Best Cuticle Remover for Your Needs in 2018


You can tell a lot about a person by their hands. From a simple handshake, you can glean if someone does a lot of manual labor, how much they pay attention to their nail hygiene, and if they like to bite their nails or cuticles (hey, we’re not judging if you do). But let’s face it. No one wants to be known as the guy or gal with bad nail beds, or worse, the person with bleeding, scraggly, or overgrown cuticles.

So if you’re wondering what the best options are for taking care of your hands and nails, or if you’re even asking yourself, “what is a cuticle?” read on for tips, tricks, and products you need to check out.

Reviews of Best 4 Cuticle Removers

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1.Best Budget Cuticle Remover for the Value ProLinc Cuticle Eliminator

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This 4-ounce bottle of ProLinc Cuticle Eliminator helps save time and your nail beds by softening cuticles in seconds. It’s a great value and easy to use for pedicures, manicures, or artificial nails. You can have a professional-grade manicure or pedicure experience at home in no time.

To use the ProLinc Cuticle Eliminator, just apply the solution to the area of the nail bed that has the overgrown cuticle. Let the cuticle remover sit on your nail cuticle for at least 45 seconds. You may need a little more time if the cuticle is particularly thick or overgrown. Once ready, use a cuticle pusher to push back gently and remove the cuticle from the nail plate. After you’re done, make sure to wash your hands thoroughly.

2.Quickest Cuticle Remover With a Few Extra Perks Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover

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Available in 1-ounce packages, you can’t go wrong with the Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover if you’re on-the-go and in need of a quick nail bed fix. The biggest draw to this product is that it can soften dry, thick cuticles in as little as 15 seconds and it claims to be good for penetrating calluses too. The Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover contains aloe and chamomile to soothe your dry cuticles and help condition the nail plate.

To tackle your cuticles, apply a thin band of the solution to the nail plate and under the nail tips. After 15 seconds, begin to push back and remove the excess cuticle that the cuticle remover helped to soften. If you want to tackle stubborn calluses, apply the solution to the callused skin for up to 1 minute (but no longer than that). Wash hands thoroughly once finished.

3.Best Luxury Brand for Removing Stubborn Cuticles Deborah Lippmann Cuticle Remover

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No waiting necessary with the Deborah Lippmann Cuticle Remover. This cuticle remover claims to instantly soften the most stubborn cuticle — without having to rub or soak the solution into the nail bed. Simply apply a small amount of the cuticle remover with the cute dropper or brush, and then gently push back and remove the cuticle with a cuticle pusher. See? Easy.

Available in half-ounce bottles, this cuticle remover stands out above the rest as it uses virgin wool wax (lanolin) oil to prevent dehydration of the cuticle, so it moisturizes as it removes. Lanolin oil is a natural humectant, so your skin can retain more of its natural moisture. For added value, follow up with the Deborah Lippmann The Cure Ultra Nourishing Cuticle Repair Cream or the Deborah Lippmann Cuticle Oil.

4.The Good but Still Luxury Choice for Removing Stubborn Cuticles Butter LONDON Melt Away Cuticle Exfoliator

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The butter LONDON Melt Away Cuticle Exfoliator offers you big luxury in a small package. In this 2.5-ounce bottle, you can gently remove dry and overgrown cuticles within minutes. The manufacturers also claim that the formula will lead to softer and healthier cuticles over time with continued use. This posh cuticle remover boasts there’s  “no clipping required,” and that it’s free of a ton of troublesome ingredients like Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, DBP, Toluene, Camphor, Ethyl Tosylamide, Xylene, or TPHP.

Using the butter LONDON Melt Away Cuticle Exfoliator is easy. Shake well and then apply the solution to the cuticle and nail bed in a thin coat. Wait 2 minutes for the solution to soak into the cuticle, and then gently push back the cuticle with a metal or wooden cuticle pusher. To finish your nail prep, follow up with the butter LONDON Nail Foundation Priming Basecoat and the Quickfix Moisturizing Cuticle Balm for the best results.

How Do I Trim and Maintain My Cuticles? Find the Best Cuticle Remover for Your Needs

Knowing how to maintain your cuticles starts with having a clear understanding of what cuticles are in the first place. The purpose of your nail cuticle is to protect your growing nail as it comes from the nail bed. While this is an important function, without proper grooming, your cuticles can thicken and harden and become overgrown.

Before you reach for the nearest sharp tool (ouch!) to trim your cuticles in a pinch, consider using cuticle remover. Cuticle remover is often made up of specific acids (usually potassium hydroxide or sodium hydroxide) that work together to soften and break down the cuticle. From there, gently remove the dead cuticle using special tools like a metal cuticle pusher or an orangewood stick.

When you use cuticle remover, it’s easier to rid your nails of dead cuticle. Without cuticle remover, however, you run the risk of causing trauma to the nail bed, and bleeding and infection can occur. No one wants painful, infected cuticles. Make sure to wash your hands after using cuticle remover, as it contains acids that break down the skin, and chase that cuticle remover with cuticle oil to restore and lock in moisture.

Taking care of your cuticles is an important, vital part of addressing the health of your nails. Whether you always have perfectly manicured hands, or you’d probably benefit from some quality time with some nail clippers and a good soak, you can find value in any of these cuticle removers available on the market. Address your nail health today and put your best foot (or hand) forward.


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