Create Your Cheap, Weather-Shielding Outdoor Canopy in 12 Steps


Have you been looking at tents at the shops lately and looking at the prices? But if you have a few basic DIY skills, and you believe that you are capable of making your own outdoor canopy tent, probably twice as nice as the ones you see at the shop, and probably at half the price, then why not make your own? With just a few DIY skills, it is possible that you can have the tent you desire, that will suit your needs precisely – because it will be your own customized tent. With a little bit of help, you will be able to figure out exactly how to get started and we will insert a video at the end to help you complete your project to your entire satisfaction.

Getting Started with Making Your Own Outdoor Canopy Tent

Outdoor Canopy Tent
  • First, you will need to purchase some PVC pipes because these will make up the four sides of your canopy tent – you will also need the PVC pipes as support beams. Naturally, depending on the size of the tent you want to build, will depend on how many PVC pipes you will need to buy.
  • Next, you need to purchase elbow joints. These joints are shaped at 90° angles and you will use these to connect the corners of your frame without the need to connect a third pipe.
  • You will also need to buy T-joints. T-joints are called that, because that’s exactly what they look like, the letter T. These you will need to allow you to connect three pipes together, not just two.

Start to Build Your Canopy Frame

how to make Outdoor Canopy Tent

♦ Have you got a saw? You will need that – any saw that you have will probably be suitable for this purpose. The saw will just need to be strong and capable enough of cutting through the PVC pipes. If you don’t have a saw, you don’t have to go out and buy anything heavy duty. You can even use a hand saw instead of the power saws if you have one and if you prefer using it. Whatever you have on hand.

♦ You will also need rubber cement because this will help with securing the PVC pipes together when you are finished with building the frame for the canopy. But you can also leave this off if you are not looking for something so permanent.

♦ Bungee cords or rope are also used, but they are optional – you just might decide you want to use them when you want to secure your tarp covering to the PVC pipe framing once you are finished building your canopy.

♦ You can also choose a different covering rather than a tarp, it’s up to you. But if you are looking for an easy, quick canopy, the tarp one is lightweight and cost affordable and it works well. You can also decide on premade sail fabric for tent canopy fabrics. But if you go with these, you might be a bit more limited in the size of your tent based on the size of the fabric you buy.

What Are Your Tent Dimensions?

Steps to Make Your Own Outdoor Canopy Tent

♣ Depending on the size of the tent, you will then figure out how many PVC pipes you need. Once you know your dimensions, you need to multiply the measurements x three and take these measurements to the hardware store to stock up on your requirements. Find PVC pipes that will fit your measurements, remembering that you will need 3 versions of the frame to complete your project.

♣ Lay the pipes out, making a rectangular frame, joining them with the elbow joint corners and the T-joints in the middle, repeating the process so that you will make the middle part of the frame and the top frame portion the same. The number of PVC pipes and the connectors you need will be different – this will depend on the final size of your canopy.

♣ Then attach the three frames together, making use of the vertical pipes which are secured to their T-joints on each frame level, continuing until you’ve assembled all three of the frames that will be stacked on top of each other using the T-joints.

♣ Once your canopy frame has been put together, everything will need to be secured in place with the rubber cement. This ensures it doesn’t move easily or get knocked over. If you want an easier access into and out of the tent on one of the sides, don’t cement one of the cross bars, so that you can either remove or replace it as you want to get in and out.

Then drape the tarp over the top of your DIY canopy tent and it’s ready to use.There is a video shows how to make a canopy tent.

Follow the Easy Steps to Make Your Own Outdoor Canopy Tent

There will be times when a DIY-tent won’t be the right choice for you, but there sure will be plenty of times when a homemade tent frame like you have made plus the cover will be an excellent route to go that can save you plenty of money. If you decide that you want to use your DIY tent for sleeping in the outdoors, then your tent will need to be waterproofed. Wherever you choose to erect the tent or for whatever purpose, you will find sandbag anchors or even ropes and stakes will help in securing it to the ground, making it safe and sturdy, exactly in the same way you would secure a store-bought tent. With correct planning and care taken, there is no reason why you cannot successfully and safely use your own homemade tent over the store bought one, over and over again.


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