6 Essential Things to Do before Your Baby Arrives


If you’re pregnant right now, you will probably have realized that you are going to be the center of your little baby’s universe for some time! For the baby, his or her whole universe will be you and the nursery. As soon as you bring Baby home from the hospital, his or her days will start and end in the nursery, Therefore this special place must be calm, comfortable and appealing, let alone safe.

Let’s Take a Peek At What Essential Things Need to be In This Nurseryessential things about the baby

1.  Crib/Cot and Bassinet

  • When baby is brand new, a bassinet is usually an excellent choice. It’s portable too, which means you can carry Baby from room to room, keeping an eye on him while he sleeps. They are ideal for a brand new baby but not really meant for babies after about four or five months. From the bassinet, you will transfer baby over to his cot or crib to sleep in at night.
  • Your newborn’s needs are simple: a firm, flat mattress and a safe enclosure where he will feel protected and secure. There are safety regulations around cribs, so read this to make sure that your precious baby has all the right equipment in his room for peace of mind. In Baby’s crib, there should only be two things. First, a tight fitting, firm mattress with a crib sheet. Many parents find it a huge temptation to want accessories, like dolls and teddies, other stuffed toys, etc. But these are not recommended for babies under a year – they are suffocation hazards.

2.  A Changing Table

  • So you can change Baby’s diaper, you need a changing table; one designed specifically for your little joy. You could also choose any flat surface for changing baby like the floor or a bed but it needs to be safe and sturdy. Remember never to leave baby alone on the changing table, not even for a moment. Many of the changing tables come with in-built baby baths and you slide baby from the bath to his changing table. But this is not essential and baby can also be bathed in your own bathroom. Just remember to keep the bathroom room at the right temperature (e.g. 75-80°). In fact, look at this and make up your own mind – because sometimes there are things that people will advise you what to get for baby and what not to get for baby. You can decide.

Naturally, you want a warm and happy place for Baby to spend so many hours in, and that  means you will want to decorate the room. But it’s not just any paint or any curtains. This  needs careful planning and consideration too!

Colors, Cleanliness and Care For the Baby’s Roomessential things before the baby

It all depends on what you want for your precious bundle, but a baby’s room can feature brightly colored wallpapers, nursery furniture and toys; all to fit within any budget.  And while it’s extremely fun pouring over decorating ideas for the room, it’s the most important thing to see that it’s tranquil and safe. We’ve covered the crib and the babies bath/changing area – but let’s make sure his room is just right.

  • Furniture     It’s a good idea to arrange the furniture so that they are away from the window. If they are too close, Baby can reach out for window cords which are a big strangulation hazard. When bigger, he could climb up the window and fall down as well. You need to have window guards installed, and also buy the cordless-type window covering if possible.
  • Toys     Everyone wants and has a toy box in Baby’s room, to make his place fun and to keep him entertained and amused. If the toy box has got a lid on it, it needs a special kind of mechanized arm to prevent the lid from collapsing down on the baby’s hand or causing him to be trapped inside if he managed to climb inside.
  • Electrical and other outlets     Don’t forget the plug protectors for the electrical outlets that you aren’t using. Look out for the ones that cover the entire outlet. As Baby gets bigger and becomes adventurous and determined as he grows, he can easily wiggle the individual ones out their sockets. Remember as with the curtain cords, keep electrical cords tucked away behind furniture; out of Baby’s reach.
  • Where must I put Baby’s lotions, potions and powders?     Baby’s creams, his powders, things like alcohol-based hand gels and stuff need to be stored away in a cupboard, and out of Baby’s reach. They’re much more dangerous than you could ever imagine. The ingestion of personal care products and cosmetics is a huge concern, according to American Association of Poison Control Centers.

Safety Tips Around Baby-Friendly Décoressential things about the baby

Décor – Keep your beautiful baby artwork light weight – keeping heavy type mirrors and picture frames out of Baby’s room. Avoid mobiles with long strings and ribbons that Baby can reach or use to pull himself up.

  • Paint – Paint should be water-based. See that the paint has low levels of VOC, or volatile organic compounds – preferably none at all. When you paint, paint in a room that is well ventilated, airing it for 2-3 days to clear the room of any vapors.
  • Back to the furniture Pressed wood, particle-board and plywood should be avoided. Often these contain formaldehyde. These   can  cause throat and nose irritations, breathing and health problems. Remember too, that the heavier type furniture should be properly anchored to the wall so as not to topple over on baby. Avoid putting heavy on top of dressers, etc. The lower drawers of cupboards might need safety latches so baby doesn’t climb up and over them like “stairs”.

The General Stuff That Needs Getting Done Around The Home, But Equally Important

It is absolutely exciting, fun and a joyous occasion to prepare for baby’s arrival. But it’s also a huge commitment. Here is a list of all what baby is going to need, before he, she or they arrive! It covers everything from products, to clothes, to all the necessities and will really help you prepare along this exciting journey!

3.  Wash Baby’s Clothing and Bedding Before He Arrives

All those simply adorable, fluffy, soft outfits and baby-blankets you have already got stacked in the cupboards need to get laundered. This is important; to rinse away all the irritants that are in the fabrics. Only the gentlest of detergents, designed specifically for babies, should be used. Look out for labels that say hypoallergenic because they are good for sensitive-skin babies.

4.  Mom, Is Your Bag Packed?essential things about the baby

It’s super exciting having a baby. That means if you are booked to have Baby at a hospital, you need to have your bags packed and ready. In fact, you should have the bag packed about a month before because baby will be the one to announce his arrival, early or late! Most women only stay a night or two if they are having a natural childbirth. But if you are having a C-section, maybe the time spent in hospital can be a bit longer. Pack what you need for labor as well as the birthing plan. Here are some typical things for example that you would want to put in the bag:

  • Toiletries
  • Pajamas
  • Slippers, socks, comfy pants, clean underwear (plenty)
  • Baby clothes
  • Camera

But don’t panic! Here’s a full list of what to pack and how to prepare for that Big Day!

Don’t forget to stock up on your own personal supplies.

5.  Are Your Cupboards at Home Stacked With Necessities?

So that you don’t have to make many trips to the shops because you forgot this or forgot that, stock up your pantry early with frozen foods, pre-prepared meals, etc. Make sure your own medical cupboard has the necessary after-birth care products such as washes, wipes, medications, diapers, extra baby bottles, sanitary pads, soaps, etc.

6.  Is Your Car In Order and Have You Installed the Baby Seat?

If you have planned to give birth at a hospital, etc., the last thing you want when you are about to give birth is to experience car troubles. Get your car checked out in advance, making sure there is sufficient fuel. Bringing baby home in the car, you cannot bring him home without an installed car seat. Here is a link that will help you with advice on installing and preparing the car seat ready for your precious cargo.

… And Just to Make Sure, For Peace of Mind!

  • A soft carrier for your newborn, so that you can move around and work or go to the shops keeping him close to you.
  • A diaper bag with waterproof pockets for storage of bottles, diapers, etc. when you go out.
  • Nursing wear for moms.
  • Breastfeeding supplies, such as breast pump on standby to help you establish milk supply.
  • Have burping cloths available.
  • Easy outfits for baby in the beginning. You don’t want to spend 10 minutes dressing baby and then he soils his outfit, leaving you to start all over again!
  • Co-sleepers, which attach to the big bed and keep baby close to mom in the first couple of months.
  • Extra diapers and diaper creams – to keep Baby’s sensitive bottom non-irritated. Look out for all-natural ingredients, ones that have no petroleum in them.
  • A digital thermometer – so important so you can assess whether baby is ill and has a temperature.
  • Nail clipper for Baby’s nails.
  • A good reliable reference book is always excellent to have close by

 Baby Arriving Listsesssential things about the baby

The first year of being a first-time mom is definitely not something that you willever experience again, even if you have other kids. Every day is just a miracle, a wonderful journey! There are going to be times when you realize that nobody told you because they didn’t know – there are some things that you will have to find out and experience yourself.

Nobody can really tell you what to expect when you are expecting!

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