How to Make a Makeup Mirror with Lights: Only 4 Steps


All women want to be respected, admired and appreciated. And you can bet that when a woman sets about improving her appearance, amazing things start to happen. People start paying attention to her, they listen better and start to seek her company and even ask her opinion on things. Why is this? Probably because making herself more attractive has given her an aura of confidence, and the added confidence even adds to her appearance! As her confidence in herself starts growing, the respect for her starts growing from the people at work, at play – everywhere. Insecurities fall away and she becomes self-assured, daring, and courageous because she feels she can conquer anything – her life has improved in all aspects.

Before going to work or going out to party, a woman will usually take great care of her appearance, preening and taking hours to prepare her body and face to face the world, To do that, it is important to find the right and best makeup mirror so that you work on your face with ease, comfort, and confidence that what the mirror says, the world sees.

DIY Stunning Vanity Mirror with Lights

Stunning beauty touching at lipstick in mirror's reflection

There are different types of makeup mirrors that you can buy which can be pretty expensive – coming in all different types and sizes. Women want their make up to be flawless but that means that they need the right make-up mirror.  There are several wonderful ones on the market which you can find, but it is also great fun to take an existing old piece of furniture you have and have it converted into your own Hollywood makeup dresser with mirror and lights. And you can even display your most beloved things as well as some of your important items here as you prep every day at your vanity table, with its beautiful mirror and lights and recycling an old piece of furniture to make it look like vintage Hollywood or however you want it. Why, to look beautiful every day, you need a beautiful vanity table and certainly a beautiful mirror, right? And to apply that makeup properly you need the right lighting as well – that is imperative.

You might have a dressing table which is pretty practical or you might have a vanity table with plenty of drawers, poufy chair, and adjustable mirrors and you can make your vanity area look rich and glamorous with your beautiful vanity mirror and lights, stepping out of your ‘boudoir’ like you come out of fashion magazine. Once you know where you are going to put your make up mirror, here is how to make it, and before long, you and your make up mirror with light will be shining in no time!

First Step

Buy your mirror, bearing in mind that you need to buy the right kind of glass for makeup so that your mirror will give you impeccable results. You also would have determined by now where your mirror with the lights will go. You will need the exact measurements for height and width, buying a mirror that fits into that space. Also, make sure that your mirror has got a border that will be wide enough for the vanity light bars to be attached to.

Second Step

Also purchase all the equipment for your vanity light bar, like extension cords picture hanging strips like the ones with adhesive on that you pull off.  You will also need scissors and you will need to go to a hardware store or a lighting store to buy your light bars and the light bulbs. Wherever you get your vanity light bars from will be able to provide you with the correct light bulbs recommended for the light bars. These are also available online.

Third Step

Open up the boxes with the light bars in, taking two out, removing the caps that surround the socket sides. Keep the caps aside, ensuring you don’t lose them because you will need to insert them again after you have installed the light bars.

you install the light bars.

Fourth Step

Now screw on the light bars to the mirror, setting each light bar on opposite mirror sides Screw the light bars onto the mirror. Set the light bars on opposite sides of the mirror, placing them flush against the mirror frame. You should notice holes for the screws in places. You will need a drill or screwdriver so that you can secure the light bars onto the mirror. Hopefully, your light bars will have come with screws for attachment.

Fifth Step

Now you will need to cut an extension cord with your scissors, cutting off the adapter end of the extension cord. Make a cut of about a 1/4 inch at the end of the cord where you cut off the adapter. Cut in-between the two connected cords, exposing the copper wire. Each hand should hold one cord, carefully pulling them apart, until you end up with about five inches of wiring that is separated. Then take your scissor to only cut the plastic covering of the copper wire, around an inch from the end. When you’ve made the cut, then slide off the plastic so you see the copper wiring. Do this for both cords.

Bring Hollywood Glamour into Your Bedroom

DIY Stunning Vanity Mirror with Lights

Now you are ready to set up and hang your mirror with the lights. A lighted vanity mirror is on many a women’s wish list. Usually you see them on television where makeup artists’ work with beautiful models in front of such mirrors surrounded by bulb lights and looking every inch of what Hollywood glamour, and catwalks are all about! Follow your fantasies, even if it is in your imagination; apply your makeup, style your hair, spritz your gorgeous flowery perfume, gazing at yourself in your mirror with the lights that made it all happen. You might well be the fairest of them all – with the right make up mirror!


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