How to Buy Maternity Clothes While You Are Pregnant?


When you first learn you are pregnant, you are so excited, you can’t wait to start buying baby clothes, baby toys, doing up the nursery, excitedly waiting to hear if this precious bundle will be a boy or a girl. And when you are beyond 3 months pregnant or so, and particularly a new mom and having your first baby, you even might wonder how and when is the right time to start buying maternity clothes. You might be wondering which style will suit that bump – and some of your friends might have told you it’s not even necessary to buy maternity clothes. But when all is said and done, it all up to you, the mom who is carrying that bump, and the most important thing will that you are comfortable. Some women will spend huge sums of money on special maternity clothing that they will only wear for a couple of months.

How Do I Know What to Buy?

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Belly bands are so useful when you are pregnant. It’s a stretch fabric which actually overlaps or covers the part of your pants or skirt that is unzipped. The belly band simply is a material band that snugly fits around your stomach, leaving room for a growing tummy. That’s ingenious, right! That’s a big saving too because you can keep on wearing some of your regular clothes for ages with this useful strap.

What you will need when you are pregnant is a couple of new bras, because your bust line is another part of the body that will increase in size. This means you might have to shop for bigger, more supporting type bras. No need to rush out and buy a whole lot, just a couple to keep you going as your pregnancy grows with you. You can consider a couple of nursing bras too which are made from a soft comfy material, offering you support and allowing you comfort and ease with the drop down cups provided especially for when you are feeding the baby.

How Do I Know What Size Maternity Clothes to Buy

how to Buy Maternity Clothes

You might loathe the idea of shopping around with your bump in tow and might even feel more tired than usual. If you are determined to get started, and you have the cash to splash out on some stunning maternity wear, all you have to do is sit on your favourite chair at home, click a couple of buttons on your computer and you will be amazed to find extremely trendy, inexpensive maternity wear precisely your size and what you had in mind, online. And if it is summer when you are going to have a big bump, then don’t worry, your dreamy beach days aren’t over, there is a special selection of trendy swimming wear that you will love to suit your budget and your swelling shape.

Maternity sizes work in exactly the same way as your non-maternity clothing works. So if you are a size 8, all you will do is look for maternity clothing in a size 8 as well, unless you have really put on a lot of extra weight – then you might have to consider the next size. All the sizes stay the same; it’s just that they have added in the spaces to accommodate you being pregnant. It really is important not to just believe people who tell you that all you need do is buy bigger size clothing. You can very well end up with unflattering and also poorly fitted clothing which can make you feel even more uncomfortable than ever.

There are some must-haves when it comes to maternity clothing. Look at these top 10 to get you started:

  • Cute, comfy flat sneakers to protect your ‘bump’
  • Leggings that you can wear over and over again
  • Maternity jeans that you can wear over and over again as well
  • A high-waisted pencil skirt if you want to dress up
  • Long T-shirt and tank top
  • A spacious attractive tunic type blouse
  • A long jersey/cardigan
  • A loose dress
  • A form-fitting long dress
  • A jumpsuit you can just put on anytime

Remember there are probably going to be some family and friends that will also give you some of their maternity clothes that they might have worn just a few times, and especially so when they are through with having their own kids.

A lot of clothing stores sell pants and skirts that have elastic in them and these can work very well for when you are pregnant. And for the working mum, she too can have fun searching around for work-appropriate maternity wear. For her, it is better to stick with the more neutral colors, such as black, olive, charcoal, camel, maybe even some red.

During a survey of over 3000 readers on a baby site online, half the women who took the test said they would be happy to participate in fashion trends in pregnancy where a woman’s bump would be shown off more wearing more fitting type fashions. 33% said that although they quite liked the fashion trends that showed off a woman’s pregnancy bump and made it more revealing, they preferred to rather cover up. A further 16% said that they did not like more fitting clothes and preferred to keep covered up. That’s your choice, too.

Other Ways of Buying Maternity Clothes

You will find clothing stores and maternity boutiques in any city where you can find all you want that will see you through your 9 months of looking after your little one. Most of them will cater for all your maternity needs and beyond when you are nursing your baby. In some cities, there are even places where you can rent your maternity wear – you might be looking for something to wear to a special occasion, and yet you don’t want to spend a fortune on something you are not going to wear again.

There certainly are many ways of how to buy and acquire your maternity wear these days! Today’s maternity choices are on a roll, and the clothes you get today for pregnant woman certainly do not sound the death knell of being in fashion and dressed up to kill, all in your own personal style. And the video shows lists of things to know before buying maternity clothes.


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