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Depression is increasingly becoming a common phenomenon in the current society. Most often, depressed persons can be easily identified by their characteristics and way of life. However, there is a small portion of depressed patients who often go unnoticed. These are patients suffering from post-partum depression.

The mainstay treatment plan for depression remains seeing a psychologist, psychiatrist or taking antidepressants. That aside, would you believe if we told you of a better and simpler treatment modality for depression? Yes, that’s true!

The “End Your Depression” E-book provides great insights to patients on how to handle depression, especially post-partum depression. The guide, written by Cecil Ellis, a psychologist and Nutrition Specialist, describes his journey as he fought depression for decades.

Author of End Your Depression Book

The End Your Depression book is basically a journey of a depression sufferer who conquered this degenerative disease without sticking to medical plans and treatments as advised by many. According to Cecil, individuals have the power to dominate this sensational feeling and eliminate the negative feelings from their lives forever.

The book teaches you how to:

  • Win and control your depression and gain the upper hand over your depression symptoms
  • Free yourself once and for all from the negative thoughts and feelings of self-blame
  • Reclaim the lost power, thoughts, and life
  • End the suffering from the gripping power of depression

How Post-Partum Depression Comes About

Discover The Secrets To End Depression

There are many known causes of depression. They include environmental factors, physical causes, personal factors and post-partum causes. Each cause has its predisposing factors, often precipitating the occurrence of this disease.

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With post-partum depression, as the name suggests, occurs shortly after delivering a baby. For sure, having a baby can be stressful, regardless of how much you’ve yearned for it. This can be due to the variously associated shortcomings including sleep deprivation, lack of time for self and onset of new responsibilities.

It is due to this that most new moms feel like they are trapped in an emotional rollercoaster. At initial stages, this could be referred to as “baby blues” which can later advance to postpartum depression.

As mentioned, this mood disorder is associated with childbirth and can affect both sexes. The exact cause of postpartum depression is unclear but believed to be as a result of a combination of physical and emotional factors.

Hormonal changes, major life events, and genetics are among the common hypothesized causes of PPD. Strong evidence suggests that hormonal changes could be at the center stage of causing this condition. Hormones including estrogen, thyroid hormone, corticotrophin, cortisol among others have been studied for this.

Fathers undergoing hormonal changes can also develop postpartum depression. Profound lifestyle changes caused by the need to care for the infant has also been hypothesized to cause PPD.

Risk Factors

  • Birth-related psychological and physical trauma
  • Prenatal depression and anxiety
  • Family history of depression
  • Moderate and severe premenstrual symptoms
  • Maternity blues
  • Previous miscarriage or stillbirth
  • Formula feeding as opposed to breastfeeding
  • Cigarette smoking
  • Low self-esteem
  • Low social support
  • Poor or single marital status
  • Unwanted or unplanned pregnancy
  • Elevated prolactin or depleted oxytocin levels
  • Infant temperament problems

Signs and Symptoms of PPD

Like any other form of depression, postpartum depression comes with its signs and symptoms. It is known to occur anytime during the first year of postpartum. Diagnosis of this condition is considered once these signs and symptoms persist for more than two weeks. Symptoms include;

Symptoms can be broadly classified as emotional, behavioral and cognition symptoms.

Emotional symptoms

They include;

  • Persistent “empty” mood, sadness and anxiousness
  • Severe and persistent mood swings
  • Frustrations, restlessness, anger, and irritability
  • Feeling of guilt, shame and worthlessness
  • Numbness and emptiness
  • Trouble bonding with the baby
  • Feeling exhausted
  • Inability to be comforted
  • Feeling hopeless and helpless
  • Feeling inadequate to take care of the baby

Behavioral symptoms

  • Lack of pleasure and interest to take part in usual daily activities
  • Low libido
  • Lack of sleep or excessive sleep
  • Changes in appetite
  • Decreased motivation and energy
  • Poor self-care
  • General social withdrawal

Cognition Symptoms

  • Diminished or impaired ability to make decisions and think clearly
  • Lack of concentration
  • Poor memory
  • Worrying about harming self, partner or baby

The onset of PPD and Duration

The onset of postpartum depression begins from two weeks to one-month post-delivery. However, some studies reveal that approximately 50% of postpartum depressive episodes occur before delivery. This is often classified as a depressive disorder with peripartum onset, with peripartum onset being described as any period during pregnancy or within four weeks after delivery.

Concerning the duration, PPD may last for several months to one year. Due to this, the normal maternal-infant bonding is interfered and adversely affected. Mothers suffering from this may present inconsistent childcare such as failed feeding routines, health maintenance, and sleep routines.

Treatment Plan – The End Your Depression Program

For depression, several treatment modalities can be put into action. Among the commonly used plan is by prescribing antidepressants to the affected persons. However, recently, there has been strong evidence suggesting the ineffectiveness of these drugs. Besides, they have associated side effects that may not go down well with users.

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This is why using the “End Your Depression” program comes to your aid. This book outlinesThe End Your Depression Program several definitions of types, causes, and signs and symptoms of depression. It also provides various solutions to solving them. It prescribes four natural methods of improving emotional well-being and teaches users on how to regain their energy, rediscover their concentration, restore self-confidence and rekindle their previous passion for life.

The book also outlines ten substances and diet measures that are of immense importance in alleviating and eliminating depression. Without forgetting, it mentions five natural antidepressants that are produced within the human body as well as a connection between depression and gluten. This helps the reader or the affected person regain a powerful mindset and take full control of this condition.

Based on Cecil’s Story…

According to Cecil, affected persons can open their doors of living a depression-free life by choice. From her experience, he suffered from clinical depression for nearly 20 years. Like any other affected person, he went through the “good” and “bad” times where he couldn’t even get out of his bed.

During this period, Cecil decided to stop fighting back against his depression, as many people do and uncovered a treatment plan that allowed him to dominate his depression. According to him, it is not prudent to fight off depression, but rather gain power over the condition. Fighting off could be in terms of treatment pills, diets, exercise, and natural medications.

Why End Your Depression Works Better Than Other Treatments

Cecil’s evaluation of depression is all about focus and mindset. It is all about the affected person gaining the immense mental power to dominate and control depression. As mentioned before, prescriptions, pills, therapies, and diets focus on depression. Whereas these modalities gave some relief, depression wasn’t still in comfort.

However, note that the more you focus on depression, the stronger the effects. Therefore, shifting your mindset through “End Your Depression” book provides an avenue or path to regain control over individual thoughts and feelings. That said, this is a treatment plan that is purely natural and a better alternative to anti-depressants. It uses the power of the mind to relieve depression.

From this book, you will get to discover the following:

  • What depression means, how it occurs and takes control of the body and why it is different from the common “blues.”
  • Causes of depression, and why it may be persistent in your life.
  • How to decode individual unique symptoms
  • Step by step treatment plan that will work effectively in freeing you from negative thinking and self-blame
  • Steps of regaining your energy, restoring self-confidence and rediscovering passion in life
  • Tests to find out whether you are depressed and when to seek medical help
  • Types of drugs, treatments, and herbs that work for depression and the harmful side effects to avoid.
  • Tips for ensuring that the symptoms of depression don’t recur

Bonus Gifts

Apart from the main book, there are additional bonus books authored by Cecil that will help any affected person in his/her road to recovery. Some of the books include;

The Anti-Depression Diet

The majority of people do not realize that some slight and small adjustments in their diet can make a big difference in relieving their depression symptoms. In this bonus book, Cecil describes how the brain metabolizes carbohydrates in the form of sugars, the way impulses are transmitted and how diet deficiency can cause unbalance in mind and body.

That said, the book outlines some of the essential foods required by the body, and how they work in correcting any imbalances present in mind and body that are often caused by your diet.

Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and depression are undoubtedly related that a significant number of the affected persons suffer from the same disorders simultaneously. Therefore, it is of immense importance to understand the differences between these two conditions and how they affect your body and life in different ways.

This eBook outlines revealing details and little-known facts that will help in diagnosing the difference between these two conditions. Reading this helps in eliminating anxiety from your life using alternative therapies.

Weight Loss and Depression

Excessive weight gain is both a cause and symptom of depression. Similarly, losing weight as you fight depression is quite impossible, and this book explains why. Unlike other diet plans, this book explains the real reason why your body is experiencing issues with weight gain. The book outlines some of the simple tricks that allow the affected persons to drop some pounds as well as some tools to keep weight off.


Some of the benefits of this treatment modality include:End Your Depression Works Better Than Other Treatments

  • Offers alternative methods of treating postpartum depression
  • Has no side effects
  • Comes with 60-day money back guarantee
  • Affordable
  • Convenient and can be read anywhere
  • Bonus books are additional benefits for the user
  • Free lifetime updates


Some drawbacks of this plan include:

  • Requires the user to read then bonus books, which can be tedious
  • Only available as a PDF

The Guide to End Depression Easily and Effectively

The 37USD “End Your Depression” e-book clearly outlines some of the natural and most effective steps of dealing with depression, and specifically, postpartum depression. Additionally, the book comes with Anxiety and Depression book, weight loss and depression book among other guides that will come in handy in your recovery process.


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