Freemie Breast Pump Review in 2018


Hello working mom? Now that you just gave birth to your long awaited bundle of joy, it’s time to breastfeed him or her before the solid food introduction. As working mothers, sometimes we don’t have the time to feed our babies. Even though you don’t go to the office or wherever you get your daily bread, sometimes you need a break from a nagging baby and the often feeding schedule. That is where a breast pump comes in.

Now that you have the breast pump suggestion in your mind, searching gives you numerous options which claim to satisfy your needs – ‘milking’ with the best comfort to empty engorged breasts. However, as mothers, we know better. It is not the best thing for people to look at not to mention that you don’t want the mixed reactions flying your way.

We find it hard to look for a secure spot, place the cups on the breasts, wait for about twenty minutes, empty what was collected and clean them. That is why Freemie freedom deluxe breast pump came as a solution that you can use with clothes on. Yes, clothes on!

Freemie Freedom Double Electric Hands Free Breast Pump

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You can acquire it from your healthcare provider (although they will use other competitive options to suggest) or on e-commerce sites such as Amazon. If your insurance policy covers for such equipment, that’s much better. Now, let’s look at what it entails.

The freemie double electric breast pump is a breast pump that deserves placing on a table after plugging into a 120 volts AC outlet. Its main description is the hands-free single or double pumping design. This means you can pump both breasts or pump one of them and nurse the kid on the other. The suction is adjustable to control how the milk gets into the 8-oz collection cups that the manufacturer describes as concealable. The cups collect the 16 ounces of milk (8 ounces each) from the sucking funnels that fit on the nipple area with the help of the connection kit.

What Is In The Package?

  • One electric breast pump unit with an attached power cord (64 inches) – 120 VAC
  • A set of two Freemie collection cups – 4.4 x 2.75 inches (diameter and depth), 2.5 ounces when empty and 8 ounces capacity for each
  • One set of two 25mm breast funnels
  • One set of two 28mm breast funnels
  • Two valves, two valve bases, and one spare valve
  • One spare filter for the connection kit

How the Freemie Freedom Breast Pump Works

According to medical advisory in breastfeeding babies, it is essential that you breastfeed your child for the next six months before introducing solid foods. On the other hand, at times this is not possible hence the need to buy a breast pump to help you collect milk that your husband, partner or the house help can later give to the child while you are away or busy.

Now that you have the breasts savor at your disposal, you need to know the working mechanism that renders its usefulness. If you read the package instructions, it appears as a medical protocol that will mess up if you allow any mistakes in the course of assembly or use. However, simple to understand once you approach it with an open mind.

Here are the fundamentals:

  • Pumping each breast needs a flange for covering purposes. You can also call it the breast shield.
  • It is a Freemie hands-free breast pump which means it does the pumping as your hands attend to something else. As it pumps, the unit generates a suction which vacuums the seal on the nipples just like a baby’s way of sucking milk. The rhythmical effect emulates how a baby sucks from the breast.
  • Since we are looking at an electric breast pump, there is a set duration of the pumping effect which is one pull per second.
  • After the milk is released to the funnels, it goes to the collection cups via the connection point.

You Need To Be Aware Of Funnel Sizes

Getting the wrong funnel size for your breast is the beginning of all troubles associated with using the freemie freedom standard breast pump. Here is information from Freemie guidelines about funnels and obtaining the correct size.

freemie breast pump

Comparison between freemie funnels and traditional shields

The Freemie conduits are identical to the conventional shape of the shields. The Freemie designers have however added a flat surface that guarantees a comfortable fit and a larger surface area for proper sealing ability.

The range of funnel sizes for the current world

Medical practitioners agree that getting the correct size for your breasts requires some observation and practical use. Many moms out there swell on the nipples during the pumping session. It is therefore advisable to check after a continuous 5-minute pumping.

At times, you might need different sizes for different breasts. Don’t worry if that is the case. That is why there are two sets of different sized funnels to accommodate such a scenario. On the other hand, requiring different-sized substitutes diminishes once everything becomes established.

Finding the correct funnel fit

Here, we need to experiment so, do the following:

  • Turn on the pump then begin to check according to the points below
  • Is your nipple rubbing the funnel sides?
  • Does the nipple base pose to have absolute authority to eject milk during the pumps?
  • Is there any pain?
  • Did a ring of skin chips appear in the funnel after removal?

For the questions, if you are answering yes to everything, then look for a different funnel size. If you are having a proper fit, your nipples should move in out freely, and the areolar tissue should have minimal movements with no pain.

If the funnel is too small, the nipple will have restricted movements inward and outward. On the other hand, if it is too big, it allows too much of the breast and the areolar tissue. Is the tip hurting? Check to see if it is at the center. At the funnels’ center, the nipples will succumb freely to the pressure needed for suitable sealing without compressing the milk ducts. Since you will be doing in the clothes, your bra needs to fit appropriately to allow efficient pumping.

Funnel sizes

In this review, we have the 25mm and 28mm cups which you need to note that they represent the internal diameter. There are also 32mm funnels that you can also acquire separately if your package does not have them. If you are worried about the cups after changing the conduits, they are made to be compatible with all sizes.

Key Benefits From the Freemie Double Electric Breast Pump

Now that you are aware of the product details and getting the right funnel size, here are some of the benefits that mothers shared with us which we combined with freemie breast pump reviews from Amazon.

Hands-free operation

You will find this phrase in the product description but what does it mean? Your hands can be typing or reading some popular texts as the breast pump works on your breasts. This gives moms the ability to use it whether they are working on something crucial or just watching over the baby while the freemie hands free breast pump is on. This is a quite a relief to all busy moms.

Single or double pumping

The Freemie double electric breast pump can be used to either pump one breast while you nurse the child in the other or pump both when you are not around the kid. This gives you the ability to free the turgid breast as your kiddo is working on the other or pump both when at work and the baby is not around to set the breasts free for more milk.

Assembling the breast pump

The video below explains in a way that we cannot do with words. Overall, once you get everything correctly, it should take seconds to get everything in order and also disassembly. If you are in a work assembly, the quick assembling allowance is crucial if you are doing it without your employer’s knowledge or working under a tight schedule.

Your clothes can be on or off

If you are pumping at the rate of 8 times in a day, will you have to get your clothes off every time you require to collect?  That looks like torture, and it doesn’t have to be the norm. That is why the cups are made to fit inside your bra, and with loose clothing, everything will seem normal while seated behind the desk. You might look as if you stepped out of a boob plastic surgery, but if they are looking gorgeous with no pipes hanging around to give a clue, you have nothing to lose, right?

Quiet pumping time

Most breast pumping models will distract your partner which rules out the option of going with your equipment to work. That’s not the case when it comes to freemie freedom deluxe breast pump. It will help you draw less to no attention if you are in a working space and appreciate the value of discretion. How? By sucking the breasts quietly until you are done.


How you can use the collection cups gives the best of both world if you want to deploy them to another pump. If you dislike the frequent use of freemie since it does not pump milk out at the same rate with your child, the cups are compatible with other machines (if they can fit) which allows you to experiment different devices with the same comfortable cups.


At around $154, that’s a relative price for a long-time use breast pump in the sense that it is not the cheapest and neither expensive when you compare the freemie freedom breast pump with other competitive models.

Advantages of Owning A Freemie Freedom Double Electric Breast Pump

  • Allows you to pump anywhere regardless of whether it’s discrete affair or in the company of friends and family. Collection happens beneath the bra.
  • It is a hands-free pumping procedure so you can attend to other things while seated.
  • The collections cups are not only concealable but also compatible with a variety of pumps.
  • The machine permits single or double pumping.
  • They also allow quiet pumping time which qualifies it for use in a busy environment with scrutiny around.
  • Comfortable pumping sessions
  • Easy and quick assembly


  • The cups hold less volume (16 ounces in total) which is not suitable if you are a mother pumping more than the specified amount. They, however, don’t leak easily even after gaining an ounce more for each.
  • You cannot see through the cups due to their translucent nature that turns to opaque after use and also if the cups are in your clothes. It is however not much of an issue for most moms.
  • It might take longer for the pumps to finish pumping when compared to your child’s rate.
  • At times, the milk goes into the tubes. You should prevent it, but some customers say they have no problem with that as long as the machine is working.
  • It is an electric unit that does not permit battery use. You, therefore, need an outlet while in the office, at home and in the car. Other places that you are not familiar with will pose a challenge finding an AC socket.
  • You need to replace the filter after two months use since they get clogged up.

Freemie Freedom Breast Pump for You

We thank the freemie freedom breast pump for being discrete when times are tough for mothers looking forward to fulfilling the six-month breastfeeding requirement but are tied up by other crucial tasks. The breasts might appear bigger than usual, but loose clothing can help hide the visual and people will not notice – remember that the device is quiet all through.

There are different funnel sizes for the range of breast sizes available, and the collection cups can be used with another compatible machine. Another notable feature which is the best of all is the hands-free operation. That means you can have a chat while drinking coffee with a friend with no tampering until the pumping time is over.

Overall, it is a breast pumping machine worth giving a shot!

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