GM Diet Day 6

GM plan diet day 6 chart with vegetarian alternatives

Day 6 Preparation – the best day of all

After you have completed days 1-5, you are now approaching 6th day of the program, which is the best days of all and it is also one of the most rewarding days for dieters like you. By now, you must have seen higher numbers of weight loss and you will

Beef and vegetables

feel much lighter & fresher too. Those 3 days have made a big impact in your life with the cleansing and detox process you went through. Day 6 is considered feast days too, since you can eat veggies, fruits and beef as well. All those you have eaten in the past days can now be combined with the current food requirement of day 6. You must have lost around ten pounds this day and you must have seen the beauty and glow on your skin with fruits and veggie consumption in the past days.

Because the body is now in its automatic mode of losing excess fat with raised metabolic processes, your body will need enough amount of protein and fiber in the next days to come. You can get all the proteins from the beef while the fiber can be taken from the veggies you eat. Aside from this, you should also let your body go through different types of activities or exercises, since this is truly a precise point where you need to assess if the diet brought improvements to your health particularly to your immunity or not.

GM diet day 6

This is your chance to eat and help the body regain its appetite, but instead of eating sugary and fatty foods, fresh greens are recommended this time. You can eat fresh green leafy veggies along with other drinks aside from water like lemon and lime water, black coffee without cream, black tea, and others but no fruit juices at this time yet.

Foods required for GM diet day 6

For breakfast, you can have 1 bowl of veggie soup with beef cubes or just plain veggies if you don’t want to have beef in the morning. This will provide you with all the fiber that you need and proteins all throughout the day.

GM plan diet day 6 chart with vegetarian alternatives

At lunch time, you can have some foods like Asian dishes, since most of the Asian foods have veggies and beef ingredients. But be sure not to incorporate your soup with potatoes or bread yet.

For dinner, you may have another serving of veggies soup and beef burger as well. You can have chicken burger instead if you want to.

When it comes to snacks & drinks, you can go on with meat and veggies at snack time too. On the other hand, you are advised to eat leafy greens in the morning snacks and beef at midafternoon. This is because your appetite level should be at its normal, so that your cravings will be lessened for other foods. Aside from water, you can also have coco water now at mid-afternoon snack, though there is a higher chance that it may ruin your appetite for dinner.

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