Clearblue Pregnancy Test

A box of Clearblue pregnancy test on the white.

The primary question that strikes our brain is that, why have a pregnancy test have to be done at an early stage? When a lady suspects she may be pregnant, she needs a result, she might be positive about and follow up on. That is the reason all Clearblue pregnancy tests convey over 99% accuracy to determine the pregnancy test accurately.

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A box of Clearblue pregnancy test on the white.

Clear blue is clinically tested and works on the guideline of ideal increment of the Human chorionic gonadotropin hormone or HCG in the blood and in addition, the pee.

Pregnancy detection using HCG

The hormone HCG is delivered in early pregnancy stages and assist in  corpus luteum survival and has a important significance in the implantation of the blastocyst and shield the embryo.HCG levels rise significantly and can be detected in early 9-10 days after conception making HCG a perfect urinary marker for rapidly and precisely surveying, whether a lady is pregnant or not.

Tests can be utilized up to 4 prior days, before  the expected period

The introduction of Clearblue pregnancy test.

Research demonstrates that pregnancy HCG levels reach no less than 50 milli-International Units for every milliliter (Miu/ml) on the day a pregnant lady’s period is due,5-7  days If a Clearblue Pregnancy Test is utilized from the day the period is expected, it is more than 99% precise in identifying pregnancy.Whilst Clearblue suggests that ladies test from the day the period is expected, the high affectability of Clearblue Pregnancy Tests, likewise implies that pregnancy might be recognized up to 4 prior days the period is expected for ladies who wish to test early .The test is absolutely accurate

Advantages of clear blue

Digital results give more exact readings compared with traditional testing.Clear Blue Indicator contains an optical per user, which gives clear perfect results, it affirms ladies with many benefits including:

  • It is dependable – focused around settled innovation and the latest technology
  • It affirms, whether a lady is pregnant with in excess of 99% precision from the day the period is due.
  • It is one of a kind, clear blue is the only pregnancy test that can gauge the time since ovulation
  • It is touchy enough to be utilized up to 4 prior days the period is due,hence giving a detailed outline of the whole pregnancy process
  • It concurs 98% with estimation of gestational maturing by standard ultrasound
  • It is simple and helpful to utilize, I believe Clearblue is the world’s number one offering brand in home pregnancy and richness testing
  • It gives detailed results tests instantly whether positive or negative making it fast and efficient

    Clearblue pregnancy test with result on the white.


In the event that you have had a miscarriage recently, 9 weeks before, the levels of hcg in your body could provide you a false “Pregnant” result. Also, if you have taken fertility drugs that contain hcg in recent 14 days, those can likewise provide for you a false “Pregnant” result. Positive and accurate results will be achieved once instructions and guideline are followed keenly.Depending with the user different results may vary significantly.


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