Dr. Seuss Invitations: How to Plan a Dr. Seuss Baby Shower


The books written by Theodore Geisel, better known as beloved children’s author Dr. Seuss, have had a wide impact on millions of people around the world. His works, such as Cat in the Hat, The Lorax, Oh the Places You’ll Go, as well as Horton Hears a Who have become some of the most used baby shower themes, in part due to how easily recognized and well-loved they have become. One of the most important parts of establishing this theme, however, is the initial baby shower invitation. You might think it would be as simple as just placing one of Dr. Seuss’ wacky characters on the invitation and calling it good, but to really embrace the theme there are several other things you should consider. You should consider aspects such as the colors and patterns, which characters to use, and especially the wording. Luckily this article is here to help you create the most perfectly Seussical invitations for your baby shower.

Dr. Seuss Baby Shower Invitation: Colors, Patterns, and Fonts

When it comes to the color, pattern, and font choices that you can choose, the sky is the limit. There are several different combinations you could use, but below are a few more ‘traditional’ ideas that will help you make your invitations instantly recognizable as Dr. Seuss.

1. Colors

Dr.Seuss baby shower invitations in difference colors
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Color is one of the first aspects of your invitation that your guests will see and so it is an important part of the design. As long as they are bright and happy, most colors will work for what you are hoping to achieve with the theme. However, there are a few color palettes that will help your invitations stand out and really display the Dr. Seuss theme. The first color palette that is popular is light blue, orange, yellow, and pink. These colors are chosen because they easily bring to mind the colors that are used in Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax. Another popular combination is the use of light purple, orange, yellow, blue, and pink as these are the colors used in Oh, The Places You’ll Go. As this is one of these most popular books given as a gift for people reaching different milestones in their lives, it works well for the theme. This is even more true now that a new book, Oh, Baby, The Places You’ll Go, has been released, written in the same style of the late Dr. Seuss. The final color palette that is also the most popular, is the simple red and blue combination used throughout The Cat in the Hat. If you are looking for an instantly recognized Dr. Seuss invitation, with the maximum amount of nostalgia, red and bright blue is the route to take.

2. Patterns

Much like colors, the patterns you can use are open, but there are several that are preferred. Polka dots, stripes, waves, and chevron are the most popular. It is also recommended that you combine two or more of the patterns to create a “wackier,” or more whimsical background to your invitation. If you are not sure about patterns, you could also use the striped backgrounds from Oh, The Places You’ll Go, or a background from one of the books.

Dr.Seuss baby shower invitation fonts
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3. Fonts

Font choice for Dr. Seuss themed invitations is incredibly important! Dr. Seuss himself often created his own handwritten fonts and they have become indicative of the books. These fonts are available in digital form. If you do not want to use Seussian fonts, be sure to pick one that works with your design. Most of these fonts will be minimalist or similar to Times New Roman as that font is often used on the pages of Dr. Seuss’ books. The font color should reflect the colors used elsewhere in your invitation, or should be a simple black.

Characters of Dr. Seuss Baby Shower Invitation

Adding the iconic characters from Dr. Seuss’ works is the easiest way to quickly establish your theme. The Cat in the Hat is the most obvious choice, in addition to Thing 1 and Thing 2. If you are going to use the Cat, you might also consider using the children from the story as well as the fish. He also pairs well with kites and balloons, as those are objects he uses in the story. If The Lorax is more your speed you should, of course, include the grumpy Lorax himself. In addition to the Lorax, however, you could also use the Truffula Trees, as they are as much an iconic character in the story as the Speaker of the Trees himself. Other popular characters to use include the birds and hot air balloons from Oh, The Places You’ll Go, the fish from One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish, and Sam I Am from Green Eggs and Ham. Horton, from Horton Hears a Who, is also equally popular. A word of caution: Try to stick to only one book for inspiration or two books at the most. Adding too many characters from too many stories can create a chaotic and cluttered design for your invitations.

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Wording on Dr. Seuss Baby Shower Invitations

The wording on your Dr. Seuss baby shower invitations are another vital part of your design. While you can write simple and straightforward text, adding rhyming and short poems are the best way in order to convey the whimsy that accompanies almost all of Dr. Seuss’ most well known works. However, the wording can change based upon how many little bundles of joy the parents-to-be are expecting!

Baby shower wording on cake
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1. Single Babies

These invitations can have simple text such as “Oh, Baby, the places you’ll go!” but it is more fun to include longer pieces of text. Some examples of this are as follows.

  • “That bump on [Name]. oh how it grew! Please join us for a Baby Shower before he is due! [Dad] is excited, [Mom] is too, for their sweet little boy, all dressed in blue!”
  • “A new baby is coming, so we’re making a fuss. Could you, would you, come celebrate with us?”
  • “One fish, two fish, red fish, NEW fish!”
  • “Join the high fliers, and soar to great heights! [Mother’s Name]’s Baby Shower will be a wonderful sight!”

2. Twins

This theme and rhyming also works well with mom’s who will be having twins or other multiples, and work especially well when tied to images of Thing 1 and Thing 2, or multiples of Whos.

  • “Have you heard the news? The best of things come in twos!”
  • “Why, yes, it’s true! The [Last Name]’s twins are almost due!”
  • “One baby is fun, but [Mom’s Name] is having two! We’re throwing a shower for Thing 1 and Thing 2!”

RSVP, Inserts, and Thank You

Dr.Seuss on gray background
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These other parts of your invitations can also be worded to fit into the rhyming scheme. For RSVPs, consider “Would You? Could You? Don’t say NO, call us, call us, and say you’ll GO!” For inserts, asking for books or diapers for a raffle could use the following text. “Oh me! Oh My! Here’s something you can try! Bring a pack of diapers, any size, to be entered in to win a prize!” or “One small request that won’t be too hard: please bring a book in lieu of a card! Whether Cat in the Hat or Winnie the Pooh, you can sign the book with a note from you!”

Thank you cards can also rhyme and below are some ideas you could use:

“A person’s a person no matter how small. Thank you for helping us welcome the tiniest person of all!” This works the best with Horton.

“Now the day has passed and boy it was great! The fun, the presents, and even the cake! So glad you were there, so glad you came out, now I must send out a special shout! Thank you!”

“One thanks, two thanks, big thanks, true thanks!”

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Dr. Seuss is one of the most beloved children’s authors, and thus, has become one of the most popular themes for a baby shower. Combined with fun colors, patterns, fonts, and characters, these invitations can shine and bring smiles to the faces of your guests.


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