Why It’s Not So Rare to Get Pregnant at 45?


The likelihood of a woman getting pregnant at the age of 45 is a mere three to four percent. Pregnancy is not impossible but assisted reproductive technologies would more than likely be needed. In vitro fertilization, or IVF, is the most common type of assisted reproductive technology. One needs to get screened before the IVF procedure starts as the few eggs left might have chromosomal abnormalities. Doctors usually suggest that women trying to get pregnant at 45 use eggs donated by a younger woman as the success rate of good eggs at the later age are zero to one percent. Also, for a woman trying to get biologically pregnant at the age of 45, the best bet is to use a donor egg. If the egg is from a younger aged woman like that of a 25-30 year old, it is easy for the 45 year old healthy woman to sustain the pregnancy.

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Women in the age group of 45 or higher are increasingly becoming mothers; pregnancy in this age range used to be rare. Science and medicine are unable to move back the effects of age on pregnancy, but science has brought to us many fertility treatments which can help a woman at 45 to get pregnant and become a mother.

Woman Menopause 

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The usual age of menopause for women ranges from 45-55, with the majority of women experiencing it around the age of 50. It is important to note that no two women are the same in terms of health; some might experience menopause early and some might experience it late. Even with pregnancy at the age of 45 being rare, it is not impossible and it is still possible without the use of fertility procedures.

Menopause happens when a woman undergoes 12 consecutive months without any menstruation. Some pregnancies happen during the age of 40 and over because women incorrectly assume that they are in menopause and thus have unprotected intercourse.

Questions to Ask Before Trying to Conceive at 45

Pregnant woman standing near refrigerator with fruits and vegetables.Becoming a mother is a dream of many women but there are some things to consider and ask oneself before actually becoming pregnant at the age of 45.

Does one feel comfortable with the fertility treatments that one might have to undergo? Does one’s health insurance offer good coverage in case health complications arise due to pregnancy at the late age? Does one have the financial ability to raise a child and manage the expenses of the baby and oneself? Does one feel physically fit to take care of the child?

Once one has answered the above questions, one needs to understand the risks of pregnancy over the age of 45. More than half of the pregnancies at the age of 45 and over result in miscarriages. One might also require cesarean birth – this is twice as more likely than in a younger woman. One also has a higher chance of developing gestational diabetes. One might also develop high blood pressure if one gets pregnant at a later age.

In order to reduce the risks associated with later age pregnancy, one should eat a healthy and balanced diet, exercise regularly, quit smoking, abstain from alcohol and should maintain a healthy body weight.

Ensuring a Healthy Pregnancy in the Elder Age

Proper prenatal care is necessary during pregnancy. It is recommended that one gets to a normal weight before trying to conceive, as it can reduce the heightened risk of diabetes and high blood pressure. One should also practice stress management and eat organic foods to have a healthy lifestyle during pregnancy.

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  2. Good article. Some other thoughts…
    My mother had her last of 7 babies at 48. My little sister is beautiful and healthy. There are some greater risks but if you eat very healthy before you conceive and during pregnancy, that will make a big difference. Plenty of women have babies later in life that are beautiful and healthy.

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