Digital Pregnancy Test Review: How Useful Is It?


Technology has recently extended to digitalize every device and gadget from toothbrushes to pregnancy test kits.  The market now has digital pregnancy test samples and all the ladies, whether pregnant or wanting to, are heading there, and with a good reason.

The non-computerized substitutes have raised doubts in the past by having faulty or evaporation lines. It is a frustrating issue that we face every time we take the test. The digital technology on the kits has come to simplify that by telling you the results in words or mathematical signs that you can interpret better.

The following information will help you understand the following:

  • How does a digital pregnancy test work?
  • How accurate are the digital kits?
  • How sensitive are the digital pregnancy kits?
  • Digital pregnancy test results
  • Review of top digital pregnancy test kits on the market
  • Final analysis of the pregnancy test kits

Review of Top Digital Pregnancy Test Kits on the Market

1. First response gold digital pregnancy test

 First response gold digital pregnancy test

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  • Working mode:This one is a hybrid version of the Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test with Smart Countdown. Using it is requires midstream urine or dipping in a cup just like any other home pregnancy test kit. The screen tells if you are pregnant or not by using a ‘+’ or ‘-’ signs respectively.
  • Accuracy:If you take the test 5 days before your missed period, the kit is 60% accurate. The value raises to 99% when a day before the period.
  • Why it is recommendable:Reading the results from the kit is easy due to the simple sign language on the screen. Pregnancy waiting is a nerve-racking issue that can be solved by a clear answer from the First Response digital test kit.


2. Clearblue digital pregnancy test with smart countdown

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  • Working mode:After using the midstream urine or cup dipping targeting the absorbent tip, the next thing is to wait. Impatience is solved by a progress bar on the screen that shows you the test is okay and still counting. After about 3 minutes, the screen will have the words ‘pregnant’ or ‘not pregnant’ which makes it easier than all the other kits you will come across.

  • Accuracy:It is designed for home use just like the rest, and you can take the test as early as four days before the day of your missed period. The only limitation here is that it will be 52% accurate during that time. The percentage, however, goes up to 95% before the day your expected period and 99% on the D-day.
  • Why it is recommendable:The progress bar is always with you, and this lessens the impatient waiting feeling you get from other kits. It is an assurance that the equipment is working towards giving you an answer. The answer is in words. What else do you need to ease your fears?

3. EPT Digital Pregnancy Test


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  • Working mode:You can use midstream urine or dip in a cup of collected sample and make sure the tip is facing downwards regardless of the collection method. Replace the cover cap on the absorbent tip and wait for the results to show. To avoid tampering with the results, do not lift the stick as the hourglass is flashing which shows the test is still working. When the flashing stops, the kit will tell you the results with ‘pregnant’ or ‘not pregnant’ statements on the screen.
  • Accuracy:If tested four days earlier than your missed period, the digital kit will be 53% accurate which is the same as the manual substitute from the EPT. However, on the day of your missed period, the value goes up to 99%.
  • Why it is recommendable:The hourglass is there for you to tell that the kit is still contemplating on the results. Statements giving you the answer is more precise than some lines which also offers little room for error. With these two features, you have a robotic stick to tell the overall condition of your uterus.

How Does A Digital Pregnancy Test Work?

Let us start by looking at when it should work before seeing how it does its job. Testing for pregnancy is viable after missing a period. That means after unprotected sex; the egg gets fertilized upon release from the ovary and implantation will happen days later in the uterus if the pregnancy is a healthy one.

During implantation, light bleeding occurs, and a protective ‘casing’ is built to protect the growing life in you. At this point, the hCG hormones secretion is in plenty, and this is what the digital kit will discover in your urine and tell if you are pregnant or not.

Some ladies have hCG present in their urine all the time, but the levels are undetectable by the digital stick. At only five mIU, the pregnancy test will respond negatively every time you perform one.

The computerized test as others may call it utilizes the midstream urine or dipping it in a cup of a collected urine sample. Time is of the essence here, and each kit has the stipulated time you are supposed to wait before the results conveyance.

How Accurate Are The Digital Kits?

When testing on the day of your missed period, the digital kits are 99% accurate. Reports show that most of them will give you a definite test 6 days before your missed period though that differs from one package to another. The precision level increases as time progress. Low hCG concentration in the blood and urine is a void case and most of the time is when you get a negative test when tried. It will take a kit 2-3 days for most packages to detect the suitable hormone level in the urine, so it is advisable not to rush and get disappointed.

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How Sensitive Are The Digital Pregnancy Kits?

Statistics show that the digital pregnancy test kits are more sensitive when compared to the non-digitalized substitutes. The proof of the above statement is determined by the fact that the prior can detect a pregnancy earlier than the other tests currently available on the market. However, apart from the level of sensitivity possessed by the digital kits, the making contributes to how early it can detect.

If a digital test kit says that it can detect as early as three days, it is not the same case as the tests which claim to tell in 5 days before the missed period that you are expecting a new family member. Most tests can detect hCG levels of about 20 mIU. Others will have a higher sensitivity to detect lower levels. The Clear Blue Digital test claims to tell you as early as six days before the day of your missed menstruation since it can detect lower hormone levels in the urine.

To gauge the sensitivity of a kit, check how earlier it can detect your pregnancy. Some specify the level of hCG it can sense, but not all of them have that feature. Most of them will only tell you how early you can use it which is just a marketing strategy that helps the manufacturers to sell their pieces.

Many women are inclined to purchase a test that can tell if they are pregnant or not as opposed to one that can give the level of hormone in the body and give you faulty lines instead of a straight answer.

Digital Pregnancy Test Results

The test results will disappear after some time due to the limited life they are designed to have. So, it is imperative for you to read the tests after the scheduled time on the package to avoid time for distortion. Most of the digital kits have symbols or words to communicate the final message. So, you get a positive or negative sign depending on your current status while others will tell you in words.

Positive test results

They can appear between 1-3 minutes after dipping or midstream use. Some of the kits possess a + sign to signify that you are pregnant. The Clear blue digital pregnancy test will tell you in words. In this case, it will indicate a ‘pregnant’ phrase to confirm that a fetus is growing in you.

Negative test results

You get a negative (-) sign if you are not yet pregnant. Unlike the non-digital testing sticks which give you some lines or nothing, the digital forms will issue a message to disqualify your pregnancy anticipation. Some test kits such as First Response test and confirm have two parts in the package. One of them is digital which means you have something more definitive to confirm.

False test results

They can only occur due to the following reasons:

  • You took the pregnancy test earlier than when you are supposed to do it
  • You did not follow the right instructions hence an error in your analysis

Digital pregnancy tests give little room for error due to the highly precise feature. Sometimes, you get a false positive result which is bound to happen. It can occur if you are using fertility drugs or have an underlying complication that renders a positive outcome every time to perform the test. In case of a false positive, it is also recommendable that you check if there was any mishandling.

Digital Pregnancy Test Final Review

The reason why women love the digitalized test kits is that they render ease of use when compared to the traditional forms. Reading the digital tests results has lesser confusion when compared with the non-digital sticks that are vulnerable to evaporation lines which are often faint. You are more confused in such a situation.

The significant difference between the two types of home pregnancy test kits is the presence of a battery and a screen to interpret the results. The inner working mode, however, is the same for all packages considered.

The only limitation to buying digital kits is the higher price value than the non-digital ones. Some digital test kits like the First Response will have two test kits in one package hence the need to spend more on them. Otherwise, the precise results will make you forget the amount of money coughed once you are sure what is happening to your body.


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