Top Minnie Mouse Toys for Your Kids in 2018


Minnie Mouse- as iconic and lovable as her classic male counterpart Mickey. Minnie and Mickey were important characters in our own childhoods, and are no less important in our kids’ lives. With an ever-present increase in the amount of children’s entertainment, parents must continue to take an active role in choosing what fictional role models their children are subjected to. Minnie Mouse has always been a favorite, as she promotes kindness, caring, compassion, humor, style, and activities such as song and dance.

Fortunately, Minnie Mouse toys, books, clothes, and games are in no short supply. Here we have compiled an exhaustive list of the best Minnie Mouse themed toys, perfect for early stages of development. Best of all, these toys do not involve TV or “screen time”, which gives your kids an opportunity to work on important hand-eye coordination skills and other crucial skills.

Without further ado, here are the best Minnie Mouse toys for infants, toddlers, and young children!

Best Minnie Mouse Toys for Babies

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1.Baby Minnie Mouse Snuggle Blankie

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Some of the best baby toys are soft toys which allow babies to work on coordination and motor skills by snuggling, squeezing, and lifting blankets and stuffed toys. The soft texture of the blanket and tactile face stimulate sensory development, and the colors and patterns on the blankie help visual development. Additionally, the face and ears have crinkle material for auditory stimulation. Even better, this blankie is machine washable!

2.Minnie Mouse Plush Doll

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This doll will stay with your child from the crib to the playroom, as it is a great toy for fine and gross motor skills as an infant to pretend and role play with friends and siblings as a toddler. This plush Minnie is 12” tall and features a crinkle bow and a bell in her belly! This doll also comes in a 14” and 18” size, all machine washable and with durable stitching.

3.Minnie Bath Toy Set

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Made from BPA-free plastic, these bath toys are beach-themed and brightly colored, perfect for a day at the beach, or time in the tub! Large and soft, these toys are easy to handle for baby hands. They squirt water out of the bottoms and are suitable for teething. Comes with an Innertube Minnie Mouse, a Sandcastle, and Beach Ball (with Minnie’s bow, of course!)

Best Minnie Mouse Toys for Young Toddlers

1.Minnie Mouse Push and Go Racer Car

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Racers, start your engines! All it takes is one push, and your baby and Minnie are off! This fun racer car encourages crawling and walking, and the use of motor skills. This is also a great toy for teaching cause and effect, and provides a fun opportunity to bond with baby. At 4.5” long with bright colors and an interactive component encouraging healthy, active playtime, it doesn’t get much better than this!

2.Rainbow Dazzle Minnie Doll

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The playtime your child will have with this doll is truly magical! The Rainbow Dazzle Minnie has touch-activated features which make Minnie’s outfit change when her bow, skirt, or top are touched. Your child can play dress-up for hours with over 200 possible design combinations. They can also sing along with Minnie’s famous “True Colors” song. At 10” in height, this doll will fit right into your child’s toy box, and their heart!

3.Minnie Mouse Microphone

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This microphone is jam-packed with tools to boost your child’s creativity and encourage singing, dancing, and role-play! With a variety of Disney songs to sing along to, a light amplification and echo tool to give the effect of a real microphone, flashing lights and several sound effects, this microphone is almost BETTER than the real deal! What could be more fun for a fan of Minnie to dress up and perform in front of her family and friends? Let your child express their theatrical side with this My First Microphone.

4.Minnie Mouse Matching Game

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It’s never too early to encourage learning, and what better way than with the Minnie Mouse Matching Game! These soft image cards are bright and colorful and will pose a fun challenge for kids of all ages. There are 36 matching pair, featuring 18 images of Minnie and friends. Start out with a small number for younger tots and increase the challenge as they grow and learn! Fun for the whole family with this simple game.

5.Lego Duplo Minnie’s Bow-tique

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Looking for a toy that can expose your child to shapes and colors while encouraging creativity, role-play, and building fine motor skills all at once? Lego Duplo does all this and more! Your child can go from architect to boutique owner with the Minnie Bow-tique Duplo set. Made specifically for little hands, these oversized legos are safe for ages 2+. The building is only half the fun- once the bow-tique is constructed, playtime can really begin! Comes with Minnie, Daisy Duck, and enough pieces to build the Bow-tique featured on Disney Junior. This set is compatible with other Lego Duplo sets.

6.Lego Duplo Minnie Mouse Café

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Keep the fun going with this complementary set to the Bow-tique- Minnie’s own Café! This café features a walk-up window, a table and chair, and even a propeller plane for special deliveries! The nice thing about Lego Duplo is that with larger and fewer bricks, the toy is easy to assemble even for little hands. Let your child’s imagination take flight with this playset!

7.Lego Duplo Minnie and Mickey Birthday Parade

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Now that you have a Café and a Bow-tique, it only makes sense to bring a Parade to town! Your kids can include Mickey in on the fun with this Birthday Parade Lego set, featuring Minnie in a fabulous birthday gown (pink, of course!). Help your child build the birthday train, or give them a challenge by allowing them to work it out on their own!  Features an engine train, a Cupcake float for Minnie Mouse (promoting her Café), and a caboose piled high with presents! These Lego Duplo sets are excellent for building motor skills and encouraging social skills when playing with friends.

8.Minnie Mouse Ride On Toy

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Your child will go from crawling to zooming along in no time on the Minnie Mouse Ride On Scooter! This beautiful toy is the perfect solution to handling a kids’ boundless energy and desire to stay active. With a steering wheel as well as handle for parents to steer from behind, this toy is the tool that can help make the leap to strengthening leg muscles for solid walking and running! This ride on scooter toy even features some “realistic” automobile attributes such as a working horn, a clock (which will familiarize kids with telling time), and working “headlights”, and in-seat storage for stowing snacks and toys on the go. Help your child work on balance, motor skills, and coordination all while burning up their boundless energy!

Best Minnie Mouse Toys for Older Toddlers and Young Children

1.Minnie Mouse Wooden Dress Up Doll Playset

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This toy is the perfect “throwback” solution to reduce screen time and incorporate an age-old pastime for little girls: dress-up dolls! This playset incorporates imagination and creativity while improving fine motor skills and social skills. Minnie comes with multiple outfits, facial expressions, and accessories perfect for mixing and matching to accommodate your kids’ wildest dreams.

2.Minnie Mouse Walk and Play

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This dynamic plush duo provides hours of fun with multiple modes of play. Your child can use Minnie’s training clicker to train her puppy, Snowpuff. Snowpuff can bark, spin, and dance! After training, Minnie and Snowpuff can go on walks together. Snowpuff makes realistic puppy noises, and Minnie sings and talks to her pup while they are on walks and training. Keep your child active as they go on walks with Minnie and Snowpuff, and teach your child about the responsibilities of owning a pet!

3.Minnie’s Home Sweet Headquarters

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An amazing dollhouse playset with magical features is sure to awaken your child’s imagination! The Fisher-Price Home Sweet Headquarters is a four level dollhouse complete with Minnie, Daisy Duck, and Figaro figurines with furniture and more. The house features a magical spinning closet and a three level elevator! This HQ really packs it all in with a spa tub, hairdryer, oven, serving cart, and more. The perfect toy to share with other Minnie Mouse enthusiasts during playtime!

4.Minnie Mouse’s Fabulous Shopping Mall

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Just couldn’t get enough of the Home Sweet Headquarters? Time to graduate to the Shopping Mall! This two level mall comes with shop-til- you-drop features such as a moving escalator, revolving door, and even a spinning carousel! Minnie, Daisy, and Figaro’s adventures continue through the Food Court, Beauty Salon, and Shoe Shop!

5.Minnie Mouse Toddler Bike Helmet

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An important part of childhood is staying active, which means that most kids of all ages have bikes, scooters, skateboards, or other outdoor toys. With any outdoor recreation, kids need to stay protected, and the most basic protective gear you can provide for your child is a helmet. But why pick a boring, basic bike helmet when you could have a Minnie Mouse one instead?! This helmet stands up to the strict safety requirements that ensure its functionality, but it features Minnie ears and a bow that stand up to the very important standards of accessorizing! This helmet will not only keep your kiddo safe but will ensure that they are the most stylish kid on the block.


Looking for something to store all of those shiny new Minnie Mouse toys? Look no further- the Minnie Mouse Deluxe Toy Box is for you! Help teach your child the responsibility of cleaning up after themselves while keeping the toys out of sight. This toy box is wooden and durable, with bright, colorful Minnie designs. It measures 21.5” x 23.5” x 14.5”, which is plenty of space for keeping playsets out from underfoot. You’ll thank us later!

Choose the Best Minnie Mouse Toys for Your Child 

So there you have it- the best Minnie Mouse toys for babies, toddlers, and young children (But let’s be honest- are you ever really too old for Minnie?). No matter what stage of development, whether you are looking to help strengthen your child’s auditory awareness, motor skills, creativity, or sharing, there is a Minnie Mouse toy out there to fit your needs! With such an amazing variety, you will be able to pass along the tradition of Minnie and Mickey to generations to come.


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