5 Best Maternity (Fashion) Clothes 2018 Buying Guide


There is no better feeling in the world than expecting a baby. It may be a difficult journey, but it seems to be worth it all in the end.

To help you the best fashion clothes for pregnant moms we have compiled this buying guide. The guide will help you keep in mind the things that will enhance the comfort of the clothes without compromising on the fashion. There are also a couple of answered questions to help you through confusions.

Finally, our product reviews will help you wrap it up with a clear idea.

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Reviews of Best Maternity Clothes for Stylish Mom

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1. HARHAY Maternity Knee Length Sleeveless Lace Tank Dress

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The Harhay maternity dress is made with a combination of rayon, lace, polyester, and soft jersey. Each material makes it more durable and fashionable along with being comfortable.

The dress is sleeveless and has a design with cuts to keep you on the go without restrictions. The dress is also stretchy to keep help you fit into your pregnancy size easily. There are different colors available to for you to pick your favorite.

The lack of a zipper and clasp ensures that users do not become uncomfortable as they dig into the skin.


  • There is no zipper or clasp to prevent it from digging into the skin and causing inconvenience
  • A combination of four different materials allows durability and comfort
  • The dress is made very stretchy to accommodate changing sizes


  • The dress does not have a special space for a bump making it rise
  • Material is very light and needs a lining

Bottom line:

This maternity dress is the perfect combination of fashion and comfort for pregnant women. The stretchiness and the lack of anything that can make the dress very difficult to carry give it a bonus thumbs up.

2. Beachcoco women’s maternity knee-length tank dress:

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Make your pregnancy days much comfortable by Beachcoco soft dresses. Its knee length tank dress is made of a stretchy material which is smooth. This will set itself according to your growing body. Beachcoco women’s tank dress is made of USA quality fabric which contains 96% rayon and 4% spandex material.

The dress is sleeveless so you may fit in it comfortably without any irritation around arms or elbows. Also, it would be great to wear in summers. The fabric quality is just too perfect which is neither too thin nor thick. Available in 4 different sizes and multiple colors, grab one for yourself.


  • The size of the dress is just perfect for everyone.
  • It is cute looking with a soft material and fabric is also lightweight.
  • The dress is soft cotton with a nice neckline.
  • It is fitted up so you can wear jackets and sweaters too.


  • Very small near the breast area.
  • It is hard to get wrinkles out of it even after ironing.

Bottom line:

This maternity tank dress is a perfect combo of softness and comfort at the same time. Wearing this would make your days to be a blessing.

3. Zeta Ville women’s maternity dress:

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Another amazingly beautiful and comfortable dress for making you stay fit, Zeta Ville maternity dress is here. This is a skater dress with short sleeves ideal for summer parties as well. It has a wrap V neckline and flares to make you look cuter in your pregnancy days and you will want to wear it again and again.

This Zeta Ville dress is made of jersey material with a V neckline making breastfeeding even more comfortable. Ideal to wear casually, you can wear this dress on occasions too. This dress is available in a variety of colors as you wish with standard US sizes making you to comfortably wear them on your growing size.


  • This dress fits your body perfectly.
  • This dress is made of lightweight jersey material which does not make your body pressurized.
  • The fabric is breathable for summers and V neckline is a great plus.


  • The light colors are even lighter than mentioned.
  • Some of the colors are see through.

Bottom line:

This dress by Zeta Ville is great for moms to make their days more dreaming. With the modest lengths and perfect sizing, this is an ideal choice.

4. Simplicity women’s summer short sleeve dress:

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Coming with cutely designed stripes on the top with an ecstatic outlook, simplicity maternity dress is all you want to keep your comfort and style on the same track. This is a cute summertime dress which is made of soft cotton/spandex material. The fabric is stretchy enough to adjust itself to your body.

Not only is that it stylish but features two-toned stripes and a solid pattern to enhance its looks. Keeping your fitting needs into account, simplicity has made this dress with a bow tie ribbon. This adds much to its style and snug fit. This dress has short sleeves and the length is medium.


  • This is really lightweight material dress which makes it perfect to wear in summers.
  • The fabric gets fit on your body according to its shape.
  • This is a very soft and comfy dress to wear casually or on occasions.
  • It has an excellent quality despite the price.


  • The length is too short for some.
  • The excess fabric gets bunched up in the top.

Bottom line:

Making you look more beautiful in your maternity days, this dress by Simplicity is a must buy for those moms looking to make their pregnancy days even more memorable.

5. Caramel cantina maternity top:

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Supporting you through all your maternity days, Caramel Cantina maternity top is the best for your pregnancy day’s needs. It is made of 95% rayon and 5% spandex fabric material which makes it super smooth and soft. Hugging your body perfectly, it is a maternity top which fits snugly.

This top comes with a dolman quarter length sleeves which adds to its style. Having a V back and a strap, it looks super cute as you wear it. It has ruched sides and the fabric material is ideal to wear in summers too due to its breathability. Available in 4 colors and sizes, this could be the best addition to your wardrobe for during or after pregnancy.


  • This is a super lightweight shirt with a soft texture.
  • It gets fit according to your growing body and the drop back has a modest length too.
  • This shirt does not get shrink after wash.


  • The fabric is so thin.
  • The cut is unflattering and seems not appealing.

Bottom line:

This is super cute with breathable material fabric shirt ideal for soon to be moms. With an amazing price and cloth quality, you must grab one for yourself or gift to your friend.

5 Features of Maternity Clothes for The Modern Mother

Most women think that they need to sacrifice on fashion for comfort when they are expecting. However, this is a stereotype that has been broken with the variety in the market. To help you choose comfort with fashion, we have derived a few focal points while purchasing.

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★ Choose Stretchable Material

One of the most important things that pregnant women need in their clothes is space to fit into them with their changing size. A material that is stretchable is the best way to work them throughout the time. There may be several different materials, but the best one is Spandex. Spandex is comfortable and highly stretchable.

It comes in various qualities and can easily be a part of your dress without causing discomfort. Also, make sure to check the size and the limit of the stretchiness so that you do not have to face problems later.

★ Look For Support for the Bump

Another important part of your clothes to remain comfortable should be the cloth that helps you support your bump. Expecting mothers know how hard it is to wear clothes while supporting your bump all day long.

To help through this issue, by clothes that have extra cloth in the front which is placed in a way that it supports your bump and keeps you comfortable. Make sure the extra fabric is not disturbing in any way.

★ Look At It from Different Angles

Since your body shape will change so will the way you wear clothes change. To help you through this, try on clothes and ask a friend or the attendant to check it from everywhere while you are in different positions.

You do not want to have a clothing malfunction or remain uncomfortable by pulling down your dress all day.

★ Check for Restrictions

A way to remain comfortable in your clothing is to make sure that it does not restrict you a lot. Of course, the clothes will be a little fitting on the bump end, but other than that, you do not want to have your clothes restrict all your movements to make sure the fit is accordingly.

★ Make Them Breathable and Cool

While pregnant, women seem to feel warm most of the time. Make sure that whatever outfit you are going for, it should be well ventilated and cool. Ideally, you should not go for materials that seem to warm you up and have a lack of air passages.

5 FAQs about Modest Maternity Clothes Choosing

Even after seemingly having all the information, there is still some confusion that buyers seem to have. The reason behind this is the variety in the market and the different features there are to offer at different prices. The following are a few questions that we have answered according to the best of our knowledge.

questions about the maternity clothes

◇ Why do I need maternity clothes, can’t I just wear oversized clothes?

Of course, you can go for oversized or a man’s clothing at home to fit into your new size but once you go out, you will need something that fits your body shape well.

Moreover, regular clothes do not have the kind of support on the bump and the breasts that a woman requires every day while she is expecting. It is also ideal for you to get everyday clothes that have this support so that you do not have any problems while relaxing at home.

◇ When is the right time to buy pregnancy clothes?

Most women have stated that buying pregnancy clothes is better when you have entered your second trimester because that is when you start seeing the physical changes in your body.

However, some women like to wear them late by the third trimester which is also not a problem. The point is to make sure that you are stylish and comfortable all the time.

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◇ What size should I get?

Maternity clothes are available in many different sizes that you can choose from. However, since the aim is to help them fit throughout the trimesters, it is ideal to buy at least two sizes up if you are buying them in the early stages.

Some clothes will also have tags that will help you determine how much they can stretch out which will make them easier to choose from. Sometimes, this trick may also not work since you do not know the size of your baby.

◇ Can I use maternity clothes after my pregnancy?

Of course, you can wear them since no one will stop you but you will feel odd yourself since they have extra fabric to support the bump and the chest and hence, they will make you look pregnant. Some women have claimed that they work pretty well post pregnancy and while they are breastfeeding.

Some clothes are easily altered if they are cotton, so if you want you can use resize them. The best way is to save them for future needs or you can rotate them among your family and friends.

◇ What is the ideal material for maternity clothes?

Maternity clothes are available in almost every material and you can buy the ones according to your choice. The best out of the many materials is cotton which is soft and easy to breathe.

Spandex needs to be a part of your clothes so that it can grow with your bump and fit easily. Make sure that the material you take is soft and comfortable. It should not cause any kind of allergies or discomfort to you.

There Are the Right Pregnancy Clothes to Wear

The abovementioned guide has a few products that are the best fashion clothes for pregnant moms in the market recently. Each one of them is comfortable, fashionable, and elegant. These are there to show you that there are still stylish clothes available in the market.

Following the above-mentioned pointers, you will find that you can buy fashionable clothes while you are pregnant that is also comfortable. You no longer have to wear oversized and bad fitted clothes just because you are an expecting mother. You can make a style statement with your clothes even when you are pregnant.

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