5 Fashionable Little Girl Haircuts Fit for a Little Princess


For us adults, choosing a little girl’s haircut seems easy. But when the time comes to settle on something, we are lost. Nevertheless, over the years and which continues to be simply highly fashionable and gorgeous for little girls to sport are curls.  Moms love it when their little girls are eager to look like little princesses. Looking around, you will see lots of girls, in fact both little girls and big girls who wear their hair long and curly. Some even are nervous to cut their locks off.

Today’s styles for little girls include long hair and short hair. Haircuts does not mean cutting hair short and that’s it. Haircuts today mean hair styles. Today the classis bob is one haircut that suit little girls, both little and big. There is so much more varieties today; Little Girl Haircuts Fit for a Little Princesstoday there is something for every occasion. Over the past few years, hairstylists have come up with myriads of exciting styles – picture books, magazines and the movies stars all play a big role in what your little girl will want. Because there are so many exciting, adventurous and colourful styles today for all ages, there are thick tutorials which will show you how to make your little girl’s hair look like Cinderella. Bigger girls will want to follow hairstyles from their favorite movie or rock start. It’s all about knots, and braiding and weaving, high ponytails, low ponytails – the possibilities are endless! And if the haircut has truly turned out a disaster, even that is no longer the end of the world. Hair extensions is another fabulous accessory that can fix ‘ugly’ haircuts in no time. Cut, shape and extend – it’s all in your hands!

Here are five fashionable styles around today which you and your little girl can ‘play’ with (and pics):

Top 5 Adorable Cute Haircuts for Your Girl

1. The Fishtail Braid

 Little Girl Haircuts

This is a very popular style today and looks very chic when it goes along with a scar or a headband.

How to:

  • Gather up hair into a ponytail, splitting evenly into two sections.
  • You separate a small section of hair from the outer-edge, crossing it over to the other side. Repeat this again with a small part of hair from the other side.
  • You continue overlapping sections from both sides of the pony tail right the way down. Once you’ve styled it in this woven way, secure with a ribbon or what hair embellishment your little girl loves.

2. The Beautiful Bun Little Girl Haircuts Fit for a Little Princess

This is so, so popular today, and little girls and every big girl all seem to sport this look. It’s because it’s sweet and adorable and it goes with school days to even formal occasions. It works best with girls that have longer, thicker hair.

How to:

  • You comb kiddo’s hair smoothing the surface, making a ponytail at back of head.
  • Then coil up the ponytail into a circle, securing it with hair pins to keep hair all in place.
  • Take a net that matches the colour of the hair and wrap the bun in tis, securing in place with some hair spray. Make more secure with pretty flower pins.

3. The Twisties Hairstyle

 Little Girl Haircuts Fit for a Little Princess

This is a lovely summer look and it involves pulling the hair back, off the face.

How to:

  • You divide the hair starting from the middle or on one side.
  • Take a strand of your little girls hair and start to twist it, starting to incorporate more hair into your twisting as you get closer to the ears
  • You repeat this same method on the other side if you want the double twist.
  • Secure the twist or both twist with cute bobby pins.

4. Bow Hairstyle:

If your little muffin loves bows, she will adore this style.

How to:

  • Brush the hair removing all tangles, making a ponytail right at the top of her head. Instead of pulling hair all the way, create a loop from half to three-quarters of hair from the ponytail – leave a loose end. Take the loose end into the hair tie. This keeps the loop in place
  • Then you divide the hair into 2 parts (equal) to create the sides of the bow
  • Next, take a loose strand of hair, pulling git back over – now all the loose strands should be covered; fluffing out the bow.

5. Beautiful Braids:

 Little Girl Haircuts Fit for a Little Princess

Such cute braids and they keep your little girl’s hair in check when she is running around and on the go. So easy too.

How to:

  • Part the hair from the middle or on one side
  • Each half creates two pigtails and ties them with elastic bands.
  • Start to braid each pigtail tying with coloured ribbon or whatever accessory is cute

Here are some more “how-to’s” with other hairstyles.

The most famous type of hairstyle for little girls is the side plaits, ponytails and the French braids. If your little girl has medium to long hair, these styles will definitely suit her.

From Long to Short and From Short to Long – Which One Will It be for Your Girl Haircut?

If you want to be creative, you want your active little girl to have short hair this time, you will not be disappointed with the famous bob. It gives a real girlish appearance. The bob will suit your daughter if she has more straight and sleek hair. This kind of hairstyle is ideal if your daughter has straight, sleek hair. If it’s not sleek and straight, then maybe it would be better to let her have her hair longer so that you and she can experiment with all the latest and wonderful hair styles there are out for little girls who don’t have sleek straight hair. There is something for everyone!

Beside the bob cuts, the pixie hair styles have always been a rage, always going down very well for the short-hair girls. But don’t you bring out the scissors and try this at home if you are not fully experienced to cut hair. All you have to do is pop down to your trendy hair stylist and she will ensure that your little one will look endearingly cute and elfin with her new pixie haircut. If it’s not going to be the pixie look this time, just look at all the different hairstyles you get – choose the one, choose one and let the hairstylist turn your little daughter into a beautiful queen!

Many parents favor long hair on their girls so the hair can be pulled back into the famous ponytail, the high coltish look that is so cute and feminine and which swings cheekily from side to side with movement.

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Accessories Make a Girl’s Hair Come Alive Too

Not only hair styles but hair accessories are all the rage today. It’s not all about cutting or curling anymore! Today it extends to braiding and crimping, straightening and highlighting. Some of these hair processes should be kept away from a very young girl’s hair. Try and stay away from highlighting your daughter’s hair too soon, especially before puberty. Once puberty is passed, hair is more settled and predictable and you can determine more or less how the hair will react to highlighting treatments.

There are heaps of tutorials about how to create the cutest, most gorgeous hairstyles for your little angel, ones that will have her envy of her friends. You don’t have to feel confused, wondering what style is right for your daughter. Create a whole new hair just by improving on the last hairstyle! Not forgetting about how hair accessories for a little girl can just take her look and hair to a whole new level.

Beautiful Hairstyles to Reveal the Beauty of Mommy’s Little Girl 

 Little Girl Haircuts Fit for a Little Princess

There are probably well over 100 different exciting ideas for little girls to wear as far as hairstyles go.  Not everything will suit your little angel though. For you, it might be something quite different to what your little angel has in mind. She might want something that you never even anticipated; she might be thinking of something that blows her friends away, that makes her feel in and accepted with her peers. But you needn’t fret – there are simply plenty of excellent places to go and hairstyles to try to ensure there are never any bad hair days! They only promise to bring out the beauty of your little angel, to make her shine bright like the little star she is.


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