Can Animals Sense Pregnancy: Cats and Dogs Might Know Before You


Your dog (or cat) is acting quite strange. You think nothing of it, and then all of a sudden, you notice you’re feeling strange, too. Maybe it’s all in your mind, but then you’ve found that your period is late. No way. It can’t be.

Then the moment of truth arrives: you take a pregnancy test.



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But was this why your pet was being so odd? Maybe. Scientific studies in the field are lacking, so you won’t find any proof stating whether cats or dogs know if a person is pregnant. Chances are, they don’t know that you’ll go through 9 months of pregnancy and have a new addition to your home.

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The one thing we’re sure they know is that something is different with their owner.

Can animals sense pregnancy?

They’re more likely to sense other changes that even you might not realize.

Can Dogs Sense Pregnancy?

Dogs are amazing. Sure, they wag their tail, go crazy when they see you and provide you with undying love. But these furry little miracles are also very intuitive and seem to know when their masters are pregnant, too.

The changes that will alert your pet that something is different are:

  1. Chemical Changes: Dogs have been trained to smell disease. Really. Trained dogs can smell skin cancer. I am not even sure what skin cancer smells like. Chemical changes in the body can be sensed by your pup, and this will alert them to something being a little different with mom.
  2. Behavior: Dogs know when you’re happy, and dogs know when you’re sad. It might be your behavior, or it may be some super power that dogs have. In either case, they can sense changes in behavior, and with nine months on an emotional rollercoaster in your future, you can be sure your dog will sense your behavioral changes.
  3. Posture: Dogs will notice changes in your posture. They’ll also notice that you have started to hunch over or walk a little differently since you’ve gotten pregnant.

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And there’s also the fact that things have changed in the dog’s everyday routine. A few of the subtle changes in your dog’s routine may include:

  • Fewer long walks or trips to the park
  • Spending less time with the dog
  • Spending less time with rough play

Even if you don’t mean to act differently, your dog may still recognize that you’re pregnant. You’ll also find that your dog is acting differently, too. This is neat because it displays just how much a dog will care for the ones that feed and shelter them.

There are stories, many personal and found online, where dogs become super protective of their pregnant owners. Moms-to-be have recounted stories of dogs:

  • Growling at anyone who tries to come in the same room as their pregnant owners
  • Blocking entryways so that their owners are safe
  • Normally-nice dogs turn extra-protective over pregnant owners

It can be rather intense, but the dog knows something is just different with mom, so they will do everything in their power to protect her at this time. You’ll even find that their co-owners, often the father of the child, is also greeted with this aggressive behavior. The dog just doesn’t want anyone to cause any form of harm to their pet parent.

I find dogs to be more inclined to show signs of knowing a woman is pregnant than cats, but this changes for every person and situation.

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Can Cats Sense Pregnancy Before You Know?

Can pets sense pregnancy? A lot of mothers will tell you that their cat knew they were pregnant. The Internet is rife with stories of cats knowing that their owners were pregnant. And the truth is that all of these stories can’t be a mere coincidence. Can they?

Cats, despite their nature to be self sufficient and indifferent, can tell a lot about their owners.

These furry little bundles of chaos will know when women are pregnant before they even know. But they might not realize the extent of the issue. See, cats are greatly sensitive to pheromones, and these pheromones are produced in high amounts when a woman is pregnant.

Cats (well, none of mine) are very protective.

As long as you feed the cat and pet them once in a while, they’ll be happy. But even cats that have been known to be on the wild side have calmed down and relaxed when a woman gets pregnant. While they lack protection, they will do one of two things to help you cope with your new baby on the way:

  • Cats will become more affectionate and loving
  • Cats will be less rambunctious to their owners

If your cat isn’t acting any different, this doesn’t mean you’re not pregnant. Remember how we said that cats seem to be less caring than dogs? Well, it’s true. A lot of the times, cats just won’t show any emotion. In fact, the truth is that these cats could care less if you have a baby or not, but what they do care about is changes to their routine.

Yet, another cats will lay on the mom’s belly and love up a newborn.

Cats are strange.

Three cats on white backdrop.

While “just” a pet, there are a few things you can do to calm your cat down and allow them to know that everything will work out.

  • Act the same. Cats need to know that they won’t be abandoned – or they won’t be left hungry at the end of the day. You can do this by acting the same as you always do, feeding your furry companion and showing them the same love you’ve always given them.
  • Show them affection. I know, I know: I sound like a broken record. The problem is that cats are complex creatures, and if you stop giving them any attention at all, they’ll become very jealous. Some cats may even begin to become aggressive because the new human in the house is getting all of your attention.

So, when you have a cat, you need to treat them as you always would – like the King of the Castle. But this doesn’t mean you can’t make your cat happy and accepting of the baby either. You can show them love, too, and you may even find that your cat is loving up to your child, too.

Pets, for all of their crazy behavior, sure do seem like they treat human babies a little differently.

Oftentimes, they’ll be more gentle, protective and loving to a human child than they are to an adult.

Maybe they know the child is an extension of their owners, or maybe it’s the pet’s own innate instincts kicking in and protecting their owners and their offspring for once.

The only thing we know for sure is that it’s breathtaking to see a cat or dog decide to protect, love and guard a newborn.

You’ll find amazing stories across the Internet talking about dogs that will smell a woman’s belly, lick their face and show them love and attention even when they’re not their owners. Cats that were never loving before may sleep on the woman’s belly or sleep in the baby’s room, keeping a watchful eye over the new little human in their home.

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