GM Diet Day 2

GM diet day 2 meal samples.

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Day 2 Preparation: All Vegetables Day

Compared to day 1 wherein dieters will feel a little bit lightheaded, because of insufficient amount of carbs and big amount of fluids, day 2 is merely focused on foods that are easy to digest. The dieter may start the day with potatoes and other types of veggies. You can have baked potatoes if you wish to start your day with a tasty breakfast. You can also stir fry some onions, garlic and cucumber with a splash of olive oil and herbs and then fill the baked potato. It will be a delish breakfast for you to start with GM day 2.

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The baked potato will provide the energy for the body all throughout the day and it can also be followed by other dishes with veggies too for lunch and dinner. You can also have veggie soup, fresh salad without mayo for other meals and snacks throughout the day. Day 2 will enable you to take lots of veggies from green leafy to starchy crops. All these can help in boosting your needed fiber to regulate sugar from the day 1’s food consumption and to also boost your metabolic process.

Allowed foods for day 2

A jacket potato in bowel on white table.

For breakfast, you can start with potatoes to keep your stomach full and to boost your energy throughout the day. Those who are living in tropical countries may also consider eating cassava or sweet potatoes instead. On the other hand, just make sure not to eat sugary meals.

For lunch, you are required to eat lighter meals. You can have a veggie salad instead. Fresh salad with zucchini, fresh lettuce & cabbage will do. You are also allowed to dress the salad with olive oil or other dressings of your choice, but not mayo. This will bring you added fat, which is not good for this diet.

For dinner, it’s up to you if you wish to have broccoli, asparagus, lettuce or zucchini again. You can boil them or stir fry them too with olive oil will do. Beets can also be an option and it will make you feel full as well.

Sample meal to follow

A vegetables hamburger on white backdrop.

For breakfast, you can have a cup of potato (boiled or baked) and two glasses of water. This may be in between 8-9am. At mid-morning, you are allowed to have a bowl of cabbage soup and 2 glasses of water; this may be around 10-11am.

At lunch time, you can have a piece of tomato, a piece of zucchini and half a serving of boiled beet with two glasses of water still, this may be around 12-1pm.

At mid-noon you can have 2pcs of tomatoes, cherry tomatoes and 2 glasses of water. This may be served around 4-5pm.

Your dinner may be around 7pm and you are allowed to boil broccoli or cauliflower, asparagus may also do with 2 glasses of water.

You are not allowed to eat fruits at day 2 of the diet, since you have consumed sugary on day 1. You cannot also add as much oil, but if you want your food to taste, olive oil or 100% natural butter will do. In between meals you can have cabbage soup to satisfy the hunger.

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