in their work.

  • Give Your Child Attention

A mother should listen to her child by making sure the child is able to express himself as well as speak with confidence. Avoid giving orders to the child always and create a friendly environment for the child so that he can be freer with you. Give the child good guidance to help them even in the future.

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  • Always Have Meals Together

You should try to ensure that you have meals like dinner together; this creates a good time to bond with your child. During the meals, you can share important values with your child, like table manners as well as good social skills. Ensure you do not scold your child whenever he is picky about what he eats, quarreling your child will make him have a negative attitude towards having meals together.

When preparing the meals, always try to involve your child as much as possible, this keeps him interested in the meal since they helped in preparing it.When your child is old enough you can always ask them to help you with cleaning fruits and vegetables.

  • Read to Your Child on a Daily Basis Ideas for Moms Raising Children

Reading to your child every day helps him to appreciate written words and will develop an interest in reading. Even though your child is young, it is advisable to read to them so as to give them a much better chance of having good behaviors as well as academic success. Spend the last few minutes to bedtime daily to read to your child, make it as a routine so as to ensure you do it daily. Once children are old enough to read by themselves, let him read and avoid correcting him all the time.

  • Puts Your Child’s Needs First

It is important to put parenting first as a mother, do not neglect your child because of various things that can wait. Devote your time to parenting; whenever you are making plans for the week or for a holiday, your child should always come first in your plans. Parenting needs a lot of sacrifices as well as the determination of giving your child the best that you can afford.

  • Set a Bedtime Routine

Setting a strict bedtime routine for your child is important. This helps children to feel more rested and wake up the next day without fatigue. Children need enough rest since they use a lot of energy during play time. It is advisable not to give your child any sugary foods since it makes it hard for your child to sleep fast.

  • Encourage Your Child to Learn More Skills

If you notice that your child likes to do a certain activity like drawing, singing, dancing or even sports, it is nice to encourage him to keep doing it. Take the children to various lessons and watch them as they train once in a while. In the various activities and lessons, your child will meet other children and this will be good for their social life. As long as you notice that your child likes a certain activity and shows interest, always tell your child that he is doing a great job and he should keep going.

  • Enough Playing Time for Your Child

     Ideas for Moms Raising Children

It is important as a mum to keep your child entertained by helping him learn how to play with his toys, clear the play area and only have toys around. Let the child play around until he loses interest in playing. When he learns to plays with his toys alone you can always watch him play from a distance by ensuring he is safe always.

  • Show Respect to Your Child

As much as your child looks so young to you, he also has feelings and gets hurt sometimes. It is nice as a mother to respect your child’s decisions in things like the choice of foods, if he does not like a certain type of food, do not insist on him eating the food, he might eat it later as he grows up and starts liking it.You should as well learn to keep your promises to your child if you promised to go for ice cream when he finished his homework, keep your promise and take him. With this kind of relationship with your child, you will also expect respect back since you respect him too.

Being there for your child daily takes a lot of efforts and dedication, you should try to get involved in your child’s life and encourage him to develop his interests as well as a straightforward character. You should be your child’s first cheerleader and be his support system always.

Being there for your child does not necessarily mean you follow your child everywhere he going from playing with his friends; you should just try and be aware of everything important happening in his life.

If your child has started school, you should try and get to know the subjects he is taking as well as check his homework on a daily basis. Help him with his homework whenever he is unable to tackle. You should as well know all his teachers as well as the friends he is hanging out with.

  • Encourage Your Child to Be Independent

As mum, being there for your child every time is important, although, it is also nice to sometimes let your child have alone time as well as make some decisions by himself, like going for shopping together and letting your child choose the type of clothes or shoes he prefers as well as if he wants to play alone with friends without you being there, it is important to let him learn to make his own decisions.

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  • Give Your Child Presents for Good Behavior. Ideas for Moms Raising Children

Giving your child rewards whenever he behaves well like being obedient or when he shares his toys with his friends, which is important since it encourages your child to keep up with good behavior. Always tell your child that you are proud of him and he should always do what he did. However it is not advised to give rewards to your child on every good behavior, which will make him expect gives every time he does something good. Let your child know that with or without the give, they should always have a good behavior.

  • Correct Your Child

When your child does something wrong, always warn him for the first time, however, if he repeats the same mistake again, have a form of punishment for your child, that way the child can not repeat the same mistake again since he knows the consequences.

  • Be a Role Model to Your Child

As much as you tell your child on how to be well behaved, it is also important to be a good example, children are really good imitators. When you tell your child not to shout at others or use abusive words, ensure that you do not as well shout nor use abusive words. Try as much to be a good example to your child. Only use the words that you want your child to use.

  • Control What Your Child Listens to or Watches

There are many programs on TV, radio, YouTube, and books that are not suitable for your child, ensure that whatever your child is watching, listening to or reading is free from bad morals and violent behaviors. Since children are sponges, they absorb this that are around them and form their character from what they see. As a mum, you should take every chance you get and warn them from watching things that are not suitable for their character growth.

  • Teach Your Child Good Morals

As a mum, good manners should be taught regularly to your child so as they get adapted to it and make it part of their daily life. Teach your child thing like saying thank you when given something, saying sorry when they have wronged someone, respecting people that are older than them as well as treating his fellow children with kindness and not fighting with other children. Teach your child to be clean always and always keep his toys in order when he finishes playing with them as well as helping with chores around the house.

  • Find Male Role Models for Your Child Ideas for Moms Raising Children

As a mum, look for an influential man that you can get in touch with, be it a teacher, or brother, workmate or even your father. This man will be a role model to your child and he will be able to look up to him. The male role model you choose should be determined and a straightforward man.

  • Teach Your Child to Have Empathy for Others

While raising your child you should teach him to learn not to judge others first before understanding what happened. Learn not to speak ill of others in your child’s presence since he will copy the exact same behavior that will make him mean to other children. By treating your child with empathy, he will also develop the empathy and show it to others as well. Empathy is the basis of being compassionate to others; encourage empathy for your child daily.

  • Teach Your Child New Things

When spending time with your child, you should once in a while teach him new things like dancing, doing laundry as well as making his bed. When you do such things with your child, a strong bond is created between the two of you; he will always recall that you are the one who taught him certain things. You should also try teaching him how to make his best meal if he is old enough to cook. Spend at least every weekend together learning new things with your child.

  • Talk with Your Child About World Problems 

Your child should be able to know both the good and the bad aspects of life. This hardens him to be a better grown up in future and helps him to appreciate what he has at the moment. Talking about issues like hunger, being homeless as well as poverty will expand your child’s mentality and he will see life in a better perspective. Watching TV together and explaining why certain things are happening is important.

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raising up a child does not need any expensive tutors or any posh summer camps, all it needs is you to care for your child, show compassion, be a good role model and always be there with your child. Total dedication to raising your child is also needed in order to mold a morally upright child with integrity. A happy child also means there is a happy mum behind it all.


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