5 Best Pregnancy Test Tips For Accurate Results(Updated 2018)


You are worried if you are pregnant and would like to take a pregnancy test. Taking a pregnancy test has much to do with your own confidence and personal feelings. Home pregnancy test kits are useful tools for women to get the quickest results about whether pregnant or not.

Many women are confused even from the beginning of which pregnancy test should they choose. For a better decision it always helps if you know about all sorts of pregnancy tests that are possible at home. Knowing them helps in choosing what is best for you and your comfort. In this article , we have tested 5 brands of pregnancy kits for you to choose one more fit for you.

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All pregnancy test kits use human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG), which is a hormone produced by the placenta after implantation.Those tests must detect not just hCG, nevertheless also other types of pregnancy hormone like hCG-H, hCG, and hyperglycosylated hCG.  The cell will initiate when the fertilized egg has been implanted to the wall of the uterine, which will secrete the pregnancy hormone variation such as hCG-H.

Moreover, the hormone will be made at the initial stages of pregnancy prior to the prime pregnancy hormone, which is hCG that is mainly produced right after the implantation of different cell sets. That is, it cannot be detected until after implantation. So if the pregnancy test is performed at the very early stages of pregnancy, the result maybe in false negatives. hCG can be detected via blood 8 days after  fertilization of the egg.

Home pregnancy test kits that were made to become very sensitive must be able to notice the gestation earlier the 1st day of your missed period and it should be able to know more than 1 form of the pregnancy hormone.

First Response Pregnancy Test Review

The First Response early result pregnancy test can identify the pregnancy hormone prior than other home pregnancy examination kits in the market.

The enhanced First Response technology can identify the lesser levels of hCG in women. Do you know that the more delicate the pregnancy test is, the earlier you will know if you are pregnant or not?  It is very essential to know that there are women who might not have enough quantities of pregnancy hormone in the urine after their missed period. This is due to the variety of hCG levels in women that makes it hard to know the precise date of the next period.

The Essence of Doing early Pregnancy Detection

The 1st few weeks of pregnancy are crucial to the development of the fetus, so the initial prenatal care is so essential for a baby that will be healthy during pregnancy. The earlier you know that you are expecting, the earlier you can start making options for you and your baby and that includes your diet, restraining from being exposed to risks and your overall nutrition as well.  Now that you have the chance to know if you are pregnant or not even before you missed your period using The First Response Pregnancy Test.

First Response will enable you to know the results sooner than other pregnancy kits in the market. You can be 5 days ahead than other women wanting to know if they are pregnant or not too.  There is no need to wait if you have the chance to find out if you are having a baby or not. For around twenty years, First Response has been providing help to women in knowing if they are pregnant or not. This is the only pregnancy test that is very sensitive to hCG even at the lowest level. As a matter of fact, it can also be used 5 days before your missed period.

Helpful Review

With vast number of pregnancy test kits in the market these days, it is so daunting to know which is reliable or not. The earlier you know that you are pregnant the easier the planning and the pregnancy will be.  This test will provide you with an earlier result that you need to make your life easier along the way.

EPT Pregnancy Test Review

The Error Proof Test, also known as the EPT Test, guarantees that your

A box of EPT pregnancy test on the white.
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result is precise and simple to read. When you take an Error Proof Test pregnancy test, you can rest knowing the test is error proof as the name suggests. Ladies love EPT and have been purchasing this pregnancy test for decades.Now this is the ideal time to use this error free pregnancy kit for perfect results. With different varieties of pregnancy kits available in the market, EPT ensures better and accurate results.

You have two decisions while taking an EPT test. You can pick the reliable standard test, which offers an in addition positive or negative signs accordingly, or you can pick the computerized test. The computerized test basically utilizes the words, “pregnant” and “not pregnant” to display the results. It’s secure and simple to read, so women can quick to know the answer that they want to know.

EPT Pregnancy Test Accuracy

A EPT pregnancy test with positive result on the white.
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In the same way as other of the pregnancy tests available, the Error Proof Test is delicate enough to let you know whether you are pregnant up to five days earlier. In any case, you hold up until the next morning, that you missed your period to take the test, your results are 99 percent exact and error free. Testing five days early means you have marginally more than a 50 percent possibility of accurate result. The purpose behind, this is your body. Each lady is distinctive,this implies that some ladies deliver enough of the pregnancy hormone (hCG) sooner than others, permitting them to see a positive result early. Other ladies, on the other hand, don’t create enough of the hormone (hcg)early enough for a positive result five prior days their missed period.

The EPT pregnancy test is more delicate than numerous different tests available in the stores. This implies that regardless of the fact that you don’t get a positive result five prior days your period, it will even identify lower levels of hcg in urine, which implies the possibility of being pregnant.

The Most Effective Method to Use the EPT Pregnancy Test

Someone holds the EPT pregnancy test with one line on the specification.
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Both the standard and the advanced test are not difficult to utilize. You can pick between holding the permeable tip of the pregnancy test in your urine or urinating in a mug and dipping in. Whichever way you decide to test, you ought to dependably read the guidelines keenly. Regardless the last negative test, all pregnancy tests works a little in an unexpected way. This implies that the measure of time the test must be dipped in the urine may vary.

When you take the test, lay it on the counter in an upward position. So be mindful as to never flip around the test, this can contradict the results. when using the standard test, you will see a sign indicating whether you are pregnant or not. The second test show ought to have one line, which just tells you that the test is in the expected condition. While using the  computerized test, the words on the showcase will let you know whether you are pregnant or not pregnant.

EPT Pregnancy Test Advantages

EPT Pregnancy Test has been around since 1977, up to now, it is still the first choice for many women which has proved that it can be trusted among many kinds of homemade pregnancy test products. Ladies who utilize the EPT test are content with the results. It’s delicate enough to work early, simple to utilize, and the directions are clear and brief. Most ladies prefer EPT, for a dependable pregnancy test that is true and straightforward.

Equate Pregnancy Test Review

Of all the off-brand pregnancy tests accessible, ladies like the Equate test kit the best. It meets expectations pretty much, yet the cost is significantly more reasonable, which is accessible at  Amazon for roughly $7. Ladies say that the results are not difficult to read, the test is not difficult to use, and the cost is competitive.

It is a urine test that locates the pregnancy hormone known as human Chorionic Gonadotropin, or hCG, as right on time as the first day of a missed monthly period.

How Does Equate Pregnancy Test Work?

The Equate test works the same way all other pregnancy tests work. When you expel the stick from the wrapper, you take off the top and submerge the retentive tip into your urine. You can perform this by holding the Test stick putting urine, or you can urinate in a mug and hold the tip in the mug for the quantity of seconds instructed in the directions. When done with the guidelines hold the kit upward. Equate Pregnancy Test kit is modified to accurately make it simple to read the results within 3 to 4 minutes after putting the urine.

Equate Pregnancy Test kit Accuracy

The Equate test is designed with the goal that women c

an discover their pregnancy status with 99 percent precise results once missed the monthly period. Then again, on the off chance that you need to take the test early, it is effective enough to discover the pregnancy hormone in the urine up to five prior days you expect your period, compared with other pregnancy kits.

While taking this test early, know that your possibilities of a false negative result are high. When that the level of hcg in your urine is not sufficiently high to analyse, you will see a negative result. This may not mean you are not pregnant. It may very well imply that it was too soon for you to test. You can repeat the test again within 2days.The hcg hormone will have increased.


It’s critical that you read the manual keenly. Incase you don’t hold the wick in your urine long enough, the test outcomes you get may be invalid. Also, the time duration you hold still matters, your urine stream regularly contrasts from the measure of time you hold it in a mug of your urine. At long last, never hold the test upside down once you have plunged the tip in your pee, or it may not work effectively.

In any case, an early negative doesn’t mean anything, utilize this test a week after your missed period. In situations results still read negative, call your specialist to talk about potential therapeutic issues.

Wondfo Pregnancy Test Review

Wondfo Pregnancy test is not just like other pregnancy tests but it is somewhat a different type of test that is a choice for a lot of women and yet some other women choose other over this. The Wondfo pregnancy test just like a quickvue test checks on the hCG level in your urine and gives you a result accordingly. If the level of hCG is higher than 25 mIU/ml.

hCG levels will go higher on your body as soon as you miss your period but you will have to wait for atleast a week to understand whether it is time for you to take a test. The reason for this is that even after a women’s egg has been fertilized by the sperm of her partner, it will take around 4 weeks for it to get to the fallopian tubes. Only after this it will get into the uterus. This will take sometimes and only after this the hCG is relased to your body which increases the hCG levels in your urine too. This is when you need to take a test for the pregnancy. It won’t give you the right results if you take the test before the right time.

How Does Wondfo Pregnancy Test Work?

To see if you are pregnant, you can collect your sample urine in a cup provided for the test. You can pour two to three drops of your urine on to the testing pad and wait for its result. There are two zones for the Wondfo test. One is the control zone and the other is the test zone. The control zone shows a line immediately after the urine has been poured. If this happens, it means that the test is working and no errors are there in the tester. Then if this does not show as per the given guidelines, you need to choose another one for the test.

In the test zone, if the line appears, that means that you are pregnant. You may have to wait for as long as 5 minutes to see the accurate results and don’t be so fast to judge the results.


The reason for women preferring Wondfo tests are that there not just one tests but a number of them when you buy Wondfo as a package. This means that you can keep on testing until you feel that you have acquired the satisfaction for the result.

Another reason for women preferring this is it’s cheapness. It is cheap and affordable and same time is of good quality that you get. Hence there is no bad at all in preferring the Wondfo Pregnancy test over the others.

Hence it’s pretty much time for you to have the pregnancy test and if it shows a positive result, you are pretty much about to meet the doctor for the real tests based on it. But however mostly the Wondfo tests are right and only seldom does it gets a wrong results and that could be due to either the wrong following of instructions or a faulty piece.

A QuickVue Pregnancy Test Review

Quickvue is one such pregnancy test that lets you enjoy the homely comfort and gives you the result right away whether it is good news or a bad news (both ways). We are about to have a brief discussion on what is QuickVue and how to take the QuickVue test to know whether you are pregnant or not.

Now what’s QuickVue Pregnancy Test?

QuickVue pregnancy test is a rather simple test for pregnancy that involves testing of the human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) for whether or not it’s level rises up in your body. The limit is 25 mIU/ml. It is important to know how the test works for your better confidence about the test result.  The test makes use of your urine for the testing of hCG.

This test will be 99 % trustable when taken after a number of days you have missed your periods. The reason is that when your partner’s sperm fertilizes your egg, it will start traveling to your uterus where it will spend over 4 weeks. Your fertilized egg travels to the fallopian tube and before it gets into your uterus. It then implants itself to the walls of the uterus. Once it happens, your body starts releasing hCG to your blood which in turn will reach your urine through the kidney. This is how hCG is found in a pregnant woman’s urine.

Once the test has been taken, you can be pretty sure that the test result is 99% true. Even when your egg is fertilized, your body is not sure whether you are pregnant or not, and this is the reason why taking the test right after you have missed your periods will give no right results. You will have to wait for at least 72 hours before you take the test.

How to Take the QuickVue Test?

The QuickVue pregnancy test is comparatively simple and involves no complications. This makes it preferable for most of the women out there. The procedure that you need to follow is absolutely simple.

You are provided with a small bottle that lets you collect your urine on it. And then you are asked to squeeze three drops from it the testing device. It will detect the amount of hCG in your blood and will give you the result for whether you are pregnant or not. If to quote the fact, most of the Quickvue pregnancy test results were absolutely right. Choosing this test will be same time comfortable and trustable.

Final Verdict

In all, these pregnancy test can not be accurate all the time. And pregnant woman need to notice their health state and pregnant situation. According to your health state and real situation to choose the best brand of home pregnancy test.


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