How to DIY a Glitter Fairy Night Light for Kids?


A Baby light glowing in the night can really make even a drab nursery look cheerful and charming. And the ones you can buy today have got so many practical uses. On top of that, they are so cute, they are bound to keep a baby occupied for hours, just lying in his crib, fascinated by the lights or the bouncing mobiles; whatever. Some come with music and thermometers and some also come at quite a price.

There has also been quite a lot of debate around whether a nightlight is a good idea to have in a baby’s room – some say they disrupt a baby’s natural bodily sleep rhythms whilst others say that since their child has had a nightlight, the child has managed to overcome his fear of the dark, and the reasons go on and on. But still, doctors today in this modern age are endorsing night lights. Recommendations come from the American Optometric Association who advises that it is fine for parents to have a baby light on in their baby’s room – they say it can even boost the development of a baby’s vision, particularly in a new baby up to about four months. It is recommended that a baby’s nightlight has the color of either red or orange for the lighting.

Make Your Own Glitter Light

Make Your Own Glitter Light for kids

Creating soft lighting in a baby’s room is a lovely sight, it kind of reduces stress as well after a busy day; it makes one feel soothed and peaceful. Wouldn’t you as parents love to make your own magical fairy glitter lamp for your child or children? You will love the excitement of making the glitter lights for your kids – let alone for your own room! If you are successful with it, who knows, you might be making them for your friends baby’s as well because they are probably going to want one. Let’s see what you need to make your fairy glitter light:

  • 1 Mason jar
  • Some glitter
  • Some spray adhesive
  • LED lights – battery operated ones

This below video shows the diy fairy night light.

Getting Starting to Make the Fairy Glitter Light

  • Take the Mason jar and spray the inside of it with the spray adhesive. Just make sure to cover all the corners as well.
  • After that, pour the glitter in the jar. You will need about 1-2 oz. of glitter which will also depend on the size of the jar you want to use for your light.
  • Put the lid on to the jar and shake up all the glitter so it lands everywhere inside the jar.
  • Then put the lights into the jar for a lovely colorful ambiance.
  • That’s one way. Here is another way:
  • Your kids will adore these jars, just as if you have captured some fairies and placed them in a jar. Look, we will show you here how to do it.
  • Buy some LED battery-operated string lights, preferably the miniature ones with the small battery packs. The ordinary-sized LED lights are also fine; just ensure they are battery operated ones and that the wire isn’t too long. Using LED lights are better because they don’t produce so much heat as regular lights do.
  • Then find a good jar for the fairies. Any jar will do as long as the battery packs can fit inside the jar mouth.  Spray with adhesive spray and then add the glitter, shaking it up in the bottle to spread evenly.
  • Then you attach the battery pack to the inside of the lid. With all the glitter inside, you should not see the battery pack showing. Ensure that you are still able to reach the switch. If the pack of batteries doesn’t fit into the jar lid then rather buy a mason jar that’s got the two-part lid. You can get rid of the flat disk part, but keep the ring. Then tape the battery pack to the top of the lid, covering with fabric.
  • The string lights will go through a hole in the lid into the jar. See instructions and illustrations which will greatly assist
  • Stick the lights into the jar, spreading them out so that they are all over the jar.
  • If you want to go a bit further, you can add something like organza or some clear or color cellophane to make the lighting even softer.

Then you can turn your lights on and put the lid back on the jar. Then flick the switch on and screw the lid back on tightly.  You might still see the battery pack, but you can conceal this by wrapping some ribbon around the pot

Your Child Will Create His or Her Own Adventures!

DIY a Glitter Fairy Night Light

This article is on glitter lights with fairy lights inside, but if you love the fairy cutouts or silhouettes you can make them yourself or buy them online, or at craft stores. Turn your children’s rooms and even your own into a fairy tale, it certainly is possible with glitter fairy nightlights – let the adventure begin.


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