Disney Land: How to Have a Good Time in Disneyland with Your Baby


Disneyland, where magic happens and imaginations are manifested, is the best place for your kids to surprise them. Many parents think that carrying kids to Disneyland is a hassle and how toddlers can enjoy the attractions and how can we relax and have fun. No matter what the world says we are here to guide you the best way how you can enjoy and the best way you can carry your toddlers and make them feel good.

First of all, we want to tell you that the entire family can enjoy most of the activities together. Remember, the toddlers are little kids with the most powerful memory. They will remember their experience in Disneyland in their subconscious mind. According to a research, kids who have been grown up with innovative imagination and activities around are the most wonderful and creative people of the world today because they have their fantasies and imagination in their real world since they were a toddler. Hence, they will not only remember that but also make them a creative being. 

Pack and PlanHave a Good Time in Disneyland with Your Baby

Pack the necessities and planning is necessary

Before we start with the list don’t forget a very important accessory i.e. the Minnie ears for you and your kids, let them experience the real fun and dress them like a mickey/fairy. You can make Minnie ears at home or you can buy it online.

Now, the challenge is how you can plan your day with a toddler and what all necessities can make your life easy. Some might be very common and few we will tell you.

1.Start your Day Early

In the morning, the place is not that crowdy. I know the place looks beautiful with more crowd however when you are carrying a 2 years toddler you have to make sure that you can walk around comfortably and make your kids feel the rides, as the whole day it’s going to be hectic.

2. A handy Map

For Disneyland, if you are not going to plan your day then you are defiantly going to ruin your day because there are thousands of attractions that you won’t be able to cover all. Keep a handy map and check out the schedule for the day. There are lots of rides, pictures, characters and fantasy world that will amaze you and your toddler hence you should know the right timing. This will also reduce your wait time.

3.Carry Basic CosmeticsHave a Good Time in Disneyland

What Is the first thing that comes to your mind when we say you have to roam around in the open ground for the whole day? Yes you are right the sunscreen. It is the most basic necessity for you and your family as you are going to have fun without getting tanned. Secondly, It’s going be fun and you are about to create beautiful memories with Selfies and taking beautiful pictures. Hence you and your toddlers need to look smart and not drenched in sweat. Make sure you carry a talcum, a moisturizer, a lip gloss and whatever you feel you would love to put on while being captured on camera. Oh yes don’t forget to keep the Wipes, mirror and a comb.

4. The Bag

Make sure that you carry a big bag but do not make it bulky. The bag should have an extra string so that if one goes off you can use another. Try that you have a bag that can be carried on shoulder so that if you carry your toddler in your lap you can hang the bag by shoulder. Other than your babies’ stuff, you must carrying your own things, that doesn’t mean you have to carry multiple bags, in fact avoid carrying multiple bags as if you spend most of the time finding your bags around.

Keep an extra empty bag for garbage and small stuff. Though there are facilities to dispose waste  but sometimes you really need them for wipes and other stuff.

First day essentials: Make sure you carry extra diapers and pack your bags with clothes, bathing suits. You can also carry pocket size rain ponchos

5. Carrying a Stroller

Strollers play a very important role while carrying babies in Disneyland. Your baby can take a short duration nap and in the mean while you can look around. Especially if your hotel is not within the property of Disneyland and nearby you need a stroller. Renting stroller might cost you more hence it is recommended to bring your own. You get the stroller parking where you can leave your stroller at the entrances.

6. Baby CarrierHave a Good Time in Disneyland with Your Baby

This is very useful thing and you will realize the worth of the baby pouch during your trip, it’s super friendly. Now a day the baby pouch has some extra pockets where you can store the kids’ stuff and you do not need to open your big bag for that. The pocket is zipped so you don’t need to worry about the things falling. The baby carrier we have referred here has soft cotton shell that ensures no friction against the babies legs. You can also carry the toddler tub. With no extra expense, you get an asset for your Kid.

7. Baby Wipe Warmer

These are sensitive, Fresh scent or unscented that are disposed after use. Check out your favorite fragrance as you will defiantly need these for your kids.

8. Booking Your Room For Stay

Disneyland offers you the most beautiful and astonishing resorts that we recommend you take. There are tons of hotels nearby that might cost you less comparatively. Get an apartment or a little house to stay comfortably. Make sure you have at least two washrooms in case if you care carrying two kids

9. Wear Comfortable Clothes

You and your kids are there to relax and enjoy. First of all, wear the clothes as per the season. Do not over dress as you have lot of stuff to do.

10. Carry Some SnacksHave a Good Time in Disneyland with Your Baby

With babies, you never know when he or she feels hungry or maybe you have to run around for the milk and the basic stuff so if you plan that and carry a small box and a bottle of milk, it will be easier for you to take care of that issue. The water bottles and a sippy cup with a small box attached to it are easily available online. Check out the sippy bottle and small boxes on the link.

11. Decide What To Do First

Just having a map might not be enough. You get a Disneyland guide on the window or it’s available online just checkout. We will be discussing the attractions that are liked by kids the most.

12. Charge Your Devices

Are you and your partner carrying the mobile phone. Make sure you charge the cell and other devices such as camera or pods to make sure they don’t die while shooting a ride or while you are roaming around the park. In case if you are separated, it’s better to have a device to communicate rather than making announcements.

13.Get Your FASTPASS

While you are carrying the toddler, it is very typical to wait and stand in a line because you never know when he or she will ask for something or starts crying. You can go for a FASTPASS. It is a complimentary program that allows guest to save their place in line while they enjoy the other attractions. However, this is subject to eligibility. 

Attractions to EnjoyHave a Good Time in Disneyland with Your Baby

Kids like colors, colorful art, happiness around, lots of ribbons and balloons falling around, dancing people who are beautifully dressed and amazing music, yes, we are talking about parades.

The colorful fantasy-land is worth getting your toddlers on this small world, where you get eight-minute ride and introduced to various cartoon characters. 

Minnie’s House In Mickey’s Toon Town

Kids love mickey and Donald. They watch them on the screen. What if they see them in the real life. The most loveable character The “Mickey” keeps the kids busy with the dials and buttons.

The mickey’s fun wheel at Disney’s adventure: This is a huge wheel that provides a great Ariel view of the park. Skip the long lines for the swinging and opt for milder and swaying once.

The electric parades at night are amazing, the beautiful lighting will hold your eyes for a while. The music will simply take you to the world of fantasy and your toddler will be thankful for this moment for a while. It brings smile on you and your kid’s face with the wow! factor and that’s the perfect moment to create new memories, capture it in a picture, take a selfie and click as they smile. 

Ride the Peter Pans Flight

As you start your day, try to get your peter pans ride first if you really do not wish to wait in long queues then go for this ride first. 

Dining With Disney Characters

Make an online reservation for a ” character” dinner at Goofy’s kitchen in the hotel. You can also have breakfast with the kid’s favorite character

Poses For Picture

Your toddler will have fun here as they will be posing with Mickey and will flaunt in a group of friends and get his autograph

Have you ever taken your kids to the garden nearby and they love the slider to slide on? If yes, then the next one is the Goof Ground which is playhouse to slip, slide and play in the garden. Have fun.

Fireworks In The Main Plaza

Disneyland has many options to have fun, play, design and be creative. However, when it’s about small kids they might not be able to play that stuff. For them, it’s about meeting fairies, have lots of toys, see various characters. As they can see, feel, laugh and enjoy hence you cannot miss the fireworks. The fireworks are awesome. Place yourself one hour before the fireworks so that you can grab your seat with your toddlers to avoid the rush and unwanted push and pull.

Pirates Of Caribbean

Who doesn’t know about this and by the name it’s very obvious what it would be. Yes, it’s a boat ride with audio animatronics pirates with every thin line detail and very astonishing experience.

Jungle CruiseHave a Good Time in Disneyland with Your Baby

Do you love animals? Are you thrilled to encounter them? Then this is the right ride for you. It’s a boat ride where you come across hippos, lions and the good news is that this ride can be enjoyed by the kids too as they will be fascinated with the wildlife around and the one they have been reading in the story books come real for them. Hence, it’s an exciting part for them.

Casey Jr. Circus Train

Again, Kids are welcome and they are going to hug you at the end of this ride. It’s a fantasy land that offers you scenic view with fun music. Just for your information, it uses kinetic force to travel hence there are no issues with the kids. However if you feel that you should not carry them then you can look up for other options for them. Though we recommend you enjoy this ride at least once. 

Enchanted Tikki Room

It’s a 15 minute Musca serenade from audio animatronics birds in the round theater. It is a island of love and wonder about celebrates happiness all around. It’s history and theme based music will leave you with incredible experience. Again, you can carry your babies here. 

Other Attractions are

Alice in Wonderland: The renovated ride which has been reimagined and now more exciting

Roger Rabbit Cartoon Spin: Takes you to dark ride voyage into toon town where the vehicles interact.

Sleeping Beauty Castle Walk-through: a simple but fun walkthrough

Autopia: you can drive on a large track and kids love this ride.

Tom Sawyer Island: It’s a play area for kids with the pirates in there giving them opportunity to become what they want.

Sailing Ship Columbia: relaxing float around Rivers of America

Star War Launch Bay, King Arthur Carrousel, Mad Tea Party and Tarzan Tree House are few more attraction that should be checked out. 

This is not the end of the list, you can explore more on the official Disneyland website. We have introduced you to few must see attractions and you are going to have fun. 

How Parents Can Steal the Time For ThemselvesHave a Good Time in Disneyland with Your Baby

Don’t get disheartened about the fact that if you have your kids on the trip how you would enjoy. Here are few tips and tricks to grab the opportunity.

First of all, it completely depends upon kids how friendly they are with the strangers and how often they need either of the parent. If they are fun loving independent kids, then congratulations! The chances are more that you can set yourself free for a while.

Rider Switch:

This program enables you to experience the attraction while one adult waits with the child and then you can swap to enable another adult to enjoy the attraction as well.

Baby Care Centers:

These centers are open during the park hours with full day service, offering:

  • nursing room with chairs
  • changing rooms with table
  • kitchen with microwave and sink
  • main room with television and table chair.
  • feeding area with high chairs.

Once you get sometime for yourselves you have the following options to explore:enjoy yourself in Disneyland with Your Baby

Here are few attractions that are for adults however for your convenience we have mentioned few of them where you can carry your kids too. The following are the one to keep you thrilled and excited:

Haunted Mansion: It’s a slow moving dark ride that takes you on a ride to meet 999 happy haunts. If you like horror movies then they are the best place to be scared.

Matterhorn: The expedition Everest decades is a rollercoaster ride through the yeti-guarded mountain which is a thrilling attraction that you will enjoy.

Space Mountain: It’s a dark rollercoaster ride through space, you will find the attractions like blast tunnel, onboard music.

Radiator Springs Racers: You can race with the cars next to you. It is without steering however you can design your own car.

Big thunder mountain Railroad: dropping curves and the speed to thrill you

Matterhorn Bobsleds: It’s a bumpy ride that goes inside-outside mountains

Space Mountain: It’s a fast speed roller coaster in the dark and many more.

Don’t Panic If You Have Lost Your Toddler In the Magical World

have fun in Disneyland with Your Baby

A child who is separated from their parents can be escorted by the cast member to the baby care center. They look after your child unless you find them

We have a secret tip for you that can be a trick:

Make sure that your child is wearing something unique that helps people identify the child or just keep a paper in his/her pocket or maybe hang it around so that someone can ring you once your child is found.

If your child is in the age group of 4 to 8, try to make them remember that if anyone asks about the parents they can point to your number.

You can even tie it on their hand. I know this sounds weird but if this is the way how you can find your lost child then why not. Try that it works.

How to Control Extra Expenses in Disneyland

Trips are good unless they go out of a budget. Hence, you have to keep an eye on the expenses while traveling to Disneyland. 

Create a budget blueprint

Estimating the expenses, at least the budgeted cost for the living, meals, extra paid rides, and other attractions. 

The hotel property

Within the Disneyland is no doubt the best place to reside, however, if you are looking for budget-friendly hotels go ahead and look up for the nearby property. 

Carry your own strollers

As it might be expensive to rent out the one for your kids. One stroller might cost you $15 to $20 while for double sitting would be $30 to $40. You can save that money 

Carry your own food

Though there are certain areas where you are not allowed to carry eatables, in that case you can cook for yourself and your kids to bring the expenses down. You can bring granola bars, fruits, cheese sticks and keep them in the stroller

Disney land has shopping attractions hence there are toys that your kids might wish to buy. Take few toys with you so that you can give them as a surprise and make them feel happy.

You can buy Disney gift cards for each kid to keep a track of. They can use the money on the card to get the treats they like, and you can warn them that it might run out, with this you make them learn how to have fun in discipline and you can avoid waste of money, so he/she will have to decide where to send dollars on, a ride or get an ice cream.

A Shuttle service is available for nearby hotels, they are for free. 

Get a Disney Visa card

This card will let you win the reward points that can be redeemed for Disney merchandise such as movie tickets, costumes, toys, and whatnot. You get $200 statement credit after you spend $500 in first three months after opening a Disney premier visa card, which has an annual fee of $49

Are you AAA or AARP member in U.S military or a teacher, credit union member, corporate and government groups then you have one more offer to save your money and stay in budget, check out the options for special discounts for you, check out the website to know more.

You can find the Disney merchandise everywhere. Rather than getting it from Disneyland, you can buy them from the target, Walmart, Aldi, Amazon and other departmental stores. Get the mickey mouse tees and mouse ears before going for the trip.

Get an autograph bookhave fun in Disneyland with Your Baby

This is for your kids and to keep a memory so that when they grow up they can refresh their beautiful memories.

Creating a small album, you can get in departmental stores for $7 and create the one for your kid.

Choose the days that might cost you cheap as based on which day you decide to visit Disneyland, you might have to pay. Hence for this purpose, the following are the options:

Peak day: $124

Regular day: $110

For value day, it’s $97

So if you are visiting Disneyland in mid of the week such as Tuesdays and Wednesdays then it will cost you cheaper as compared to the Friday to Sunday that are the peak days that will cost you around $124 especially in the month of July during the holidays.

Offseason is the best season to spend time in Disneyland that is in the period of January, October and the first two weeks of November.

Disneyland is the world of magic for kids and two or three full days is ideal time to spend in that period. It has everything to make your baby happy and leave them with exiting lifetime experience so pack your bags, enjoy within budget and have fun.


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