10 Best Toilet Training Potties and Buying Tips(2018 Review)


Potty training is a very important step in every child’s life. However, it is also one of the most difficult parts of being a parent. To help you through the process, there are several children potties available in the market that can help you through this process.

The following article will help you in finding out what you need to be looking for in a children’s potty. There are also latest potties mentioned with reviews to help you get an idea about the best toilet training potties.

Reviews of Best Toilet Training Potties

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1. Summer Infant Lil’ Loo Potty

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The Summer Infant Lil’ Loo potty is an ideal design for children that are getting potty trained. It comes with a removable tub that can easily be cleaned without having to drag the whole system. The seat is made with a high back that will help support your young one while sitting down during their training.

The design is also made splash proof for boys to get trained well. The design of this little potty is made to blend in regular bathrooms so that it does not stand out in any way. The shape is made to be much more stable than regular potties. The wide hole allows little ones to fit on it without the plastic digging into their skin.

There is rubber on the stands of this so that it does not move a lot and remains in one place when your child is using it. This potty is highly suited for children from ages 2 to 5 years old as for others it becomes a little too small.


  • The high back of the seat allows the children to sit comfortably and in a more stable fashion
  • The rubber feet on the bottom of the legs allow it to be sturdier and reduces the chances of scratch on your bathroom floor
  • Splash proof design makes it less messy and easier to clean up which gives boys an advantage
  • The potty can be removed to clean easily without making it a further problem
  • The wide hole reduces plastic digging in your child’s skin by making more room for them


  • The seat does not have a cover to avoid smelling
  • There are sharp ends which can dig into the child’s skin

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2. BABYBJORN Potty Chair

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The babybjorn potty chair is one of the best toilet training potties that are ergonomically designed to be a comfortable experience for your children. One of the best features that this seat has is its soft sides which reduce the chances of digging into your children’s skins.

The sturdy design is made to ensure that the potty remains stable while your child is using it. The seat has a high back that makes it more comfortable and convenient for toddlers to sit. The tub is easy to take out so that the potty can be cleaned with convenience.

Even your child can do it with your help. A splash guard is placed in the front of the potty so that it makes boys’ training to be much cleaner and so that splashing is reduced to make it a cleaner experience. The splash guard also prevents spills that might happen when your child is done using the seat.

The material used on this seat is polypropylene and thermoplastic elastomer, both materials are safe to touch on the skin and do not cause irritation in any way. The design also includes much room for legs to place at the right angle and so that your child can sit and stand without any problems.


  • The high seat back is used to make sure that your child is sitting stable and comfortably
  • Leg space gives your child convenience to sit down, stand up, and lest legs on the right angle and use them for support
  • Splash guard is placed in the front for boys and to help against spilling
  • Safe plastic is used for this product to avoid irritation on your child’s skin


  • No cover on this seat and does not have rubber feet

3. Munchkin Sturdy Potty Seat

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The Munchkin potty seat turns your regular potty into a toilet training potty with step stool ladder so that you child can fit into in and reach it with ease. The seat has handles on the side that help you or your child places it with ease and removes it with equal convenience.

Furthermore, the handles can also be used by the children to help them hold on to the potty for their stability. The design is design to help the child fit into it. The seat does not only make the hole smaller, it also has a contoured shape so that your child can fit into it just right without being uncomfortable.

Moreover, the edges are made to be skid-proof which allows the seat to be much more stable than the others. The lack of movement during usage allows a cleaner experience. The seat additionally has stands or feet that make it easy to store in a vertical position without falling over and over again.

The seat can also accommodate special air fresheners to keep them fresh and free from as much bacteria as possible; these are sold separately. There is a small splash guard in the design which helps in keeping the toilet training experience much cleaner than ever.


  • The seat has side handles for easy placement as for the child to hold it
  • The contoured shape makes it pain-free for the child to sit
  • Skid-proof edges keep the seta study on a regular toilet
  • Seat has place to put in air fresheners and bacteria killers
  • A small splash guard is placed so avoid spills and splashing while using the seat


  • Splash guard is not big enough and may not be sufficient

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4. OXO Tot 2-in-1 Go Potty for Travel

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The OXO tot potty for travel is an ideal potty for you to choose for your child especially if you are always on the go. This potty is counted as one of the best toilet training potties because of its versatility.

The legs on this potty can easily be unfolded to place it on your house toilet or public restrooms so that your child can use them. They can be put into a standing position to make it a standing potty in no time.

This seat does not have a pot when standing, in fact, it has flaps to hold on to the plastic bags that have no need to be bought separately. Furthermore, the legs have a sturdy and a very reliable lock that helps it stand in place. The surface of the potty is easy to clean and they are made easier with the wipes that come with the product.

The compact style is easy to store and easy to fit into a car without taking much space. An additional shield contributed to the design. This shield avoids splashes and spills from the potty to keep it cleaner.


  • The seat is two in one which makes it convenient for travel and home
  • The foldable legs make it a stand up potty with included disposal bags
  • Legs can be collapsed to fit on a regular toilet to make it an ideal size for children
  • The legs have a sturdy lock that makes it much more reliable
  • There is a shield that works as a splash guard with convenience
  • Disposal bags and wet wipes are included with this product


  • There is no toilet seat contoured shape for children
  • The seat does not have a back for support

5. Potty Training Seat for Boys and Girls

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The Cozy green potty training seat is a simple design that helps your child get trained without any complicated details. The seat is designed to fit both round and oval bowls with easy and with all features useable in either style.

This potty also has protective splash guards to avoid splashing while using the potty and to make it cleaner and easy to clean. The guard works for boys and girls both. The GrippySafe Anti-Slip ring is a technology that makes the seat more stable than other and it grips to the bowl easily and does not move while your child is using it.

Furthermore, the ComfySeat technology allows the seat to be more comfortable than what others have to offer so that your child enjoys their potty training time. The contoured shape makes it perfect for your child to fit in and use the potty. Moreover, the seat is stylish and makes for one of the toilet training potties with step stool ladder.

An added bonus that you get with this toilet training potty charts and certificated to help make your child’s potty training experience much more enjoyable. The company also gives the customers a full lifetime warranty on the product to make it a better option.


  • Protective splash guards avoid spills and splashes and keep the potty clean
  • GrippySafe anti-slip ring technology is used to keep the seat more stable and with reduced movements
  • The ComfySeat technology keeps the seat comfortable for the child to enjoy and not be hurt by the seat
  • The design can be used in all bowl shapes without fail


  • There are no side handles for the child to grip
  • The diameter of the inner ring is not suitable for many bowls

6. Primo 4-In-1 Soft Seat Toilet Trainer and Step Stool

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The primo four in one is one of the toilet training potties with step stool ladder that is multifunctional and can use at home or even while traveling. This specially designed potty is shaped like a mini regular toilet that has a comfortable back to be turned into a cover and a seat.

When using this design of the product, your child can have their separate potty with a removable seat which can be used independently on the regular toilet as well. The seat is a soft and comfortable material that is easy to clean and can easily be fit into most bowl sizes and shapes.

The remains of the potty can be closed to be used a step stool for the former. The side handles allow your child to hold the seat for a safer and more confident training session. Moreover, the Primo soft seat can easily be used for traveling and placed in any public restroom.

The molded seat design allows your child to fit properly. Added toilet training tips and fun sticker are included in the pack for the experience to be much more enhanced.


  • The potty can be used as a standalone with a cover and a back
  • You can place it on the regular toilet to make it perfect for children while using the remains as a step stool
  • The seat has handles on the sides for your children to hold on
  • The seat can easily be carried for traveling


  • The seat does not have a firm grip and may move a lot
  • There is not removable pot to clean up easily

7. Potty Training Seat with Step Stool Ladder

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The potty training sear with step stool ladder is one of the styles of the best toilet training potties ever. The ladder is attached to the seat to fit into a regular toilet while giving your toddler the advantage of the ladder through which they can climb to the level.

The ladder base is designed to be anti-skid so that it does not slip on any surface and hurt your child. The ring base of the seat is also made with the same technology so that the seat does not move while your child is using it.

Stability reduces the chances of falling and creating a mess while in usage. The set may seem complicated but it is not at all difficult. All you have to do is unfold the contraption and adjust the position of the seat and it is good for usage.

Furthermore, the style will make your toddler want to go to the toilet just to use the item. The polypropylene plastic is used so that the material does not cause irritation to your child’s sensitive skin and it is not odorless to cause any respiratory harm.


  • The toilet seat is attached to the ladder for your child’s convenience
  • The seat does not require a complicated setup, it can easily be folded and unfolded
  • Ladder legs have a non-slippery grip to be perfect on any surface
  • The seat is made still and with a tight grip so it does not move as well


  • The seat is not at all travel-friendly since it is too big to move around
  • There is no splash guard to help prevent splashes especially for boys

8. Fisher-Price Custom Comfort Potty Training Seat

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Fisher- price is a well-known brand in producing children’s good that is high quality and very reliable. The comfortable potty training seat is another example of the great products by the company.

The height of the seat is adjustable so that children with different heights can adjust to it perfectly. There are also armrests on the seat which help the child more comfortable than they will be in other potties. The center bowl can be removed to clean up the mess easily without any hassle.

This seat does not have a splash guard since it is ergonomically designed for girls. The pink color makes it vibrant and seems friendly to your little girls. There are fisher toilet bowls that have splash guards that can be used for boys as well.

The smooth edges help the product is safe for children as the plastic does not cause marks on their skin. The back of the potty can be folded down to work as a lid as well.


  • The lid of the potty folds down to act as a cover for the contraption
  • The bowl is removable for easy cleaning that even your child can help you with
  • Other fisher-price bowls can be used on this potty as well which have splash guards
  • The height is adjustable so that the potty is usable for girls of different ages and heights with ease
  • It is made with smooth edges to reduce injury chances to children
  • The design is more sturdy and it has rubber on the feet to make it sturdier


  • The bowl is not located at an ideal place
  • The plastic used is not chemical free which can cause irritation

9. The First Years Training Wheels Racer Potty System

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The first year’s toilet training potties are in the shape of a racecar with the wheel and are specially designed for young boys. This potty can work as a standalone design or you can take the seat and attach it to a regular toilet.

There is a high splash shield in this design which is used to prevent splashes while boys use it. It also helps in preventing spills and creating a mess. The guard makes the toilet easy to clean. The bowl in this toilet is also easily removed.

It can be cleaned and put back without a problem; in fact, it is so easy that even your child can help you in doing it. The feet of the seat is made to be more stable than ever with their rubber base, which is also eventually used to reduce scratches on the surface.

The removable toilet seat has handles on the side that help the child from remaining stable on the seat without a problem.


  • This potty is made two in one style to fit your toilet or use it as a standalone
  • There is a shield guard to help the boys from using it without creating a mess
  • Easy to remove, clean and empty bowl
  • There is a rubber base which keeps the toilet stable


  • The separate seat does not have a good grip
  • The toilet is a little too low on the ground

10. Growthpic Toddler Toilet Training Seat

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The Growthpic toddler toilet training set consists of a ladder attached to the seat reducer that can easily fit into a regular bowl. The step-up ladder helps your child in reaching to the regular toilet without a problem.

The ladder is made with non-slip technology all over so that your child does not fall over or slip on it. The seat is designed for girls especially since it does not have a splash guard on it. The non-slip pads on the seat help it remains in one position of regular seats without a problem.

The assembly requires one tool that has been given along with the product. The seat of this toilet is also made soft and very comfortable so that your child’s sensitive skin is protected all along the experience.


  • There is a ladder attached to this seat to make it more reachable to the children
  • The ladder has non slipping pads which make it safe
  • The seat stays in place with gripping pads on it as well
  • The feet stool is also adjustable according to the child’s needs


  • There is no splashing guard and it is only for girls
  • Child cannot assemble it themselves

Buying Tips for Potty Training Seats

To help you find the best toilet training potties, we have compiled a list of things that you will need to consider. Take a look at these so that you can decipher your need in this regard.

Choose the gender of the person using it

Toilet Training Potties buying guide

The first and foremost thing that you need to consider is that whether you need it for your little boy or girl. The reason behind this is that boys’ potties have a splash shield that prevents splashing, spilling, and making a mess out of things.

However, since the usage style is different, a girl will not have those needs. If you have two toddlers of a gender each then you can simply buy the splash-proof ones since the girl will easily adjust to it.

Pick between seat reducer and standalone potty

Another important choice that you need to make is if you want a seat reducer or a potty. Seat reducers can easily fit into any kind of bowl to help your child fit into it. They are easier to clean and even a little easy to manage. Seat reducers are also traveled friendly.

The standalone potties will not need a step ladder or a stool to help your child climb it. The standalone is also much safer than the former and it is easier for the child to use. However, you will have to make some extra effort in cleaning it up. Standalones are not very portable.

Choose one with a removable bowl

If you are opting for a standalone potty, make sure that it has a removable bowl. The removable bowl will make it easier for you to clean up the mess and you can even teach your toddler to clean up after them. In some cases, you can also change the bowl for the different genders which gives you an advantage.

Choose a non-slip grip

If you are opting for a seat reducer, you need to make sure that it has a non-slip grip. The grip will help the seat stay in place while your child uses it. This function provides safety for your child and avoids messy toilet times. A non-slip grip can be in the form of padding or even an attachment to easily fit and lock onto your toilet.

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Select a comfortable one

Regardless, of what style you pick, make sure that the seat is comfortable. Comfort comes at various levels in this product. The first option is a padded seat cover which allows the child to have a softer touch to the seat. Furthermore, the second degree of comfort is the rounded edges of the plastic.

You do not want sharp and unfiled edges to dig into your child’s skin and cause them any sort of harm. The ring size should not be too big or too small and it should also have rounded edges to keep your child easy on the seat.

Find Best Potty Chairs for Your Toddler

To help your child have the best and right potty training experience, you will have to keep in mind that the right potty will help. Make sure to have researched the market well to find the one that is perfect for your child and use that to help them.

Additionally, use certificates and other incentives to help your child learn better.

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