Comotomo Baby Bottle Review: What to Look for in 2018


The world has evolved to make things easier, comfortable and advanced. That has also affected the current production of baby products in a bid to make them concur to the child’s needs and provide healthy vessels fit for an infant to child use. That is why Comotomo offers baby products that are contoured to give the baby something to work with as they grow old. They have released baby bottles of two different sizes with four modes of flow, teethers and now, we have comotomo pacifiers and sippy cups slowly slipping into the market.

We decided to have a look at this brand and what it has to offer. The Comotomo baby bottle has been outstanding so far, and mothers who have bought them do not let them go. We will see why. In this guide, we are going to focus on the following:

  • Comotomo baby bottles review
  • What do parents say about Comotomo bottles?
  • What else from Comotomo
  • Summarizing

Comotomo Baby Bottles Review

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Comotomo Natural Feel Baby Bottles Overview

It is not easy to introduce a bottle to your baby. It is not the same as the breasts, and the milk comes at different temperatures – definitely not the same. However, we need the bottle at some point since they will not be breastfeeding all the time. Comotomo saw all these problems and came up with a silicone bottle that feels like the mom’s breast which is a great way to reduce the rejection. Whether you buy the 5-ounce or 8-ounce bottle, they are all designed to feel the same way and give more comfortable room for cleaning by having a wide neck. The silicone is sturdy to withstand the microwave, dishwasher or boiling water sterilizing methods, so you don’t have to worry about it. They are also BPA free which gives you a lovely bottle that is also healthy.

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Construction Parts

Each bottle has the following:

  • Bottle base
  • Cap
  • Nipple ring
  • Nipple

The Bottle Design

The wide neck combined with smooth edges and a green or pink color on the screwing top make the bottle look adorable. The silicone material is the sole definition of construction. It feels soft to the touch, and that makes it easy for the baby to hold.

The measurements are readable on the translucent part, but it might be harder to read the intake in poor lighting. At times, the softness of the bottle tends to cost its stability. You may not notice until you knock it over unknowingly while the screw is not tight enough.

Depending on how old your baby is, there are four types of bottles from Comotomo that have different flows as follows:

  • Slow flow:Under three months old
  • Medium flow:3-6 months old
  • Fast flow:6 months and above
  • Variable flow:6 months and above

Bottle Performance

Both the 5-ounce and 8-ounce bottles perform as expected. Screwing at the top is made to be leak proof which gives you the permission to put it in the bag when you need to carry it and worry less about spilling. The top can be so tight that it becomes difficult to open when you need to clean it but doesn’t that prove to you it is indeed leak proof?

Since it provides easy passage to the inside during cleaning, you can use the dishwashing cloth to clean it up. However, due to soap smell after washing, it is essential that you sterilize the bottle parts after a while. The simplest method is to boil them in water with baking soda and let them dry later with proper ventilation.

When the baby drinks, there are air vents on the bottle sides to allow air flow as the liquid in the bottle goes down. This prevents colic occurrences in the baby’s abdomen, less gas and less to no spits since the amount of air allowed is minimal enough not to harm the baby even after mixing up with the milk.

After a long time of use, the nipple tends to turn translucent due to frequent washing. While it does not affect how the baby drinks up, it might look awkward after using it to cover the bottle.

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Compatible Comotomo Bottle Sterilizers Recommended For Use

Here are some of the brands that you can use to get rid of germs from the comotomo bottles or like we said earlier in the review, remove the soap smell.

Sterilizer Brand Mode Of Operation
Baby Brezza Electric
Avent 3-1 Electric
Dr. Brown’s Deluxe Electric
Born Free Tru-Clean Electric
Medela Quick Clean Electric
Tommee Tippee Microwave Hot water use
Munchkin Steam Guard Microwave Electric


What You Benefit From Comotomo Baby Bottles

Here is what you get to enjoy after purchasing these bottles. We collected the advantages from our testing room and all the best comotomo baby bottle reviews from verified purchasers.

  • All parts that compose the bottle are made of eco-friendly silicone material. Your baby doesn’t get into contact with PVC or BPA among other chemicals that you want to prevent.
  • It is a bottle that you can use to feed milk or formula. If the flow is slow, you can switch to a nipple with a larger opening. You can get the nipple tops separately from the supplier near you or online.
  • You can utilize various methods of sterilizing the bottle parts from the microwave to compatible Comotomo bottle sterilizers.
  • The silicone makes the bottle feel like a breast. It makes it easy for the baby to accept the bottle the first time you introduce it when compared to the standard containers.
  • The bottles look like sippy cups rather than what you might be used to. They are short but wide which provides easy cleaning. Most of the fingers if not the upper part of your hand will fit in and reach all the inner areas.
  • There are anti-colic vents that allow air into the bottle but also minimize its intake when mixed with the milk or formula as the baby drinks.
  • The nipple resembles the real one which helps if the baby struggles to switch from the breast to bottle feeding.


  • The bottle feels breast-like
  • Wide neck is good for easy cleaning
  • Leak-proof
  • Anti-colic vents reduce the amount of air swallowed during feeding
  • Compatible with a range of sterilizing methods


  • Quite expensive
  • The softness can make them unstable when standing upright

What Do Parents Say About Comotomo Baby Bottles?

Comotomo Baby Bottles

“Hands-down for these bottles! Comotomo has put a lot of thought and ingenuity on the bottle to give something to feed the baby but still feel as if they are breastfeeding. The silicone material makes it easy for the baby to hold and even squeeze the milk as they drink. It takes little training time even for the difficult kids which is a time saver for mummy.”

What else from Comotomo

It may be hard to find Comotomo products except for the great bottles and parts. If you are looking for teethers under this brand, they are also available both on their site, and e-commerce platforms. The designers have also been working on pacifiers and sippy cups that come with the handles and a straw to make sure everything gets out of the bottle. The unfortunate part is that it may be hard to find comotomo pacifiers or sippy cups. Here is a video about the comotomo baby bottle.

Our Final Thoughts for Comotomo

If products are made to be used by the baby, of course with your help, then they must adhere to child’s learning environment. Since you cannot argue with a toddler, the best thing is to give them something that they can work with. Silicone is a material that is soft to the touch, healthy for the baby with no addition of harmful elements and withstands the sterilizing temperatures without releasing any toxic particles in the air. That is why Comotomo chose it as the defining component of a design that won the hearts of many mothers and babies.

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