How to Fold a Pop Up Beach Tent? Really So Easy!


Some people believe that beach umbrellas just don’t do it for them on the beach; they reckon they are too heavy, they are difficult to put up especially when there is a lot of wind. If two people were under the umbrella, well, more than 3 became a crowd when looking for shade! These days, people are finding being down on the beach so much easier with the popular pop-up beach tents that are fast becoming a common sight on many a beach all over the world. They are airy, they are attractive, they offer shade for all the members of the family. Some are said to be disappointing in that one loses out on the lovely sea breezes and delightful beach smells and sights that one can usually espy behind your sunglasses! Remember that some tents will claim to support quite a lot of people so check the dimensions of your tent to see which will work for your family. Also, check the specs to see if the tent you choose is designed for different weather types and can withstand the conditions.

Assembly of these popular pop-up beach tents is pretty straightforward and easy, but boy, putting them down again and folding them up is something quite different.  The name suits them well because that’s exactly what they do, they ‘pop up’, and in seconds you can already be enjoying other more exciting beach activities, and they are so light too.

3 Easy Steps to Fold Pop Up Tents in 3 Different Key Shapes

Fold A Pop Up Beach Tent

1. Fold it first to an oval shape

Stand in front of your tent at the opening and grab the two side of the entrance of the tent. Fold first the left side right down to the ground and then do exactly the same for the right-hand side, bringing the tent down on top, holding both sides together – you will see that your tent will now be in an oval shape.

2. Then to figure eight

Next, place the pop-up tent on its side, applying pressure down to the middle section so that the tent ends up looking like the figure eight. Once you’ve got this shape, keep your weight in the middle so the tent doesn’t move out of position.

3. Then to circle

Grab one end your figure eight tent shape and fold it over the other, so that now you will end up with a circle shape. You needn’t worry about the poles; they are very flexible and won’t break. While you hold the tent in the circle shape, pull the elastic bands around to keep in shape, and to tuck the poles in, so it will be easy for you to pack your tent into the bag. Zip it up and off you go!

Clean It and Air Your Fold Up Tent before Packing Up

Pop Up Beach Tent

Before just folding your pop up tent away at the end of a wonderful beach day, you will first need to make sure it’s cleaned and aired. Usually, this will entail shaking out the sand and other dirt. You might think you will just do this later, but remember that sand, food and fruit juice spills, etc. can get entrenched into the tent folds. Just tip the tent over to get rid of all the sand and debris. You could wipe it down too with some powdered laundry detergent on a moist rag if it is dirty. But remember not to pack it away when it is damp because then you will find mold collecting; not only mold but it can develop odors as well, and you don’t want that! That is why after wiping it down, another good idea is to let it stand for about an hour after cleaning it and before folding up and packing it away. Any sleeping bags, pillows and other stuff inside the tent will also get aired out at the same time.

Fold A Pop Up Beach Tent Could be Simple, Choose Your Best Beach Tent

Choosing the right pop up beach tent can really make your day at the beach extra special. Sunburn on the beach when there are little children, oldies and toddlers around can be pretty dangerous, but the right pop-up beach tent can really do a great job of decreasing the chances of your family getting burned or uncomfortable. There are plenty of pop-up tent types to choose from in your favorite colors and ranging in price, depending on what you pick. You also get pop up beach tents for babies as well. Find one that fits your needs but also which will be just as easy to take down and fold back again. You will find them worth it, enabling you to spend most of your time enjoying the great outdoors without needing to set a whole lot of time aside at the end of the day figuring out how to take the tent down again. Remember, life’s a beach so that means finding a pop-up beach tent goes that goes up and down in seconds, leaving you to enjoy fun hours on the beach. Choose the ideal one that will suit the needs of your family – then it becomes just a breeze.


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