Replacement Bulbs for Lighted Mirrors: How to Change the Bulbs


When it comes to the Conair lighted make-up mirrors, you will find the double-sided one absolutely ideal to purchase. We all want to and dream about going about our daily lives looking groomed and attractive all day long. The Conair lighted makeup mirror is ideal, simply because it is so simple and anyone will find this 2-sided mirror idea, with its bright light encircling the mirror as well. Nothing over the top and complicated to use, just highly functional, leaving you completely satisfied.

How to Change the Bulbs of the Conair Mirror?

  1. First of all, you need to turn off the power and unplug the mirror from its socket, allowing it to cool off at least 3 minutes or so before you replace the bulb. Use Conair bulbs which are available from Conair or Amazon and the bulb you replace in your mirror should not go over 25 watts.
  2. Next step, you unscrew the thumb screws and remove them from the opposite mirror side, which are near the rotating hinges.
  3. Carefully remove or lift off the top half of the mirror housing from the bottom half that is fixed to the stand.
  4. Next, you unscrew the old bulb, replacing with the new bulb.
  5. Carefully put back the top housing part of the mirror, retrieving the thumbscrews again and replacing them, ensuring that you aligned the screw holes with the bottom half. Should the holes not line up properly, try and turn the top part of the mirror 180˚.
  6. Insert the two thumb screws back into the screw holes and tighten with your hands.

If you feel you just don’t have the expertise to change the bulb yourself, you can save yourself hours of looking online for the solution of how to change the bulb; even save yourself from spending wasted money on unnecessary repairs when all you need to do is talk to an expert who might be able to help you to resolve the issue on the phone in just a couple of minutes.

Top 4 Features for the Conair

Conair Lighted Makeup Mirror
  1. The Conair lighted mirror, with its double-sided mirrors consists of one side being magnified by as much as seven times. This means when you apply your makeup, you really are able to see just how flawlessly you have managed to apply it. You can have absolute confidence knowing that when you go outside and see yourself in the real light, you won’t be horrified that you have either under made yourself up, or worse, over made up yourself – maybe notice people looking at you strangely during the day, unable to look you directly in the eyes!
  2. The Conair, with its magnified mirror, enables you to notice all the imperfections on your face, and be able to fix them up perfectly, with the light helping you along. In fact, this mirror is so suitable that Best Products rated the Conair mirrors as their number one choice, with the best lighting, coming in tops with fans and getting over 2000 5-star reviews on Amazon. Go and read for yourself on Amazon to see what the people say about this mirror that compares so favorably against other mirrors, some of which have all the bells and whistles.
  3. People love the fact that lighting is offered on both sides. It really is like a Hollywood type mirror on your dressing table, coming in a few different finishes as well. You could opt for the ‘oiled bronze’ look or the ‘polished chrome’ look. The oval shape of the mirror also gives it a kind of vintage look, making it a noticeable attractive piece of furniture in your bedroom, or anywhere you wish to keep your mirror.
  4. The mirror is powered not by a battery but by a bulb which seems to be most people’s complaint about the mirror. However, the bulbs are available and you can always buy them directly from Conair or from The double-sided mirror with lighting will require 20W replacement bulbs with ref RP3435B. These bulbs can be used with any of these Conair double-sided mirrors:
  • BE18NX
  • BE18LCX
  • BE104X series
  • TM7LX
  • TM8LX

Conair Double Sided Lighted Makeup Mirror

Conair Double Sided Lighted Makeup Mirror

The Conair lighted makeup mirror is also suitable for use in the bathroom. It stands at least 18 inches tall. With its swivel base, it has inset lights that offer nice soft natural type lighting in the bedroom or bathroom. Al right, if you were looking for something that offers you a lot of bright lighting, then the Conair makeup mirror might not be your first choice. The lighting does mimic outdoor lighting, but it doesn’t put out a lot of light and for some people, they might call the lighting dim. This mirror is attached to a power cord and has an on and off switch which you can notice about 6 inches from the base of the mirror.

Choose the Best Lighted Makeup Mirror for You

Best Lighted Makeup Mirror

It is not likely that you will ever want to buy a mirror again that does not have mirrors once you have tried the Conair lighted mirror or even other mirror brands – because you do get different types of mirrors and they can range from being very basic to being exceptionally high-tech. Once you invest in a mirror that comes with lighting, you are going to wonder how you ever created the ideal smoky-eye look or those chiseled contours on your eyes. It’s up to you. If you don’t fancy the idea of zooming into your face so that you can virtually see every pore or line, you might want to opt for a simpler designed mirror. But for those who love to elaborate on their makeup will simply adore the Conair double sided lighted makeup mirror and they will insist on keeping an extra bulb or two so that there mirror never runs ‘dry’ of keeping them made up and ready to face any day or challenge that comes their way!


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