Failing at Conception? 8 Common Baby-Making Mistakes


It seems that it’s easy getting pregnant if you don’t have a plan to get pregnant. If you seriously want to get pregnant, you will be happy if you don’t have any problem with it. It is like some weird Murphy’s Law. Very often women have emotional trouble with conceiving when they decide that’s time and that they are ready. Sometimes everything is all right with her and her partner; just the process of conceiving appears to be painstakingly slow. And no one knows why!

Statistics is implacable. Even a perfectly fertile and completely healthy woman younger than 35, have only a 25% chance to conceive during the menstrual cycle. In short, maybe you will need some time of trying. Perhaps you need to help yourself a little bit to make that process faster. Anyway, tips I would like to share with you won’t hurt at all, but there are serious possibilities that they will increase your chances.

Common Baby-Making Mistakes 

① Avoid Common Mistakes!

I know that getting pregnant is a big decision for every couple. Sometimes it’s not a big deal. Getting offspring is a natural process, and it is usually a pretty simple for many of us. But, be aware that some couples can have problems of conceiving. To make matters worse, some of them mistakenly believe that very wrong things can help having a baby. Don’t be one of them and make the right choice.

② Having too Much or too Little Sex

 Common Baby-Making Mistakes

More is not always better. Too much sex is not a guarantee that you will conceive sooner. Plus, if you have sex multiple times a day only for

reproductive purposes, you will lose yourself. You are not a sex machine for the baby production. Sex is something which should connect couple, and both of you need to enjoy it without other reasons. Pregnancy is a strawberry on the top of the cake, not the cake itself.

On the other hand, some couples truly believe that reducing an amount of sex will ‘save’ man’s sperm. It’s a widespread misapprehension. Plus, it turns out that you don’t make love with your beloved husband, but you have sex only to get a baby. Conceiving becomes a mere purpose for itself, and there is a huge possibility that your relationship will go the distance in an attempt to create ideal conditions for getting pregnant. Not to mention that you can miss the moment of ovulation because many women mistakenly believe they are ovulating when they actually aren’t.

③ Missionary Position is not A Guarantee That You Will Conceive Easier

Let’s be honest. The most babies come into the world with missionary position! Well, it doesn’t mean that this position is the best. I believe that it’s the most common one because it is connected with our culture, romantic movies, and practicality. Plus, many people are convinced that it’s the most comfortable and the best position for making a baby. In fact, whether you prefer missionary, like to be on top, or want to experiment with new positions, the result will be the same.

After ejaculation, in a few seconds, sperm goes directly into the woman cervical mucus and her fallopian tubes. That means that the position during intercourse is not crucial. So, turn on your imagination, explore, and enjoy in every way possible. When I think better, you should make your own research about the topic. Let try all possible positions and make a conclusion. The whole point is in the journey. Arriving at a particular destination is just a beautiful ending to a shared adventure, isn’t it?

④ Myth or Reality – It Is the Question

common baby making mistakes

Obviously, you deserve orgasms. There is no doubt about it, of course. Although there is a chance that some of you condemn me for what I am going to write right now, I have to say that female orgasm itself doesn’t influence on conceiving at all. At best, there is no evidence that orgasms and conceiving are related in any possible way. The naked truth is that contractions in your womb will move the sperm into the cervix with or without you have an orgasm. As far as I’m

concerned, this scientific fact can’t be an excuse for a man in any way. Perhaps an orgasm is not crucial for conceiving, but we don’t make love just because of an extension of the species. Sex is much more than that.

There is one more thing. Even though our grandmother’s tales suggest that there are sex positions that can help a woman to get a girl or a boy, there are no proofs for this belief. Maybe the missionary position is so desirable because there is an old myth that a woman is more likely to conceive a boy if she has plenty of sex with a man on top. Well, you can try anyway.

⑤ Keep Body Temperature Under Control

As much as you are a fan of exercise or enjoy hot water after having sex, try to change your habits and increase your chances to get pregnant. The fact is that every activity which leads to raising your body temperature after sex is not good for conceiving. That means that you should be satisfied with ‘bed activities’ for a while and start with exercising at least few hours after intercourse. The same is with a hot bath. Basically, men’s sperm loses their viability and motility when the temperature of its environment is higher. The heat is sperm’s enemy. Keep it under control!

Moreover, many women believe that lying on the back for ten to fifteen minutes after sex affect their chance to get pregnant. On this issue, opinions are divided. Actually, there is almost no scientific evidence that these minutes make a difference. I don’t know. Maybe this after-sex period might help sperm going faster through your vagina or might not, but there’s no reason not to try. After all, who doesn’t like to cuddle in his gentle hug after the action? Hm. Not a bad idea at all.

⑥ Having Sex During the Day of Ovulation

Common baby making mistakes

Do you really know when your precise timing of ovulation is? Women use different methods to determine the exact moment including the calendar method, charting the basal body temperature, or predictor kit. The problem with ‘the right day’ is that the physical day of ovulation is a period when it’s maybe too late for conceiving.

Well, the egg can be fertilized about 24 hours after ovulation. If you miscalculate the day of ovulation, you have to wait the next month for the next try. Maybe it is wise to intercourse in the few days leading up to ovulation because men’s sperm live three to five days. Respecting this logic, you may increase chances of getting pregnant. It is worth trying. Not to mention that it will bring you more time for enjoyment.

We also need to consider your chances if you are one of the women with irregular periods. In that case, you probably can’t determine the exact moment of ovulation. Perhaps you have a problem with a polycystic ovary syndrome which means that your hormone level is unbalanced and it causes fertility problems. Also, if you have prolonged period, you will have fewer opportunities for conceiving. In such cases, you should talk with your doctor. He can help with improving your chances of getting pregnant.

⑦ Using Lubricant as a Controversial Solution

I have read a lot about sperm-friendly lubricants which supposedly can help a woman to conceive. Producers of these new lubricants claim that they can help you to get pregnant by encouraging sperm to swim to the uterus. It seems that they balance pH level to reach the ideal level best for conception. Maybe it’s possible that some of the lube help, but you should think twice before you use them. The fact is that most commercial lubricants ‘kill’ sperm before reaching the egg or negatively affect the motility of sperm. It is a huge problem given that the sperm needs to be fast to reach the egg.

I have to say one more thing here. Although it’s not entirely clear if lubricants affect the sperm negatively, several serious studies show the lube is not harmless to sperm. Even they make the cervical mucus’ pH perfect for the sperm survival; the lube will definitely decrease your chances of conceiving. If you ask me, when you need lubricant, you can try with a more natural one such as olive oil as the best option. Baby oil, vegetable oil, or egg whites can be pretty effective too. Plus, they are entirely safe.

⑧ Unhealthy Lifestyle Habits Won’t Help for Sure

common baby making mistakes

While you are thinking about conceiving, your focus is probably on your reproductive health. The fact is that you can’t neglect your lifestyle habits and overall health if you want to get a baby quickly. I believe you already know that medications, smoking, alcohol, and illegal drugs can severely reduce your chances to conceive a baby. Many experts warn women that weight extremes, an unhealthy diet, lack of sleep, and a stressful life are the top reasons for fertility issues and the main obstacle to getting a child. You need healthy, balanced, and nutritious diet and should avoid fad diets only because they are trendy these days. Too much caffeine and sweeteners usually don’t help. If it’s possible, try to renounce them while trying to get pregnant.

Maybe it would be wise having a medical checkup before you begin trying to conceive. It is obvious to me, but it’s not bad to emphasize that both of you should check your health. I’m not sure why but people are prone to automatically think that something is physically wrong with a woman if a couple has difficulties to get a baby. I am sorry, even though you can see fluid, it doesn’t mean that there is sperm and that a man is fertile. Actually, only 30% couples have fertility issues caused by the woman, and another 30% of couples have the same problem caused by the male. The remaining 40% of couples have problems based on both the female and the male fertility issues.This is the common mistakes about baby-making mistakes.

The Time When You Should Ask a Doctor for Help

common baby making mistakes

I am not sure what is more wrong, asking a doctor for help after only a month or two trying or to wait too long. Many women panic from the very beginning because they don’t realize getting pregnant can take several months. Do you know that it’s pretty normal that a woman under 35 without serious health issues, with a healthy lifestyle, and regular menstrual cycles needs up to a year to get pregnant? Please, take your time and relax. If you haven’t been able to conceive immediately, it doesn’t mean that something is wrong with you. You just have to wait for your moment.

On the other hand, don’t wait too long either. If you are under 35 and haven’t succeeded to conceive for more than a year, it is perhaps time to visit your doctor just to check out if everything is OK. For women who are over 35, this period of waiting shouldn’t be longer than six months.

There is also the third possibility. Maybe you have been waiting too long to try. It isn’t so rare that a woman wants to establish her career, buy her own house, find a ‘prince on a white horse’ and so on. Sometimes woman enjoys a stable relationship but waits too long because she believes that there is enough time to get pregnant. It is OK of course, but you should be aware that the ability to conceive between the ages of 20 and 40 decreases by 50%. If you feel ready, just go for it!

What can I say at the end? If you are not ready to try with conceiving, use protection! There are days when you can get pregnant easier, but there are no days when you can’t conceive at all. If you are ready and want a baby, start with tracking your cycle.

A regular menstrual cycle lasts from 22 to 36 days. You should follow it for a few months and determine the exact length of your period for sure. It’s the easiest way to find the moment when you ovulating, which means that it is the time when you are the most fertile.

If your cycles are irregular, try to spot ovulation symptoms by using an ovulation predictor kit or a basal thermometer. However, you always can have sex few times a week. You can’t make a mistake with that!

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