Chrissy Teigen Is Giving Us Parenting Goals


The 32-year-old American model, Chrissy Teigen is a mother of two. Her daughter Luna, born in 2016, and son Miles, born this year, were both conceived through ‘In Vitro Fertilization’ (IVF) method, with her singer husband, John Legend.

Having a candid public image on social media, Teigen doesn’t shy away from sharing even the imperfections of her parenting life. From her first birth to the latest, she has shared a lot about her pregnancy, kids, motherhood, and more, giving us some inspiring parenting goals along the way.

Defending Her IVF Choices

Author of cookbook, Cravings, Teigen talks quite openly about her IVF pregnancies. This has earned her a lot of criticism online, and when faced with that, the model comes equally hard on her trolls. Met with a similar reaction after sharing that she and her husband made an effort to determine the gender of the baby to get impregnated with (a girl), Teigen in a tweet, replied:

Chrissy Teigen Is Giving Us Parenting Goals

Funny and feisty! Isn’t she the best?

To give a little perspective on the choice of gender, here is an excerpt from her husband, John Legend from the couple’s interview to DuJour: “[Chrissy] thinks I’m not athletic enough to have a boy. I’m a musician, I’m good with women and I’m a feminist, so I think I’ll be a good ‘girl daddy.”

Their daughter Luna, their first, was born in April 2016.

Enjoying the Little Things

Hard on Twitter trolls, the criticism doesn’t keep the star mom from enjoying the motherhood.

Dirty pampers, sleepless nights, and baby worries aside, Teigen in these pictures tells us that the real enjoyment of motherhood lies in the tiniest things.

Surrendering to Baby Needs

Chrissy Teigen and the baby

In a tweet last year, she revealed her biggest struggle being a mom; the ugly baby choices.

The fact is that our babies see the world in entirely different colors. Surrendering to their choices at times is okay. They’re developing their nature, own likes and dislikes, their way of seeing things. Let them!

Pregnant All Life

Their enthusiasm for kids and being parents is undoubtedly adorable. Even the initial pregnancy difficulties and postpartum depression aren’t stopping the girl from thinking big regarding her parental future. Passionate Chrissy wants to have lots and lots of kids, so many that she jokes about remaining pregnant the rest of her life. In an interview, she said, “We want a lot of kids. I would love to have three or four of my own and then adopt a few. So basically I’ll be pregnant the rest of my life.”

Wow! That is some goal!

Battling Postpartum Depression

The imperfect perfection that Chrissy is, she revealed a lot about her battle with depression in an interview to Glamour earlier last year. She said that after Luna’s birth, she had everything needed to be happy, but “for much of the last year, I felt unhappy.”

At that time “our home was under construction,” Chrissy said, “so we lived in a rental home, then a hotel, and I blamed whatever stress or detachment or sadness I was feeling at that time on the fact that there were so many odd circumstances. I remember thinking: “Maybe I’ll feel better when we have a home.”

The actor confessed that it wasn’t before she started taking antidepressants and sharing about her condition with friends and family that she started getting better.

While the lives of stars may seem perfect to us from a distance, they hardly ever are. The happiness for everyone, however, lies in opening up with those close to you and seeking help. No shame in that.

Embracing the Other Side of Motherhood

Be it her stretch marks, or the leaving pregnancy glow, Chrissy embraces all openly.

You made a life-altering decision, it will have its positives and negatives, learn to embrace both. There is a no way the negatives of being a parent could outweigh its good parts. Be content and cherish all.

Protecting Children in the 21st Century

It’s a fast-changing world out there. A strange candy van may not be the only thing your kids would need protection against. The internet, too, besides its advantages carries new challenges for the parents. Chrissy, however, is all prepared for that.

“I am 1,000 percent not going to have an Instagram account for my baby,” Teigen said in an interview. “It will not have a hashtag. If I have a hashtag for my baby, just kill me.”

You, as a parent, may not relate with Teigen’s Instagram fears, but as parents, we all worry at some point about what is out there on the internet in general, and it affecting our children. Take measures.

Babies Are Not The End of Social Life

Babies Are Not The End of Social Life

Yes, babies are not the end of your social life. Chrissy had a perfect response for people who tried to mom-shame her when she and John were enjoying a bite as a little break from the parental life.

Make proper arrangements for your baby, and go out and enjoy your life every once in a while. You had a baby, and no one deserves it more than you. If you worry about what other people might think, Teigen’s is the best response. “Good Morning!” It’s just another day at the ‘offend-Land.’ If you are satisfied with your Nany arrangements, nothing should stop you from living your own life.

Chrissy Teigen’s public life and interviews tell us that parenthood is no joyride. But then it is one only if you are willing to embrace it in its entirety. No stretch marks, not any amount of pimples should stop you from enjoying it, for no sorrow is bigger than the joy of being a parent.

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