33 Special & Famous Celtic Names for Babies


There is an old saying what in a name: true however in future if your baby becomes a celebrity then his name is Fame and when their name appears in the newspaper or in award-winning occasions they might look back and say, “why my name is so boring”. You as a parent have a responsibility and to stay away from the liability of eye contact would like to have a good name for your baby that suits his personality and why not.

When you buy a Home, you go through a lot of research because you own it and you might decide to spend your life there. There are beautiful memories associated with every feeling. The day you got hooked up with your love and the day you found that you are pregnant both are the best days of your life. Once you have that baby in your hands it is a heavenly feeling and we wish that stays with you forever. It’s time to name that feeling and your baby.

Keeping your thoughts and emotions in mind we made a research of some unique Celtic names that are very positive and inspirational. They have a meaning and at the same time, they are modern and trendy. We hope you will love the suggestions. But before we jump onto the list let’s dig into the concept of Celtic Now what about someone residing within.

It’s the name defines your personality and it’s for the lifetime. It’s your identity and that will remain forever so why not research Celtic names are in.

The literal meaning of Celtic is a branch of the Indo-European family of languages that includes Gaelic, Welsh and Breton. It’s a language spoken in Scotland, Ireland, Brittany, and Wales.

In America, it’s about their cells or their languages or cultures. This word has been used in the Collins dictionary. Celtic symbols, Celtic Gods, festivals are heritage driven and hence have become the naming tradition. Later in the iron age, Celtic concept was used by the warriors

Your name reflects your personality….

Gebo: (It’s for Loving Baby Boy)

GEBO means with the life path.  it stands got duality and love. It also represents equality, flexibility and patience For Mayas it represents God’s order.

Ingwaz: (It’s for a Special Baby Boy)

this name has its origin in German and is often for males. This name is having a very special significance as it means “Lord of the insulins which is the symbol of harmony and balance. with a great ability of decision making. As this name has the essence of great authority and leadership at the same time it also signifies practical and diplomatic nature.

Most Frequent and Famous Celtic Names for Boy

1. Conner: Passionate Baby Boy

The name refers to Wolf lover. The ruling planet is Pluto and the lucky color could be red which represents passion, rust, and light green to calm down.

2.Aiden: Dreamy Baby Boy

the name represents fire one of the most powerful element of nature and the planet that rules is Neptune. The people with this name dream big and turn fantasies into realities. They might feel alone but not for a long time they can recover themselves very often.

The lucky colors are yellow the color of attention, white and light green

3.Banon: Peace Loving Baby Boy

It’s an Anglo-Saxon baby name that means Slayer. Its literal meaning is white. it represents working with peace and harmony, however, they cannot work in restricted areas thy fight back whenever required. They are intelligent and optimistic however sometimes may be restless.

4.Dermot: Expressive Baby Boy

this name has an incredible history. It means without enemy or free from envy. They tend to involve in many different activates and they enjoy their career where they can express themselves.

5.Eadbard: Savior Baby Boy

some names sound masculine and this one is the meaning ” rich protector”. They take an upper lead inactivates and sound very confident. the lucky color is red and blue and the lucky number is 8.

6.Ferris: Strong Baby Boy

the very appealing name which means “ Rock” and people with this name are very strong. They a center of attention and take a stand for justice to any extent.

7.George: Hardworking Baby Boy

If you have watched Movie “IT” you know the name and it has been in trend since then. It is the common name, however, the people with this name are very hardworking and eager to achieve what they wish to. The lucky color is Red and green.

8.Hubert: Lucky Baby Boy

based on the name of Saint Hubert the name stands for bright in spirit, mind and heart.as per a survey people born in the month of October and named with letter H are generally Hubert as it is very lucky for people born in this month.

9.Jalen: Artist Baby Boy

Are you a music lover or you want your baby to be a musician then try this, as this name means flute and people with this name have musical personality. You can also modify the spelling to Jaylen.

10.Keene: Stunning Baby Boy

Once your baby grows up he will be thankful to you for this name as Keene means tall and handsome. Now that’s nice. People with this name are very influential and drive energy in the crowd. Sometimes they might be impractical and rigid but that’s fine if he’s handsome he can handle anything. Isn’t it?

11.Leo: Spiritual Baby Boy

 This one is favorite. It means lion that symbolizes art and spirituality. It’s trending nowadays so yes this can be a good choice

12.Morgen: Visionary Baby Boy

Stands for the species that live and dwells near the sea. as per Irish meaning, it is fighter of the sea.

The ruling planet is sun and the ruling color are orange, red and golden. they are growth-oriented strong and visionary

13.Neale: Champion Baby Boy

It means champion. The name says it all. Such people have the deep inner desire to inspire others. They can be speakers or motivational guru who might be saviors of many lives from grief and pain. The Even their lucky number is one.

14.Odell: Wealthy Baby Boy

That means wealthy. Such kids are very attractive and they involve in multiple activities at a time. we would say they are mentally wealthy and that will automatically bring them all the wealth of life.

lucky number is 11.

15.Pryderi: Kind Baby Boy

Love and independence are what they desire. They are very kind hearted and their lucky number is 9. The name might sound little complicated however very unique and in trends.

16.Quinn: Wise Baby Boy

Meaning wise which is derived from o’Quinn. They make wise decisions in life and keep patients in adverse conditions, so if in future you wish to be in corporate world then keep up with this name.

17.Reilly: Courageous Baby Boy

It has its own flavor of courage and valiant. it’s an evergreen name and people with this name are down to earth with the lucky number 22

18.Sheridan: Smart Baby Boy

It means bright with the lucky number 7 they are very intelligent and ready for every situation. they rarely feel sad and keep the place tidy.

19.Tremaine: Ambitious Baby Boy

Do you live in an area with high civilization and towers then this will suit your kid. As the Celtic meaning of this name is the baby from a big town or a person encircled by stone. Value of justice and discipline are must and they are quick-tempered sometime.

20.Ulfred: Thoughtful Baby Boy

As for girls it’s Ula for boys its Ulfred which means Jewel of the sea. They are wealthy and wise people with thoughtfulness and reasoning ability. they love to talk about mankind.

21.Varney: Loyal Baby Boy

 Meet this name it is an ideal name for people who are dedicated to building the solid foundation. They are very cautious before taking every step and are organized. They frequently save money.

Most Frequent and Famous Celtic Names for Girl

22.Nola: Celebrity Baby Girl

The meaning itself is famous so your baby girl will love it when she grows up as she can flaunt with her friends saying: I am already famous”

They remain quiet and analyze the world and make intelligent decisions. They love to learn deeper truths.

23.Oilell Princess Baby Girl

represents a mythical queen. Number 2 is lucky and ruling planet is moon. Devotion is rewarded and selfishness is not acceptable for people with this name. By the way they take lot of time to choose a mate.

24.Ula: Thoughtful Baby Girl

This is a very iconic name with the meaning “sea jewel”. It’s a unique name short and sweet. They are usually introverts and become a great scholars, teachers and philosophers, they are very thoughtful and most of the time thinking in their mind. There lucky number is 4

25.Al: Friendly Baby Girl

Simple and cute the meaning of this word is ” friend” the one who is always faithful and supports. People with tis name have deep desire of independence. They may be possessive with their stuff whether it’s a person or a small little collection.

The lucky number is 1 and their color are green white and yellow

26.Blossom: Lovely Baby Girl

You know the meaning we believe that people with this name always flourish and love to be on the top of the world. So, get ready to see your daughter flaunting while dancing. They are nature lovers and the fact the name of Kacey Ainworth’s daughter is blossom so that’s another reason of having this name or your baby

27.Katell: Glorious Baby Girl

The name means pure and divine which is very rare in this commercialized world and hence you would love to have this name.

28.Finella: Lovable Baby girl

They want togetherness whether it’s a family or team. They have a deep desire for community and appreciate others. Being a dynamic personality, they fight being restricted by rules regulations. The lucky number is 6 and color they can go for are pink and cyan.

Joyce: That is the best name we can suggest as it is all about being happy as Joyce is derived from Joy. And when we say happiness it’s not just money and materialistic things, it’s about being happy from inside. They experience the inner peace. As per a survey girls with the name Joyce manage their family very organically and are able to balance between personal and professional lives.

29.Liana: Nation Lover Baby Girl

means bond Strong by their moral thoughts they have strong feeling for their own nation. They lea hassle free life and wish to surround themselves with easy going people. As their power of number 11 they get success everywhere. Even if there are pitfalls, they will get back soon.

30.Ronat: Harmonious Baby Girl

with the lucky number 5 the name has a meaning seal that signifies something that joins together. For your information seal is a English singer and writer and if you like a celebrity names you can prefer this name.

31.Joyce: Joyful Baby Girl

That is the best name we can suggest as it is all about being happy as Joyce is derived from Joy. And when we say happiness it’s not just money and materialistic things, it’s about being happy from inside. They experience the inner peace. As per a survey girls with the name Joyce manage their family very organically and are able to balance between personal and professional lives.

Our Favorite Celtic Baby Boy and Girl Name

Now the Most Special Names That Will Make You the Best Mom As She Grows Up

Your Angel (Girl)

We personally love this name because this name means “coming from the fairy palace “and yes that means royal. Your baby will love this name as every girl wish to be fairy one day. Prepare some beautiful fairytales as she will demand you to tell more stories because once she knows the meaning of this name, she will place herself as a fairy. The name is Shaela……

Your Life (Boy)

He is the most awaited God’s gift that will change your entire world. Think of the moment when first time he holds your finger and calls you mamma… daddy… hence this name means gift of God. They believe in team work and are very concerned about self-awareness. They can give you right suggestions most of the time. There ruling planet is Sun and lucky number is one. The name is Maclovio…you can call him Mac for short.

So, it’s time to decide how you want your baby to grow, as name has a subconscious effect of one’s nature. Enjoy your best days of life, feel the essence of being a parent and choose the name today because you are about to name your own body part, yes … it’s your baby…… your life.th


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