5 Books for Girls about Period and Puberty


Every growing girl child gets to a time in her life where confusion and worry sets in. For some, this time comes in their lives earlier than for others. What time is this we are talking about? It is the time for period.

Period, or menstruation, is the timely flow of blood for every girl and woman. It is the change that naturally takes place in the reproductive system of the female folk. This change occurs mainly in the ovaries and the uterus. Sometimes, before the flow of blood comes, bodily changes come first to herald it. This can be terrifying and confusing for some girls and their parents.

However, it does not have to be a thing to worry about for the girl child. It does not even have to be such a task, especially if she is properly informed. There are many resources out there, like books, to direct her way before her first period comes. A lot of times, the information in such books go beyond just menstruation to touch puberty and teenage years.

Handling Your First Period

When a girl is about 11 years, her parents expect her body to start changing. By the time she turns 12 or 13, they expect her period to come. There are girls, though, who develop late and do not see their first period on time. This should not be a worry in any way. Having the right information would erase any fear or worry ahead of time. It would also give the ability to properly handle first periods.

For parents who do not know how to give ‘that talk’, there are books for that. Books to explain puberty, first period book and books about menstruation are readily available. As some girls develop much earlier than others, there are puberty books for 10 year olds and younger. So don’t worry parents, you are adequately covered on all fronts.

Some of the Books at Your Disposal

There are a countless number of period and puberty books for girls in soft and hard copies. However, there is a chance you could get confused knowing which would be best. Therefore, below is our review of some of the best period books you can find:

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1.The Care and Keeping of You: The Body Book for Younger Girls

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This book is a treasure trove of information. It is simple and illustrated yet detailed enough to handle period for girls from eight to twelve years. More than periods, the book handles a girl’s hygiene, pimples, eating habits, underwear and everything else that concerns this. This would help them remain confident in themselves, even if their friends seem to be ahead of them.


The benefits that stem from this book are relieving, to say the least. Some children do not want to have ‘the talk’ while some parents are too embarrassed to have them. However, the book takes care of things, especially if your daughter is a reader. It takes away every form of discomfort of having to explain how your daughter’s body is changing. It equally covers everything your daughter might go through in adolescence.

For those parents who can have that talk but don’t know from where to start, this is a great resource. You could read it with your daughter or you could read and explain from there. It could help eliminate every kind of awkwardness between you.

It is also written in clear and simple language for kids of the targeted age range to understand. There is no vulgarity or anything offensive to the senses. It took into consideration people who are conservative or religious. Some users who fall under this category praised it, saying that they could use it for their children freely. The illustrations also make the book even less of a chore and more explanatory, keeping your kids interested.


The target age range of this book is the make-or-mar bracket. Those years could boost a girl’s body confidence forever or destroy it. Some users have found the book filled with information that could destroy confidence. So they are reluctant to offer it to their girls.

Other users say it centers on body-shaming and creating unnecessary insecurities. It puts thoughts that were not there into the minds of their daughters. For example, it talks about a girl feeling like a dork if she wears glasses. One user, though, whose daughter wears glasses, condemned it. She said that her daughter considers her glasses fashionable. But reading the book may reduce her confidence and she does not want that.

2. Period: A Girl’s Guide

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This is a small, endearing book that could serve for both girls and boys. It serves as a fantastic starting point for parents who are too embarrassed to talk with their children. It is also a guide for those who have no idea where to begin. Difficult questions that could arise from puberty and menstruation are answered in this book. And it is simple enough for children of even 6 years to understand.


The tone of the book is positive. The author places emphasis on every child being confident of their body and owning it. She explains that whether your peers experience changes before you or not doesn’t make you less. With the aid of diagrams, she opens up what happens in the female reproductive system as changes come. These diagrams make it easy for all kids to understand.

The book comes with a guide for parents. It gives suggestions on how to have conversations about puberty, periods and so on. And just in case a parent does not know what to talk about, the guide gives ideas.

The language is whole yet simple. It hits all the right points without becoming hazy or difficult.


Some customers may find it too simple and basic. The details in it may be things they already know or could find very easily, without buying the book. Some users complained of the lengthy explanations. Others talked about the diagrams which did not use the right names for body parts. Yet another group sees some of the information as unnecessary for 6-12 year-olds, such as the first OB/GYN visit.

3. The Period Book: A Girl’s Guide to Growing Up

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This is one of those books written based on real-life experiences of pre-teen girls. It is one book that every parent should gift their daughter because it covers so much more than just periods. It even goes as far as talking about how to deal with mood swings and sexual harassment. With clear illustrations to simplify the necessary information, it is a great rite-of-passage-book.


Another book to ease having The Talk, it covers a multitude of topics beyond menstruation. It teaches girls on hygiene, handling pimples, shaving properly and effectively handling sexual harassment, amongst others.

The age range being between 8 and 12 years, the book’s illustrations keep kids interested while teaching them. The tone is light, friendly and conversational without having that ‘classroom’ feel.

The beautiful thing about books is that they offer privacy. No matter the content, the reader knows nobody can see it but them. Therefore, this book takes away any form of embarrassment that may come from having face-to-face talks.


Some users’ comments imply that it is one of those books about first period in details for older girls. This is because some of the information is a bit mature for 8-12 year-olds. This means that it would be better to read with someone older. In a case where there isn’t anyone, this could be a problem.

It focuses a lot on sex, which is not necessarily important for such young ones. It brings embarrassment and discomfort.

4. Girls Only! All About Periods and Growing-Up Stuff

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This is a basic, in-depth book on period and puberty. It answers those questions that growing girls long to ask but cannot due to embarrassment. The information contained is practical yet portrayed in a fun way. It equally touches on the social and mental balances that are important for growing girls.


It is a simple, illustrated book for girls of as young as 8 years. The illustrations help them understand what they are reading. It also offers them privacy to avoid embarrassment. The tone is fun and relaxed, not like an instructor. The messages are practical but are delivered in a playful way, keeping the attention of the youngsters.


The book seems to try to force feelings between girls. Where a young girl may just like her friend, the book could put ideas in her head. Besides this, the language is British English. It may take some explaining before the message is passed.

5. HelloFlo: The Guide, Period.: The Everything Puberty Book for the Modern Girl

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The basic message in this book is that every young girl should own her body. It is a dependable girls growing up book which is practical, real and empowering. It can equally be helpful for some adults who need some boost in this department.


The book brings normalcy to the puberty and menstruation processes. All awkwardness is erased in a fun yet practical way. It is open, honest, empowering, soothing, informative and understanding. It answers hitherto bothersome questions and puts at ease the mind of the preteen girl who reads it.


It is restricted to just the changing body and mental progress. It does not inform about sex and handling attention. It seems to be limited in its educational offer.

Best Period and Puberty Books

Period and puberty do not have to be rocket science for your growing girls. And you can properly equip them before time so no surprises arise. These books contain some or all of what could be needed to make the process a success. Even if you cannot find them, following the guidelines in them would point you in the right direction.


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