Floradix Iron Supplement During Pregnancy


Iron is a vital component in our bodies especially when you are pregnant. That is why its deficiency or anemia during pregnancy can complicate the development of the growing fetus and you, the mother. The market is loaded with numerous iron supplements, and Floradix is one of them.

In this guideline, you will learn about:

  • What is Floradix?
  • What does Floradix do?
  • What do you need to remember?
  • Benefits of iron during pregnancy
  • When to take iron and how much
  • Low iron risks
  • Iron deficiency symptoms
  • Other dietary sources of iron
  • Side effects of iron supplements

What Is Floradix?

It is an iron supplement used to counter anemia. Many women go for it due to low iron levels in the body during pregnancy. The deficiency is fatal to both the mother and fetus hence the need to remedy the situation. During the gestation period, blood volume increases by about 50%.

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The need for more blood due to the unborn child’s growth calls for more hemoglobin. Inadequate iron generates little hemoglobin which brings unwanted complications. That is why pregnant women will ask for Floradix to prevent the problems produced by lack of enough iron in the body.

What Does Floradix Do?


Being an iron supplement, the rate of absorption in the body is higher than food and other drinks. Reports also show that is absorbed faster than other supplements. Most of them will have a 2-10% absorption rate which is lower than 25% boasted by Floradix. The supplement intake helps the mother to ease the effects brought about by other supplements such as nausea and constipation.

Visiting a doctor due to iron deficiency may result in Floradix recommendation if it isavailable. Dosage instructions direct you to take two 10ml amounts every day before eating. To help increase absorption, consider drinking an orange juice.

One thing you need to note though is that you should not take any dairy products for the next two hours after Floradix consumption. They will hinder or slow down absorption. Following the right instructions when using this iron supplement, there should be no problems arising later.

What Do You Need To Remember?

If the doctor recommends an iron supplement to help keep the iron levels in a healthy state, you should take it every day to help your body generate the right amounts. It is also important that you do not skip a dose during the intake period.

It is okay to be concerned about the composition of individual iron supplements especially the presence of angelica root which is known to cause menstruation. However, most of them do not contain too much of this element to cause such problems during pregnancy.

If you have any questions about the supplement, take your time with the physician to clear the air before obeying the dosage instructions. Follow the advice given to make sure you attain the best health as you work towards the delivery day.

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Benefits of Iron during Pregnancy

As mentioned before, blood volume increases as the fetus grow hence the need for more hemoglobin. That is why you are bound to experience anemia when pregnant. Apart from preventing lower hemoglobin levels, the placenta also uses a significant percentage which is another aspect causing the deficiency. Iron also helps the movement of oxygen from your lungs to other parts of the body, and the baby needs oxygen too.

That is why you need a supplement like Floradix to treat the deficiency. Otherwise, lack of iron might lead to early pregnancy or deliver a tiny baby.

When to Take Iron and How Much

You should take a small dose after the first prenatal appointment. In many scenarios, the amount of iron you get from the prenatal vitamin is enough but to curb lower levels later, 30mg per day will be necessary.

After delivery, during the breastfeeding period, the intake should be at least 9mg per day for those moms aged 19 years and above. If you are 18 years or younger and breastfeeding, 10mg of iron will be enough for the day.

Low Iron Risks

Lack of iron is one of the significant deficiencies, and you suffer more during the third trimester. It can lead to issues like premature delivery, anemia, low birth weight and risking perinatal infant mortality.

Reasons for low iron levels may be due to:

  • You are in need of more iron with the pregnancy at hand
  • Your diet does not have enough iron
  • The food you take does not supply the right amount because of poor absorption

Iron Deficiency Symptoms

Feeling weak and dizzy

They are symptoms that will not pass unnoticed since most of the pregnant women will experience fatigue, dizziness, and weakness. It happens whether you are anemic or not yet. Anemia signs are known to be subtle that is why it is recommendable to take an iron supplement (Floradix) to guard your body against the deficiency syndrome.

Breath shortness

Due to anemia progress, you may feel tired and difficult breathing when going uphill or taking the stairs. The shortness of breath is also another normal pregnancy symptom so we cannot wholly rely on it as an iron deficiency sign.


Your skin will be whiter than the usual skin tone. It is noticeable on your eyelids, lips, and fingernails. Friends will also tell you about the change, saying things like you look exhausted and washed out. The pale appearance comes as a result of few red blood cells in the blood. It is one of the early iron deficiency signs.

Heart and circulation abnormalities

Anemia can bring faster or irregular heartbeats which are accompanied by chest pains. The reason for this symptom is because your heart is working harder than expected to make sure that blood rich in oxygen flows to all through your body. You may also note your feet and hands are feeling numb. It is due to inadequate oxygenated blood circulation.

Headaches and lack of concentration

Your body is struggling to keep up with supplying blood rich in iron. So, you experience recurrent head aching, concentration difficulty and often getting irritated. You might not be able to concentrate on your activities whether work or school hence an inadequate performance.

Weird cravings

Researchers have linked iron deficiency to a condition referred to as pica. This condition makes you experience an abnormal desire for non-food items such as paint, clay or paper. It is not okay to feel that way, and you should not give in unless you want to ruin your health. Call your healthcare provider if you notice this form of craving. It is a regular occurrence for women to have food cravings when pregnant but pica is an indication of a physical or psychological disorder.

Other Dietary Sources of Iron

Foods rich in iron that can help you get enough iron for your body includes:

  • Red meat
  • Poultry
  • Whole grain products
  • Dried beans, lentils and peas

Iron found in beef, chicken, and fish are readily absorbed in the body when compared to other sources. Utilizing small amounts of iron from animal sources can aid in the absorption of iron from other food sources.

Also choose foods with iron as one of the ingredients especially when going for bread, pasta, and cereals. It is also recommendable to combine the iron sources with vitamin C which can be from oranges or tomatoes. The vitamins also helps in iron absorption from your meal.

There are some types of food you should avoid when taking foods containing iron. They include tea, coffee, and any dairy products. They prevent proper absorption of iron so avoid them when eating the main course meal.

Side Effects of Iron Supplements

The recommended iron amount from supplements is 30mg, but you should not take anything more than 45mg per day. Always follow your doctor’s advice. The supplements may cause vomiting, constipation, nausea, and diarrhea.

At times, your body can adjust to the high iron level intake in a few days’ time. Eating food rich in fiber or drinking water frequently will ease the constipation issue. If the side effects do not stop, try taking them with food. Also, you can ask the doctor if a stool softener is a suitable idea.



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