How to Decorate a Beach Tent for a Moroccan Party?


A Moroccan theme party down on the beach is one fabulous party to plan, because it will just be bursting with color, vibes, and relaxation – no need to wonder if your guests will be bored or unable to strike up a conversation – a Moroccan party, with all the different features, will keep your guests highly entertained; it will enthrall, fascinate and tantalize, keeping them talking about it for days on end. You can decorate your beach tent on the beach in such a way that your friends might just believe they are somewhere far out in the desert!

Amazing Ideas to Decorate Your Beach Tent for Moroccan Party

Beach Tent for a Moroccan Party

There are lovely ideas that will take your guests’ breath away when it comes to a Moroccan party. Either you will hire a beach tent for the occasion or you will have your own tent – just remember to cater in such a way that if it rains, you’ve got your guests covered! You don’t want the weather spoiling your Moroccan party.

♠ For a start, Moroccan ‘seating’ is on the floor, with guests relaxing on scattered floor cushions and pillows.

♠ For the tables, and you will want to keep these low, you will look for bright colored to adorn your tables.

♠ With a few Moroccan lanterns around, you already basically have set the scene for your Moroccan party.

♠ Another excellent idea for inside your tent will be bejeweled fabric drapes or curtainsto shimmer and sparkle away in the evening lights. These will surely transform your beach tent into a lavish desert-tent, allowing the lanterns to cast mysterious and interesting shadows through the entire space. Lighting is an important component of Moroccan design. Colorful balloons in the matching colors of the cloths can be hung here and there as well. A balloon garland is also a wonderful way to draw attention to the banquet table. Above the banqueting table where the meals and delicacies will be served, you can place some gold lettering, maybe in Moroccan, saying ‘welcome’ or whatever tickles your fancy.

♠ Naturally, you will have drink station inside your tent as well, where your guests can help themselves. Colorful accessories can also be included to add to the décor and fun of the evening, such as straws, stirrers, mini cocktail umbrellas, the ice bucket – allow your guests to accessorize their own drinks. Traditional Moroccan drinks such as special mint teaand spiced cocktails will go down well with the food menu. You can also scatter rose petals on each table.

More ideas

♠ Other exciting décor ideas are to place battery operated candle lanterns all around the tent in strategic places as well as at the entrance, for when the sun has set. Miniature lanterns are a must-have, offering mysticism and intrigue, and apart from being scattered all around, the miniature ones are ideal on the tables.

♠ Remember that the entrance to your tent is what your guests will notice first – the impression factor – this needs to create a real wow factor look. A super idea would be to have gold fringed curtains which cover the doorway of the tent with maybe a red rope barrier put across and a sign outside saying ‘VIP  Entrance’.

♠ Remember to make beautiful party invites – on the invite, allow your guests a peek at what the party is about.

♠ Add magnificent table runners on the tables. You can also choose colorful flowers in tiny flower pots matching the color theme for your party tables.

♠ Choose gorgeous Moroccan coasters and dinner plates, tea glasses in traditional Moroccan style, making them all part of the décor.

What Delicious Moroccan Food Will Satisfy Your Palate and What to Wear?

prepare Moroccan food

♠ Try lamb meatballs, couscous, spinach salads, or chicken, cooked up in special Moroccan spices. But don’t let us hold you back, here you will find all the delicious recipes that are typical of a true Moroccan feast.

♠ If it is a themed Moroccan party, you can expect that your guests will pitch up in colored caftans, maxi skirts, and sarongs and you can either announce this dress code in your invitations or else allow your guests to dress as they please, but it will sure be a fab excuse to show off all the magnificent ensembles.

Complete Your Moroccan Party by Giving It the Edge

 a Moroccan Party


♠ If you want to go all out with your themed Moroccan party, you can call in a henna artist who will certainly keep your guests entertained with their beautiful designs that you can go home with. These designs can last for a few weeks; it is common to do the designs on the hands or the feet.

♠ What about your own belly dancers who will entrance and intrigue your guests from start to end?

♠ Moroccan sweets and soaps can be laid out in bowls or wrapped up for each guest to take away with them.

♠ Music is one big aspect of your event; top priority. It sets the mood jollying up an evening and turning it into a festive event. Music is pretty powerful and you can have your own music available from Moroccan artists such as Rachid Taha; Sufi Brotherhood; The Kamkar and many more. Just place it at the right sound so as not to be a distraction to the guests.

When it’s time to serve your guests your delicious feasts before you start eating, you can provide each guest with a glass of water with some essential oils in it, to drizzle over their hand for cleansing – this is very common in Morocco – rose or orange scented water will do the trick.

That’s your Moroccan party on the beach – all that is left for you to create is that mysterious atmosphere of enchantment and intrigue to surround your guests who are kings, queens, princes, princesses, and thieves. Each of your important guests will be expected to eat a little bit of everything, to achieve the ultimate goal of chban (total satisfaction)

tatamatae ‘anfusakum


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