Can You Get Rid of Cellulite? Healthy Treatments & What to Avoid


What is this dimpled and bumpy appearance on my skin? To answer this question, the lumpy visual that affects the thighs and butts among other areas is commonly referred to as cellulite – a condition caused by the deposition of fats pushed through the connective tissues under the skin.

This guide will give an insight into the skin deformation, what you can do to treat and prevent. In the course of reading through, you will learn about:

  • What is cellulite?
  • Quick facts about cellulite
  • The causes or risk factors
  • Prevention, home, and professional remedies
  • Exercises to help halt cellulite progression

Cellulite Meaning

The occurrence is often and normal where a larger percentage of women than men get affected in the course of their lifetime. When appearing on the skin surface, what you see is a dimpled or lumpy skin that looks folded.

As aforementioned, the cockling of your skin occurs when layers of fat push the connectivewhat is Cellulite Meaning tissues making them to bulge, hence the ‘cottage cheese’ or ‘orange-peel’ appearance. The number of women affected is bigger for those approaching or near menopause meaning that the risk of cellulite formation is greater as age advances.

If you are worried about it, it does not bring any future complications and not dangerous at all. On the other hand, it is not the best resemblance to your skin and those in the beauty niche will work to find a solution before the bumps ruin the appearance when posing for the photos.

Cellulite Quick Facts

  • 80-90 percent of women get affected as opposed to 10 percent of men.
  • Other names referring to cellulite include cottage cheese or orange-peel because of the resultant texture.
  • There are remedies to make it go away but it is hard to find a permanent solution for now.
  • Prevention measures include quitting smoking, have a low-fat diet and engage in body exercises.

Cellulite Grading

A scale to show how severe it can be was published in 2009 and it ranks the complication into three grades depending on the stage.

  • Grade 1: This is the mild stage which has an orange-peel appearance. There are 1-4 shallow depressions accompanied by a slight sagging of the skin.
  • Grade 2: It is the moderate stage with 5-9 medium-sized depths which give the cottage cheese look on the skin. The skin seems to be temperately mantled.
  • Grade 3: Most severe. Your skin looks like a mattress with more than 10 deep folds. At this point, the skin brutally mantled.

What Are The Causes Of Cellulite?

Science has not revealed exact cause but research has connected cellulite to the effect Causes Of Cellulitebrought when connective tissues swell to cause an impulse in the surface below the skin – the dermatological layer and the fat deposits lying below.

There is a reason as to why women contribute to the high number of victims than men. For women, the connective tissue and the underlying fat cells are vertically arranged. The protrusion of fat cells is what brings forth the cellulite appearance.

Men’s connective tissues appear to cross each other which is why they are less likely to develop the lumps than the opposite sex.

Below are some of the factors connected to cellulite development.

Genetic factors

The genes that agitate orange-peels may result from:

  • An individual’s metabolism speed
  • Fat distribution underneath
  • A person’s origin or background
  • The level of circulation in the body

Age and Hormones

As we grow old, the skin tends to sag due to becoming thin and loss of elasticity which presents a larger platform for cellulite to occur.

Hormonal changes in the body will also contribute. The development process involves insulin, thyroid hormones, estrogen, noradrenaline, and prolactin. One of the theories Causes Of Cellulitebehind is that as women approach menopause, estrogen levels and blood circulation in the connective tissues begin to drop.

A decrease in the blood flow causes a deficiency in oxygen and low production of collagen. Also, due to low estrogen levels, fat cells start to swell. The progress makes the fat deposits to push the skin and becomes visible hence the dimpling effect.

Diet and Lifestyle

There is no evidence connected to toxins during cellulite formation but living healthy and active is a good idea when reducing the risk of contraction. If you happen to consume a lot of carbohydrates, fat, and salt with little to no fiber content, there is a higher risk of developing the lumpy appearance.

Other factors include lack of exercising, rampant smoking habit, and if you are used to sitting or standing in one position for long hours before switching the pose.

Wearing tight clothes especially the underwear may contribute to cellulite but that is temporary if you will switch to something less tight as the day progresses. Tight clothing can limit circulation of blood which brings in the speculation.

Also, people with excess fat deposits are more likely to have cottage cheese that the slim comrades. That does not exclude the latter and it is more likely to develop after attaining 25 years of age. Younger people have been affected but such cases are rare.

Cellulite Treatment and Prevention Measures

Up to now, there is no definitive cure for orange-peel appearance but there are treatments that can temporarily reverse the bumpy effect.

Let’s look at some of the home and professional remedies one can use to curb or slow the cellulite progress.

Here is a video about cellulite treatment.

9 Natural Treatment Options to Deploy at Home

1. A coffee wrap or scrub

Coffee is a known antioxidants source. There is belief that it can be used on the skin where its penetration can boost natural collagen and elastin production. This, in turn, reduces cellulite appearance.

When used, coffee can aid in making the affected surrounding tissue chubby giving in for a temporary solution in relation to the appearance. What happens is that it will stimulate the flow of blood and lymph to the affected skin part which may help in exfoliating and tightening of the skin.

2. Brushing dry skin

It is mostly done for aesthetical reasons but the technique has also been related to benefiting the body as a whole. Your skin covers the body making it the largest organ.

Dry brushing your skin can help liquefy the solid fat deposits and facilitate an even distribution. So the cellulite may diminish or have a vague appearance. It will also stimulate a better flow of the lymphatic system, skin exfoliation, overall increase in blood flow level, remedying digestion and can also lessen stress.

3. Myofascial release

It is simple to learn and effective when used in releasing the restrained tissues in the connective tissue under the skin. The restriction may be from inflammation, trauma or surgery.

Applying gentle pressure slowly over the focus area will help the connective tissues and Natural Treatment Options to deploy at homefascia to lengthen. If you cannot afford massage once in a week or fortnight, foam rollers can come in handy.

Doing so may help in deep massaging of the tissue and myofascial release which flexes the muscles and reduce the associated pain. It is a cheap measure that physical therapists recommend if you want better results while at your residence. However, you need the right procedure to avoid getting fewer results or further damage.

4. Hormonal balance

One of the cases discussed in the causes section is the change in hormones secretion as we grow older where women are at a major risk of developing cellulite. Hormones control much of what happens in your body which necessitates the need to counter check your diet plans, exposure to chemicals, exercising and sleeping in a bid to halt the cellulite progression.

5. Natural moisturizing

Researchers have not put much effort on how toxins link to the orange-peels formation. However, reducing the amount present in your body can help your skin and body to optimize on how it functions.

Consider having natural moisturizers such as coconut oil as opposed to perfumes and other chemicals that you subject the skin.

6. Gelatin consumption

You get plenty of it from the bones and connective tissue. Amino acids are the main elements in the composition. Multiple benefits have been associated with the consumption which includes nails and hair strengthening, improving digestion and recovery of joints.

Consuming gelatin can be done when making a bone broth which is much better than what the stores provide. A tip here is getting some of the excellent recipe routines to maximize the benefits realized during gelatin intake.

7. Grapefruit Essential oilCellulite Guide prevention

The benefits brought by the use of this oil and citrus oils, in general, is the positive impact in the lymphatic system. Since it can help boost the functionality of lymph glands, there is the prevention of various issues such as cellulite itself and inadequate circulation.

Take 1-2 drops of the essential oil and mix with a carrier oil. Use the mixture to massage the cellulite in a uniform pattern.

8. Quit smoking

Smokers have low blood pressure and the habit also deteriorates the production of quality collagen. Cellulite formation and progress is reduced by collagen and elastin. Smoking also causes early wrinkling of your skin not to mention the increased risk of having a dry skin with uneven color.

Quitting is quite a challenge and it might call for support. When you believe that you need to get healthy at first makes stopping easier.

Engaging in a lot of exercises is important. According to research, two individuals who exercise together are more likely to quit than those who do not exercise regularly or not at all. Also, research concludes that up to three-quarters of those who stop smoking do so without any help. So, you have an option to go cold turkey if you are thinking of quitting.

If you do not have any quitting plans at all, then it is recommendable not to use the anti-smoking drugs which possess some severe side effects such as depression and suicidal feelings.

Having an exercise schedule, eating healthy foods, better sleeping patterns and being able to manage your stress are some of smoking cessation better plans. Having emotional freedom can also help calm down the cravings.

9. A change in your diet

High insulin levels increase fat production in your body. As earlier mentioned, cellulite comes from an increase in the size of fat cells and more insulin is produced if the sugar intake is high. One of the effective ways towards body weight maintenance and reducing cellulite occurrence is having a diet with low carbohydrates and rich in healthy fats.

Weight loss can help reduce the appearance of cottage cheese or make it worse. According to researchers, weight loss and cellulite diminishing happened when there were a considerable fat and weight reduction in the thighs.

On the other hand, the situation worsened in people with smaller bodies since they did Cellulite Guide treatmentnot have much weight reduction which also did not match with the significant amount of fat reduced in the thigh muscles. That is why it is necessary to have a healthy diet that is rich in vitamins if you want to slow down or halt the development of cellulite.

Taking citrus fruits, strawberries, broccoli, and spinach will help your body to gain vitamin C which shields you from oxygen reactive species resulting from metabolism. The vitamin also helps you in burning fat. More fat burn is realized when eating foods rich in potassium, calcium, and zinc.

Drinking green tea means consuming catechins which have gained popularity recently. This is due to the belief that it aids your body in burning more fat and losing weight in the process. The antioxidants in the tea can also reduce inflammation, slow down mental decline and heart health boost.

5 Professional Treatment Measures

Most of the creams and lotions on the market today will not cure cellulite as they claim. Since it is not yet possible to fully erase cellulite progress in your skin, here are some of the measures deployed by specialists to temporary reduce the visibility.

  • Acoustic wave therapy: Shock waves with low energy are sent through tissue to reduce retention of fluids and breaking down the solid fat molecules. Results of research are not clear as to whether the method has any short-term rewards.
  • Radiofrequency treatment: There is no concrete evidence on how effective this method is but skin heating using radio waves reportedly improves production of collagen and reduction in cellulite appearance.
  • Laser therapy: Can either be used on the skin or conduct an intrusive procedure underneath the skin. Research on non-invasive approach has not been productive and the invasive one has shown better results that have lasted up to six months.
  • Subcision: It is an approved method that involves minor surgery to reduce scars and wrinkles appearing on your body through fibrotic strands break down. The results go for up to two years.
  • Mesotherapy: This is a risky move that needs precaution and someone who knows what they are doing. It involves subjection of drugs into the tissue directly that are not meant for cellulite curbing but are used to treat other conditions. You need more than ten sessions for it to produce results. Many experts warn against this method since it is too risky.

5 Exercises that Help Control Cellulite Formation

Engaging in physical exercise is a good idea towards preventing cellulite from developing not forgetting the numerous benefits realized such as reducing the risk of diseases. It will help you tighten the thighs which are more prone to cellulite among other areas.

Here are 5 exercises you might want to learn.

1. Squatting with a ball Exercises that help control Cellulite

  • Stand and spread your feet at shoulder-width. Take the ball and hold it above your head.
  • Bend from the hips going down and backward. Move the ball in front at per with your shoulders.
  • As you are looking at the ball, make sure your knees are behind toes and your chest stays up.
  • Breathe out and resume the standing position. Place the ball again overhead.

2. Pile squat

  • Move your legs a little wider than the hip width and let each foot to point to an adjacent wall or side. Right foot towards the right and left foot towards left.
  • Keep the posture for some time just like a normal squat.
  • When getting back to standing, try to tighten the inner thighs. A little thrust from the pelvic area with combined inwards butt tucking makes sure that both outer and inner thighs are targeted.

3. Mountain climber

  • From the standing position, bend down with hand placed on the ground and move your legs out. The resultant position is a plank.
  • Move the right leg to be as close to your right hand as it can permit you. The feeling here is a deep lunge.
  • Pull the leg backward and do the same for the left leg and hand.
  • Move the right knee sideways and tuck somewhere on the side of your shoulder.
  • Do so on the left side too. After that, jump the knees back in to resume standing.

4. Bridge

  • Lay with your back down and place arms away from your body but comfortably alongside.
  • Tuck your feet under the knees.
  • Push using your heels and shove hips up.
  • The shoulder blades and upper back part should be pressed on the ground.
  • Go back down and repeat the process.
  • For more difficulty, try lifting one leg.

5. Lifting side leg using a resistance band

  • Lie down on one side with your legs straight. Your resistance band should be with Exercises helps to control Celluliteyou.
  • Take the band and put it at the ankle level of both legs.
  • While lying the right side and legs straight, lift the left leg above the right one. The right forearm will help the upper body to stay above the ground.
  • Lift the leg as high as you can get. Keep your knees straight.
  • Lower the leg then up again. Repeat it for the next 30 seconds.
  • Turn to lie on the left side and repeat the procedure for the right leg again for the same duration.

Wrapping up about Cellulite

Cellulite is just a condition on your skin and not a complication that requires immediate medical attention. However, for better skin appearance and not worrying about the lumpy bumpy feeling, it is vital to try the natural treatments first before seeking help from a professional. It is especially important if the methods are not working for you.

Other measures such as watching how you live and do things contribute significantly to the formation of orange-peels hence the emphasis on having a proper diet, doing exercises and quitting habitual smoking.


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