Gender Prediction Test: Are You Having A Boy Or Girl?


Now that you are pregnant, many questions pop up as you progress and plan for the coming baby. Speaking of planning, before you know what to buy from stores, you may want to know what gender you are carrying before going all blue or pink. All the well-wishers will try to predict if the bub is a male or female with the odds evenly splitting at 50/50.

Whether they are right or not, it does not limit the exuberance brought about by the guessing game. While the technology has advanced to bring a solution that excludes the trying-to-figure-out privilege, those who do not want to find out immediately due to different reasons can try the gender prediction techniques.

They are fun to deploy before comparing the results with what the sonographer will reveal when conducting an ultrasound. In this blog, we will focus on:

Are you ready? Let us see which signs lead to the ‘discovery’ of your fetus’ gender.

5 Signs That Show You Will Have a Boy

★ You have lived with your partner for less than a year

Signs That Show You Will Have a Boy

In a new relationship, there is more excitement which means you are more likely than not to be intimate most of the time. According to the expert predictors, lots of sex can give the male sperm a minor swimming advantage.

How is that possible? Well, science tells us that a male sperm has a smaller head and a shorter tail when compared to the female counterpart. This gives them the ability to swim comfortably through the dense mucus formation in the vagina at the beginning and end of your fertility period. Other experts suggest that a female sperm will most probably arrive at the egg’s location when your fertile duration is in the middle.

Therefore, if you and partner are frequently making love, especially during the mentioned fertility times, you are giving the male sperm a competitive advantage towards fertilization.

★ You are either married or living together during conception

An extensive study involving 48 million deliveries was conducted in the US to find out which gender married and unmarried couples bore. The results showed that most of the married ones gave birth to male kids. Another study involving 86,000 parents resulted in high chances of having a boy for those who were living together than those who did not.

Statistics projected that slightly over 51% of those living together and conceived or were together before their first antepartum appointment carried a boy. The percentage was higher than the 49.9% of those who lived apart.

Even with the massive studies, there was no theory to support the notion as to why couples living under one roof had the male generation advantage.

★ You got pregnant during summer

A survey conducted in various countries showed that more boys were born if the mother conceived when the sun is shining and more girls if conception happened during the cold times.

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The information supporting such a phenomenon holds that bacterial and viral infections are more vibrant during the winter. Studies have shown that the male sperms and embryos are more fragile when compared to the female substitutes. So, they may not be able to withstand the uncomfortable environment brought by the mother’s vulnerability to the infections.

★ Gestational diabetes complication

If you are carrying a boy, there are high chances that you will contract gestational diabetes. It is still not clear why this is so, but the experts think that the male fetus is bound to affect the glucose metabolism by interfering with how the cells function.

★ You have an excellent eating habit

signs that you are having a boy

In a British study, 740 women were divided into groups based on how much calories they consume. In the category of those who took the highest amount per day, 56% gave birth to boys. On the other hand, for those who had a lower intake per day, only 45% of them had male children.

Another study that involved 68 million births showed that women who added more weight when carrying the fetus had higher chances of delivering baby boys.

This conclusion comes as a result of the male fetus being weaker and having minimal chances of surviving when food is inadequate. The female fetuses and sperms are stronger and will be able to cope and adjust to the nourishment supply shortage.

8 Signs Indicating You Will Have a Girl

▲ The morning sickness hits you hard

Signs Indicating You Will Have a Girl

Women who suffer a lot from morning sickness have a higher probability of raising a girl after nine months are over. 13 comprehensive studies about morning sickness were reviewed, and the conclusion was that 55% of the women with severe morning sickness delivered girls. The figure was less than the 49% of the group who mildly suffered or did not. Experts supporting this theory relate it to high production levels of the estrogen hormone which is related to feeling sick in the morning and the typical female characteristics.

▲ Mother’s age is above 35 years and the dad over 40 years

For older parents, the female sperm has a better advantage of fertilizing the egg. One of the major factors attributing to such an outcome could be the change in hormones production as the woman’s age advances. Also, old men tend to produce more female sperms than male ones.

Another theory supporting this form of prediction could be that older lovebirds will most probably make love during mid fertility period. At this time, the female sperm has a higher chance of fertilizing the egg.

▲ Your job is stressful

This goes to women. If you are working in a stressing environment all day away from home, then you are most probably give birth to a girl. The British conducted a study on 16,000 pregnant women and found that 53% of those who worked in mind wrecking jobs carried a female gender. The percentage of those who worked in easier jobs and gave birth to the same was 7% less.

▲ You live under extreme hot or cold weather conditions

Signs Indicating You Will Have a Girl

Well, we earlier said that warm weather favors the male gender. However, harsh terms of hot and cold show different results. The Japanese conducted a study of baby deliveries between 1968 and 2012 which concluded that there were more girls in 2010 hot summer period and again during the coldest winter in the following year.

Other researchers have supported the notion with findings indicating that warm temperatures favored the girls, again. When you look at the global survey of births, more girls are born in temperate areas of the planet, particularly the equatorial region.

A theory adding more to this fun way of predicting suggests that weather extremes cause a lot of stress. Apart from not being comfortable, there high level of pollution and inadequate nutrition not to mention too much or little sunshine moments. Due to the harsh environment, the male embryos have less energy to develop when compared to the female ones during early pregnancy period.

▲ Hormones induction was a catalyst to your conception

Study results from women who had hormones induced for ovulation purposes show that they were more likely to conceive a girl. Use of artificial hormones like clomiphene will lead to such results. On the other hand, you do not have to agree since the experts do not.

▲ The dad works under stress too or in polluted environments

Signs Indicating You Will Have a Girl

Working under stressful conditions may also have a say to what the dads will chip in. However, only a few studies involving man’s occupation and child’s gender have been done. If the groom is working in polluted areas with a troubled mind, then he is more likely to end up with daughters.

The studies were not only a few, but they were marginalized to find out girls being born to men with the following occupations:

  • A deep sea diver
  • Flour mill staff
  • Driver
  • High-end pilots

▲ Your pregnancy is taking too long

If you gave birth to a girl, check if your pregnancy took longer than the anticipated period. Boys tend to be born before the due date. If you pass the 40th-week mark, the odds shift to a girl-child.

▲ You have two or more kids

If you already have a family with two or three kids, the next pregnancy might result to a girl. Those who support this prediction say that the more you are involved in pregnancies, the levels of particular hormones such as gonadotrophin increase. This leads to higher chances of conceiving a girl.

15 Fun Ways to Tell Whether It Is a Girl or a Boy

Before you take the ultrasound, here are 15 fun techniques you can use to predict whether you will be favoring blue or pink in your baby items purchases. However, you only need to do this for comparison purposes since there is no guaranteed accuracy here.

ways to tell it is a bpy or girl

  • Break-outs:Together with abounding skin issues, they are leading signs to a girl. However, if your skin appears to glow all the time during pregnancy, the chances are that a boy is occupying the womb.
  • Chinese gender predictor chart:This legendary tool from China is a table that you can use to check your age and month of conception when depicting if you will have a son or a daughter.
  • Breast size:Go to the mirror with your boobs out, and check how big or small they are. If the left one is larger than the right, you are carrying a male child. The vice versa in sizes favors the female.
  • Drano:You need to take care when doing this experiment by wearing gloves or having someone around. Collect some urine in a cup and mix with a tablespoon of Drano (a drain cleaning product). A blue solution says a boy while a green one means a girl.
  • How is the baby kicking?More throws inside your belly predict having a boy child. Less energy suggests having a girl.
  • Ring on a string:Take your wedding ring and put a string through it. Lie, with your back down and have your partner or friend holding the string above your belly. If it swings in circular motions, that means a boy. A back and forth swing goes to the daughters.
  • The shape of the head during early ultra-scan:Before the head entirely forms, check the pictures from the ultrasound scan. If the head is square, then that results in having a boy. A more of a round head means you are carrying a girl.
  • Heartbeat rate:The heart rate of a fetus is about 140 beats in a minute. Slower rates relate to boys while faster ones depict having a girl. It is one of the tales that grannies will share when giving their opinion.
  • Linea Negra:There is that dark line that goes from your pubic bone straight and centered. Some say it can be used to indicate the gender. If it goes all the way up to the chest, you might be carrying a boy. If the line stops at the center of your belly, probably at the button, there are high chances that you have a female fetus.
  • Baking soda:one more time, take a pee in a cup and add some baking soda. If nothing happens, you might be having a girl. However, if fizzing occurs, then it is a boy.
  • Morning sickness duration:Well, if it lasts beyond the first trimester, then you might be carrying a girl. On the other hand, if it comes later or does not stay for long, then chances are that you are having a boy.
  • Cravings:Salty ones will favor a boy prediction while sweeter ones go to the girls.
  • Cabbage:Take the head of red cabbage and boil it. Put some of the water in a cup and mix it with your urine. If the water turns purple, then you are having a baby boy. A pink solution shows you are carrying a girl.
  • How are you carrying:If your belly looks like a ball, the chances are that you are giving birth to a boy. However, if the bump spreads across the waistline, you might be having a girl.
  • Mayan’s prediction:What this method does is to take the mother’s age when she got pregnant and add it to the baby’s year of conception. An even number goes to the girl while an odd one for the boy.

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Wrapping Up about Gender Prediction Test

After reading the article, one of the things that you may have realized is that there is no scientific approval of the above methods or signs. Most of them are some of the guesses the older folks used to predict back in the day. So, you can tell us what you found out after doing one or two of the test methods and how well it matched or deflected from the ultrasound results.


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